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Educating the Future: The Importance of Math for Our Kids.

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( Math may be your child’s least favorite subject, but we must stress the importance of math for strengthening critical thinking and other necessary life skills.

“I hate math” or “I’m not a math person” are common phrases uttered by children and adults alike.

But there’s no reason anyone should hate math. And yes, everyone can be a math person.

Read on to learn more about the importance of math in children and why it is important to learn math for a successful future. 

Math Promotes Analytical Thinking

One of the main reasons why math is important is because it develops a child’s brain to be analytical. Math trains kids to take certain steps in order to get the information necessary to solve the problem. Workbooks like Primary 5 Maths Questions helps kids solve a variety of different problems step-by-step and get better. Math workbooks can help a lot with doing well on exams.

Math problems often have multiple steps. Children might have to first collect data or break down the premises. 

The ability to arrive at a logical solution in math class lays the foundation for children to do the same thing in real life whenever a difficult situation comes up.

Math Encourages Step by Step Work

Math is beneficial for children who rush and want to get to the solution as quickly as possible. Math trains them to work in an orderly fashion, to take certain steps in order to arrive at the answer.

In math, children learn that if there is even a single error, they will need to go back and start over again.

This methodical approach to math problems translates into real life. Children learn to become productive and efficient as they take step by step actions in order to get the desired outcome.

Math Helps Children Problem Solve

The ability to solve problems isn’t an innate quality humans are born with. We have to learn how to think in order to fix the issue. 

In real life, no matter what your chosen career, there will always be an element of problem-solving.

That’s why math is important; it equips children with problem-solving skills that help them learn how to analyze and arrive at answers based on given data.

So even though some children complain that the word problems in math aren’t applicable to real life, they absolutely are! While they may not need to know what time two trains will meet on a track based on their departure points, they will need to know how to apply these problem-solving skills to situations at work, in their families and with their time management.

Math Is Brain Food

People generally know that the brain is a muscle that can be strengthened. That’s why people buy sudoku and brain teaser books. 

And in fact, research by Dr. Tanya Evans of Stanford University shows that children who do well in math have more matter volume in key regions in the brain. These brain regions are connected to decision-making skills and visual attention.

No matter what level of math your child is currently at, math help services will bring your child to the next level. 

Math Teaches Life Skills

A crucial reason why it’s important to learn math is that math doesn’t end when the textbook closes.

Everyday life involves math in many forms as an adult. Understanding percentages allows people to decide if a sale is a good deal or not. 

Adults often need to calculate the tax on items at the store. And though you may not be a financial planner, you will at some point in your life need to make a budget and learn how to allocate a certain percentage for savings and so on.

People who understand math are less likely to go into debt because they understand how much money they have before they spend. And because American as a whole is drowning in debt, this is a very important skill to have.

Math Makes You a Better Baker

Fluency in math helps make your food turn out better. Working in the kitchen to cook or bake requires fundamental math knowledge.

Converting from tablespoons to cups for example or doubling or halving a recipe are common tasks when baking.

And if you do the calculations wrong, you may have a cake that didn’t rise well or a dense baguette loaf on your hands.

So next time your child says math isn’t applicable in real life, escort them to the kitchen and give them a recipe!

Math Promotes Accuracy and Attention to Detail

We already discussed how math promotes analytical and logical thinking. Accuracy and attention to detail are other fabulous byproducts that show the importance of math. 

Math is precise. Even when estimating and rounding, there are rules and limits. Math work encourages children to be accurate. Pretty soon, that habit will translate into other areas of their lives.

Attention to detail is a skill that is necessary for almost every career. Just one decimal place or one number off and the entire math equation will be wrong. As children learn this, they become more conscientiousness of details.

The Use of Math In Every Career

Even if your children don’t grow up to be mathematicians, they will still rely on various math principles in their day-to-day roles at work.

For example, understanding 2D and 3D geometric properties are important for people who work with 3D printers or who work in a factory that builds products.

Even careers in creative industries like art involve ratios, angles, and perspective to create visually stunning works. 

In any job, you may have to figure out how much of your paycheck goes towards taxes or other deductions. 

And the skills of logical thinking, problem-solving, and attention to detail will be beneficial in any industry and for any role from copyeditors to CEOs.

Final Thoughts on the Importance of Math

There you have it! A whole list of reasons that clarify the importance of math for our children.

Remember, there’s no one that can’t excel at math. Like any muscle, the brain can be taught to get stronger and faster at solving math problems.

The best thing we can do for our kids is to set them up for success in math for life.

Keep coming back often for more great content that applies to us all. 

Staff Writer; Paul Moore

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