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American Propaganda Machine Revisited Thanks To Donald Trump.

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( Donald Trump’s idiotic response to “The Squad” (Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib)saying, “They should go back where they came from”, and his criticism of Colin Kaepernick for having the audacity to peacefully protest the brutal killing of innocent Black people by rogue cops, once again betrays his astounding ignorance of what America is all about. The very flag that he’s claiming these people are disrespecting is a symbol of the American tradition of speaking out against injustice, and his attempt to deny Americans that right threatens to render the American flag just another piece of cloth. America was founded on protesting injustice.  What IS un-American, however, is being too cowardly to defend that tradition, as Trump was during the Vietnam War, but Trump has a genius for seeing everybody’s shortcomings but his own.
Thus, Trump’s vision of what it means to be an American is based on racist latter-day propaganda that’s grounded in ugliness, bitterness, bigotry and greed rather than the founding fathers’ vision of freedom and justice for all. The man is not only an ignorant buffoon, but a smudge on the ideal of American democracy – and anyone who follows his lead is not only un-American, but certainly can’t claim to be a Christian.
Yet, many on the “Christian” Right claim that Trump was sent here by God. Maybe he was, because we’re told that God works in mysterious ways, so maybe God sent Trump here to test their faith. He’s demonstrating, for example, that in spite of the fact that Vice President Mike Pence has been going around all of his adult life bragging about how much he loves the Lord, he’s now passionately embracing this evil, lying, Herod-like infidel instead. So it is now clear that while Pence may love the Lord, he doesn’t love him nearly as much as he loves the idea of possibly becoming President of the United States; and while right-wing “Christians” claim to love their neighbor, they have absolutely no problem with putting them in cages. So it’s going to be quite interesting to see them trying to justify their faux Christian propaganda to God. These people better hope that Christianity is a myth, because if it’s not, they’re all going to burn in Hell.
Muslims are also our neighbors, but because we want their oil the American propaganda machine tells us that Muslims are a hostile people who hate American freedom, so they must be invaded “to protect our national interest”. But the most cursory examination reveals that the evidence that claim is based upon is highly flawed. Yet, the American people have been persuaded that it’s true. That suggests that the American people have learned nothing from our experience with the Nazis, and it also suggests that the biggest threat to America is the propaganda machine itself.

The primary argument against the claim that Muslims are inherently hostile toward America is the fact that we had absolutely no problem with Muslims at all until we – Western “Christians” and Zionist – began our imperialistic excursion into the Middle East. Prior to that time Muslims were content to be left alone to practice their religion in their own lands. And there’s another thing that should be glaringly obvious to everyone – Muslims are not invading our land, we’re invading theirs. So who’s the hostile aggressor? Thus, the pattern is always the same, regardless to whether we’re talking about Vietnam, Iraq, or here in the inner cities – the White establishment ALWAYS finds a way to justify their aggression towards others, and ALWAYS while carrying a Bible in their hand – “Dear Lord, please help us to kill more of them than they do us”.

So when we consider Muslim hostility towards America we must keep two things in mind. First, we need to consider all the hell we raised over the loss of 3000 citizens during 9/11.  If we’ve been impacted to our core over the loss of 3000 Americans, how do you think Muslims feel over the loss of hundreds of thousands of their people resulting from the unjust and illegal invasion of Iraq? And again, we must remember that while we’re quick to call Muslims aggressors, we’re invading their countries, they’re not invading ours.
And with respect to our accomplice, the state of Israel, why are they persecuting the Palestinians? The Palestinians weren’t responsible for the holocaust, it was the Germans. So why aren’t they demanding a Jewish homeland in Germany? I’ll tell you why – because the Germans are White and they weren’t having it, so the Zionists chose an easier mark. Prior to deciding upon Palestine, they had their eye on Zaire, Africa. The Zionists came to the conclusion that the Germans are not going to tolerate their nonsense for a minute, so they decided to go steal some non-White land.
In 1948 America agreed with the Zionists, so now, the American propaganda machine dictates that it’s unpatriotic to criticize Israel. There was even a bill pending in congress attempting to make it illegal to even advocate boycotting the state of Israel. But Israel can be criticized just like any other country – and right now, they deserve it. They’re currently engaged in the Manifest Destiny II. So, actually, the Zionists of Israel should be ashamed of themselves. They’re making a mockery of their very own outrage over the Nazi holocaust. Is murder only evil when it’s committed against Jews? How is what they’re doing to the Palestinians any different than what Hitler did to the Jews? The answer is, they just haven’t heated up the ovens – at least, yet. So, Israeli Zionists need to stop being fascist hypocrites, and Trump needs to stop trying to use the Palestinian massacre as a political tool. Criticizing the Israeli atrocities waged against the Palestinian people is neither unpatriotic, nor anti-Semitic – it’s anti-Zionist, and there’s a big difference. In order for justice to prevail we should come to the aid of the Palestinians just like we came to the aid of the Jews during WWII.

But both Israelis and Americans tend to believe that the lives of their people are more valuable than the lives of others. When Americans are killed we never stop talking about it. It, literally, goes down in the history books as unspeakable atrocities. But when we kill innocent men, women and children in other countries we simply say, “Oops, sorry ’bout that”, then expect the people to forget about it and go on about their lives.
But American politicians must adhere to the propaganda machine just to survive in the political world. Look at what Obama said about Bush and Cheney’s war crimes – “We want to look forward, not back.” What the hell was he talking about? Bush killed close to a million people for nothing more than the theft of oil and the benefit of Dick Cheney’s Haliburton, so how can we expect to dismiss the killing of a million men, women, and children by simply saying, let’s let bygones be bygones? One can only wonder if Obama would have taken that position if his family had been among the million killed? Somehow, I doubt it.
It was that one remark that opened my eyes regarding politicians in general. While I consider Obama the best that we’ve had, he’s a politician nevertheless, so we must closely watch ALL politicians and not allow ourselves to get caught up in a personality cult. While Barack Obama was one of our greatest presidents, he was far from an angel – none of them are. You can’t be an angel and survive in their business, so his remark served to remind me that Obama is also the product of a propaganda machine – he was a captive of it. So, while I continue to admire Obama (mainly, because he was the best among viable alternatives), I never allowed myself to forget that even though he’s an impressive man, he’s also a politician, not the MessiahThus, America must never forget that politicians are not our leaders, they’re our employees. So, it is up to us to set the moral standards of this nation, and that entails clear and objective thought when it comes to the just treatment of others, including our own citizens.

Americans must recognize that life is not a football game. It’s not good enough to just pull for our side, regardless to whether we’re talking about the nation, political parties, or individual politicians. We must always pull for justice, period – regardless of whose political ox it gores.  Because if we continue to allow the propaganda machine to cloud our minds to the truth, none of us will be safe. It’s Muslims who are being demonized today, but tomorrow it may be Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, activists, the entire middle class, or whatever group it becomes necessary to demonize to meet our rulers’ needs. And yes, I said rulers, because those who control our minds, control our destiny.

The propaganda machine is an insidious device, because it tells us what we want to hear, and it helps us to hide what we don’t want to see, so it has the seductive properties of a drug. Take the issue of terrorism for example. Terrorism is defined as the killing of innocent noncombatants for political gain. Keeping that definition in mind, we must not forget that we are the ONLY country on Earth who has ever dropped an atomic bomb on not one, but two cities, killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women, and children indiscriminately. So, as horrible as 9/11 was, the horror of that atrocity makes 9/11 look insignificant.
But by accepting the fact that we committed such a horrible atrocity is inconsistent with the image that we so passionately embrace of “That shining light on the hill,” so our propaganda machine swung into action. It helped us to justify the action by convincing us that we only did it to save the lives of thousands of American troops. But there’s a very serious flaw in that argument. By embracing it, it affirms that we also accept the fact that there are times when terrorism is justified. Thus, by our own definition, the United States is, in fact, a terrorist state. Thus, the fact is, the only difference between Muslim terrorists and American, or “Christian,” terrorists is that we have a much more efficient delivery system.
But now, our hypocrisy is coming back to bite us. Under Donald Trump the propaganda machine has been revved up to commit crimes against the American people themselves, by demonizing our national institutions, and undermining our legal system.
Republican Rep. Steve Scalise said, “Even after a 2-year, $25 million dollar witch hunt and a disastrous Mueller Hearing, impeaching@realDonaldTrump is still the only thing Democrats can focus on. There was no collusion! They need to let it go and get back to work for the American people.”
That was, and is, total nonsense, so it is essential that the American people waste no time in running these traitorous scoundrels out of office. Every time they open their mouths a lie drips out. Even their fellow Republicans can see it. Five Republican members of the house have chosen to retire just this week, and nine this year, rather than run for re-election under Donald Trump. Rep. Will Hurd, the only Black Republican congressman in the House of Representatives, just announced that he would not be seeking re-election. And as for the $25 million that Rep. Scalise was complaining so vociferously about spending on the investigation into Trump’s criminality, that’s chump change. Trump has spent $106.25 million just playing golf. So these people are trying to delude the American people with smoke and mirrors.
Now, before Trump supporters get all upset and start jumping up and down shouting that I’m un-American, please remember that truth and justice is the American way – and what I’ve just told you is both true and just. What I’ve said here is not simply my opinion. Every word I’ve written is verifiable and based on truth and logic – and like mathematics, truth and logic don’t lie.

Staff Writer; Eric L. Wattree

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3 Responses to “American Propaganda Machine Revisited Thanks To Donald Trump.”
  1. Andrew J Patton says:

    You claimed that Barrack Obama is the best President we’ve ever had, even as he persecuted Catholics, demanding that Catholics assent to contraception under pain of being removed from the healthcare industry. So no, not every word you have written here is true. And as much as you rebuke Americans for being blind to the civilian casualties in our wars, you do not have a word to spare criticizing abortion and euthanasia within our own borders: murder under color of law!

    Furthermore, you criticize the Jews for asserting their right to their ancestral homeland, even as their enemies plot their extermination. Sure they captured Arab land, but only in response to unprovoked attacks by Arabs against their people. Peace and prosperity have been set before the Arabs for decades, but they must let go of their hate in order to grasp it.

  2. Eric Wattree says:

    That’s right, Trevo, and his father was arrested in a KKK riot.

  3. Trevo Craw says:

    Propaganda is right just like Hitler.
    And no coincidence that Trump’s granddad was a German who was low class and a pimp who ran a whorehouse.

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