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Monday, October 21, 2019

5 Ways to Overcome Stress.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) The stresses of today’s world are unmatched to any era historically.  When we turn on the news, we’re stressed about something #45 did again, to piss us off.  We’re getting up going to stressful jobs to provide a decent life for ourselves and our families and we haven’t mentally and physically dealt with what has hurt us in the past (or even on yesterday), so we are stressed with mundane things that triggers our anxieties into full blown panic attacks.

There’s no pretty or perfect way to let you know that STRESS CAN KILL YOU IF UNTREATED!  Not all stressors require you to take a weekly trip to see a therapist and lay your burdens down on their couch or reclining chair.  Some stressors just require you to eliminate some unhealthy habits you have currently have or destructive behaviors around you that causes you to be overwhelmed and stressed out.

These are five tips that will help you overcome stress:

1. Deactivate apps that causes you stress. If you’re constantly stressed by trending topics on Twitter or Facebook politician’s notorious debates, deactivate your accounts or log off until you can engage more in positive conversations within those apps or social media platforms.

2. Monitor the amount of negative information that you take in. Again, this may come from watching the nightly news, to a family member showing you negative images, videos or gossiping about someone that they don’t particularly like.  Cut off all negative conversations and turn the channel on anything that highlights negativity coming from the television that you watch.  Even if you work in a trauma-based environment, you may have to monitor how many traumatic stories you read about to strengthen your skills on the job or are exposed to working in the field.

3. Practice meditation. Center your mind and practice some form of meditation.  You can take 10-15 minutes when you’re feeling stressed and meditate.  You can play soft music during a stressed moment to refocus and tackle that stressful situation.  Meditation is more than just sitting on a map, with your legs in a pretzel and being quiet.  Meditation is used to trained your mind to attention and emotionally calms you when needed.

4. Journal your thoughts. Keep a journal with you at all times.  Write in your journals your thoughts.  Don’t worry about perfectly writing or editing, just write out your thoughts and feelings.  Journaling as we have been told, is very therapeutic, it truly is.  After so many journal entries, look back and reflect on them.  See if there are patterns of behaviors, thoughts or feelings that triggers you to be stressed and deal with those triggers.

5. Get plenty of rest. Sometimes our bodies are stressed, simply because we’re not getting a good amount of sleep.  Notice, I didn’t say great amount or perfect amount of sleep.  It’s so trendy right now to pull all-nighters to show how serious you are but excessive amounts of no sleep, is like you’re signing your body and mind up for a meltdown.   Make sure that through the grinding and hustling, you make time for your body and mind to rest.

Stress comes in all different forms and ways.  Stress doesn’t just swarm up on you out of nowhere.  There are plenty of stress indicators to let you know when it’s to take a step back and get a handle on life before you are left with no other choice but to deal with the stresses of the world.

Staff Writer; Felicia T. Simpson

One may also connect with this sister online over at; FTSimpson.com.

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