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Monday, October 21, 2019

New York City Weekend Church Retreat Destinations.

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( It’s not often that the entire church congregation get to get together and go out on a trip. However, for people who are this close and form a close-knit community, retreats are very necessary. Not only to make the community come together, but also to get rid of animosities that might’ve developed over time. These retreats also make the joy of church-going so much more and bring the youngsters close so that they can attend mass with a common link too.

In the busy hubbub of NYC, it’s easy to forget about the community and all that it involves, and most times we do forget about these things because we’re so busy with work. So, a weekend church retreat is a great way to clear your mind and have some quality time when you discuss your life and your faith with members of your community.

Bus rentals in NYC would give you instant access to all the transportation you’d need for the weekend, allowing you to focus on communication instead of driving. So, you can talk to people and enjoy yourselves without any worries. And about the places, you could go to? We have a list, personally curated, just below.

1.    Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain State Park has all the amenities you’d need for a close community affair. You can go on long picnics at the parks, and see the lush greenery all around for the community lunches and the times when you’re free. For team-building, there are many hiking trails that are bound to make you come together with the entire community to navigate and get over the hurdles. You can also go to the nearby zoo, which, nestled in the lush greenery and the mountain areas holds several beautiful animals which you can appreciate. The zoo also has a lot of activities that can keep the kids busy for a long while. The Bear Mountain State Park also has a personal museum, even though, it’s nowhere near as big as the NYC museums, it makes for a great leisure viewing. If your congregation is mostly young and filled with people looking for adventures, this is the place to be.

Remember to book a proper vehicle before you start, the terrain can be rough for a normal tourist affair.

2. Asbury Park

For young congregations to intermingle,m Asbury Park might be one of the best places to be in. Not only does the place boasts of a beautiful boardwalk and many places to hang out at. Go to one of the local restaurants and enjoy the local fiestas. Or let your hair down at one of the music concerts that decorate the place for the majority of the year. For team-building give dancing a chance and go ahead with making the whole community come together.

The kids would love the rides and the beautiful games over at the boardwalk, and the teenagers would love the dancing opportunities and musical spaces that the city has to offer. For the scholars among you, you can go out exploring on foot to see the city’s architecture which seems like something out of a picture book.

3. Cape Cod

Yes, the teenagers would groan at the very name of it, however, Cape Cod is something that should be experienced by everyone. If you’re not up for fishing, go for a leisurely stroll in the heart of nature and enjoy the views that decorate the place. Or give Skaket beach a chance. You can have some of the best lobster bisques in the country here, and have your heart fills in playing around and walking through the beautiful landscapes.

Dads of all ages would love the feeling of renting a boat and enjoying the fishing experience that has made Cape Cod what it has become over the years. You can find out the rental prices and book from ahead too.

Staff Writer; Rick Wall

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