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Five Ways to Show Your Partner Love.

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( It seems sometimes that the most over rates words are “I Love You”. Even the actions that are associated with love are considered cliché by some as the actions should be tailored to the person you love. Contrary to what many may think there is a need to hear and see love. Too often we can become caught up in the “show me” mindset forgetting that we need a balance between word and deed. There are many ways to show love that are not what we hear about on a regular basis. Of course, you don’t need a holiday not birthday to show your love, but you need to know your partner’s needs.

Below are five ways you could show your partner that they are loved.

1. Help your partner in an area they have expressed a need. This will require you taking the time to listen to the things your partner communicates are important to them. Sometimes its something as simple as cleaning the kitchen after dinner, re-decorating a bathroom they’ve been meaning to get to, or purchasing a product they have expressed is a need. This shows them they have your support, and you care about the load they carry…as well as the areas that are important to them.

2. Take the time to hear about their day without interruption. Many of us are glues to our devices. Screen time dominates much of our downtime. Too many people come home and interact with their partner in passing. Its hard to talk about what went great with your day, or areas that you could use encouragement when your partner is buried in their phone or tablet. Come home and put the phone down long enough to actually give your partner time, and your undivided attention. It will allow you to know what’s really going on with them, make them feel they can talk to you, and it will communicate to your partner that they are important.

3. Send your partner written love letters. This might seem outdated, but it requires time to sit down and write a letter. In that space you are showing that you love someone by telling them in a very intimate vintage way. This is very different from sending a text message or email. The letter is something tangible that they can hold, read and cherish. If something were to happen to their phone, they still have their letter. When rough patches come, and they will, that letter is something that can remind your partner that they are loved by you.

4. Supporting the dreams and goals, without being overbearing, is a way to show them they are loved. Achieving goals often doesn’t come easy. It is reassuring to have that person in your corner willing to encourage you along the way even when you feel you might not make it. Taking the time to know what they are working on while doing all you can to assist them not only reminds them they aren’t alone, but they know you want them to elevate and be all they can.

5. Remember intimacy is more than sex. You can display love in gentle interactions. Hugs and unprompted kisses are cherished. Being able to hold your partner and just enjoy spending time in that person’s presence is its own love language. Being able to laugh together and enjoy quality time is priceless.

Love can be shown in many different ways. Part of showing the love your partner needs is taking the time to observe what they need, and like so that the love is about them. This should also be what your partner seeks to do for you. When both sides are showing the different kinds of love needed, and wanted, the relationship is strengthened. Take the time to find different ways to love convey love to your partner in word, and definitely in deed.

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