Why are you so annoying?

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Why are you so annoying?

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(ThyBlackMan.com) They give you just another reason to hate getting up in the morning. The thought of crawling out of bed, sitting in traffic, and putting in a solid 8 hours on the clock, are amplified when you think of that cranky, crappy, irritating co-worker. Maybe it’s as simple (and gross) as eating with their mouth open or smacking their food. In my case, at a job I had in corporate America once, it was “always watching my every move,” that drove me up the wall.

Anyone who has been in the workforce before has encountered a co-worker or two who just rub them the wrong way. Sometimes, unfortunately, these characters and places where you share employment, are in positions of superiority i.e your supervisor, your manager, perhaps your “boss”. Below you will find some of my top ways to deal with crappy coworkers.

#5 Steer clear as much as possible. Sometimes we are in tight spaces or working in smaller groups so avoiding these particular nuisances can seem a bit challenging. For those of us with employment situations where we can break when we need to or take lunch times and down time when needed, I highly encourage you to use that time to move around and steer clear of this person or people. Spending time away and clear the energy around you and allow you to focus on the bottom line: producing for the company and making more money for yourself and your family.

#4 Document everything. It’s not hard to imagine the annoyance of a co-worker at some point turning into harassment which can become a human resources issue. I highly encourage you to document as often as possible incidents where you feel the line has been crossed with your coworker. Keep a notebook handy and don’t be afraid to document issues of harassment right when they happen.

#3 Bees and honey. Turn on the charm, and the smile, and the energy. It’s infectious, in a good way. You know the old saying, “you can catch more bees with honey than you can with vinegar. ” You don’t have to be fake or change who you are, simply amplify your greatness. Perhaps the annoying Co-worker will get the hint and back away as others revel in your sweet personality.

#2 Bring it up the ladder. When your superior is the culprit of uncoil, challenging their behavior can have obvious detriment, especially in busy corporate environments where employees are lost in the shuffle and simply looked at as numbers. But documenting inappropriate behavior, having an unbiased witness or two, and bringing it up to the harassers superiors is a must. Be ready for a shake up though and a potentially more awkward work environment.

#1 Be the best producer. Numbers and results don’t lie. Be the absolute assassin at your job for getting things accomplished. Be known as a top producer no matter what field you work in, ultimately you can have success and happiness when your create opportunities, income, and growth for yourself and your business. And who doesn’t like a successful, charming, down to earth team player who contributes to the overall wellness of a company or team. You and your results won’t go unnoticed. And if your reputation is solid gold, a crappy coworker will be little to no worry when you’re getting promoted, and perhaps managing them in the future.

What other ways would you highlight as methods to relieve the pressure of dealing with crappy coworkers?

Staff Writer; Charles Foster Jolivette

This talented young man can also be found over at; The California Creole and also Charles Patreon Page.

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