You're Never Too Old to Be an Entrepreneur.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

You’re Never Too Old to Be an Entrepreneur.

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( It’s time to focus on the dreams that you have put aside thinking that you have plenty of time to reach. It’s time to ask yourself what you are going to accomplish this week, this year, and in the next five years. Imagine if you only have five years from now, what is the thing that you would want to achieve in your professional life? Wouldn’t you want to work on something that you truly love? We all want it to happen, but the problem is the moment we think about that dream, we start thinking about the reasons it can’t be reached.

Observing how you observe

There are two ways to look at a situation – the end and the beginning. When you say “it’s not possible for me” for whatever reason, that’s the end. But when you ask yourself “how can I make it possible?” then that’s the beginning. In the first statement, you’re putting all the possibilities to an end, but when you say “how can I make it possible,” you’re putting your mind to work. That’s when it brings you answers and that’s when you are bound to think of the ways you can achieve something. Entrepreneurship is the same thing. It’s about finding answers, solving problems, and looking at challenges from a different point of view.

Picking up where you left off

Your age has no connection to your entrepreneurship goals. Entrepreneurs are like athletes. They try and stay focused. Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose, but it doesn’t put them off track. If you’re someone who is brave enough to start an entrepreneurial journey, start chasing that dream again.

It’s time to revisit the dream that you saw and thought it will come to you one day. The things you imagined – a different world around yourself, better people, better work conditions, more success, and peace of mind, it’s all possible because you can see it.

But there’s no day called “Someday”

Can you find it in your calendar? No, because it doesn’t exist in reality. You have to make that “someday” happen as soon as you can. It’s easy to grow up, join a college, and get a degree, a job and so on. It’s easy to keep your dreams aside because you can get all that without chasing your dreams, but there’s nothing extraordinary in that way of living. Anybody can do it and in fact, most people are doing it. The dream of entrepreneurship is a spark, it’s not the destination, but it’s the spark that keeps burning as long as you’re feeding it. As long as you’re working on that dream, that spark will grow and boost your energy at both mental and physical levels.

You are who you hang out with

The people you spend your time with become a part of your life and their habits, character traits also become a part of your life. You become a reflection of the people you hang out with. In the professional world, when you develop contacts, you build a strong network of professionals, just make sure that they are successful people and are the ones who are ready to help each other. Young entrepreneurs struggle a lot due to lack of network, but those who have contacts grow faster.

You have what most people want

A young entrepreneur struggles a lot. Their youthful energy is nothing compared to the experience you have. With time, you gain what they can’t even imagine and that’s where you have the edge. You can, of course, do everything a young entrepreneur can do and the best thing is you have the knowledge and experience too.

So if the thought of giving up on your dream is breaking your heart, don’t worry about your age. Think again and start giving importance to your mindset because it’s something you can actually control. You’re never too old to be an entrepreneur.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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