How to Deal With Writer's Block.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

How to Deal With Writer’s Block.

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( There you are staring at your pen and paper for hours already and yet it is still a blank page. As the clock is ticking, you get more and more frustrated. Then you have finally realized that you are experiencing a writer‘s block.

Some people think that a writer’s block is not real. However, there will be times when we feel like we really cannot write anything. You may type a few lines and end up deleting it. Either you can’t seem to find the right words or you don’t feel motivated at all.

Take time to rest and relax.

Sometimes, what you need to do is to get up on your chair and breathe some fresh air. With all the toxicity of your surroundings, it may be difficult for you to think properly. Walk around a nearby park, play with your pet, or call an old friend.

You may think that time spent sleeping is a time wasted especially if you’re beating a deadline. Fatigue drains your creativity and exhausts your brain from functioning well. Don’t feel guilty for getting some restful sleep because it is a necessity.

Read and reflect.

Another reason why maybe you are not able to come up with the right words is because you don’t have enough understanding about your topic. If you are working as a writer and a specific topic is given to you, take time to research about your niche. If you are an aspiring novelist, purchase books and read it.

Make sure to “read and reflect”, not  read and copy”. Most students who are required to make a reaction paper usually read and just copy words from the reference without being able to understand it.

Reading and reflecting will not only hone your skills in writing but will also expose you on learning new words to expand your vocabulary.

Refrain from distractions.

Aside from taking time to relax, you also need to eliminate all kinds of distractions that may hinder you from writing. If you can’t keep yourself from scrolling on social media, log out your account. If you can’t concentrate because of the hot weather, get some refreshments.

Set a time to relax and a time to go back and focus on finishing your writings.

Let go of fear and perfection.

While it is important to publish a content or write a story without grammatical errors, you have to keep in mind that not everyone will like it.

Sometimes, people struggle from a writer’s block not because they have nothing to write about but because they put perfection in their heads. Others fear rejection or criticism.

Stop Overthinking and start writing.

Just Write.

Even famous authors experience situations where they think that their creative juices has already dried up. Their secret? They just kept on writing.

Of course, we have this so-called draft. You wouldn’t just publish a content without proofreading it. However, you wouldn’t be able to come up with the final draft without creating your first draft. Don’t mind if you think you are writing nonsense – just write whatever it is that you want to express. Eventually, when you have conditioned your mind, you’ll be able to tweak your content and eliminate the fluff words.

The best thing to overcome a writer’s block is to start writing. Write because you love doing it. It is normal to experience a writer’s block yet it shouldn’t stop you from writing.

Just keep on writing.

Staff Writer; Ellie Carter

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