Short Story Series; Malcolm - Part 1

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Short Story Series; Malcolm – Chapter 1, 2, and 3

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Chapter 1

“Wake your drunk ass up,” Pamela said kicking Malcolm.

He mumbled something, but she couldn’t make out what it was.

“Malcolm get up,” she said kicking him again. “You know I have to go to work. I need you to get Pooh.”

“I got her,” he said.

“What’s that on the carpet? It’s on your face too. That’s vomit. You threw up and laid in it,” she said in disgust.

Malcolm continued to lay there.  He was still drunk from the night before.

“Malcolm,” Pamela yelled. “Get up baby.  I have to go to work.”

“I’m up,” he said.

“No you’re not. You’re still laying in vomit. Nasty ass,” Pamela said gagging.  “Oh my God I’m going to be sick. You’re disgusting.”


Pamela ran to the bathroom.  Malcolm lay there for a moment.  Trying to figure out what was happening.

“Malcolm,” Pamela yelled.

“Got damn woman I’m up,” Malcolm said sitting up.  He looked around the room. Confused because he wasn’t in their bedroom.  He was in the living room. Same clothes from last night.

“Pam,” Malcolm yelled.

“What Malcolm,” she said walking back to the living room.

“Come here woman,” he said trying to stand to his feet. “Who’s shaking the house?”

“What? Nobody is shaking the house.”

“Why is it moving then? I can barely stand up.”

“Because you’re still drunk you damn fool.”

“Oh,” Malcolm said laughing. “Come here.”

“What,” She said walking closer to Malcolm.

Malcolm grabbed her and held her tight.

“Let me borrow your lips for a minute,” he said.

“Eww,” Pamela said trying to break free.  Not with all that your face.”

“What’s on my face,” Malcolm asked.

He rubbed his face and felt something hard. He didn’t know what it was.

“What is this,” he asked.

“Looks like the chili I cooked last night,” Pamela said. “I have to go to work. Pooh is still sleep, but she‘ll be up in a few minutes.”

“How did I get chili on face,” Malcolm asked still rubbing his face.

“You threw up last night and laid in it,” Pamela said rolling her eyes.


Malcolm didn’t respond.  He looked at the spot he had been laying and sure enough there was vomit.

“Why did you let me do that,” Malcolm asked. “You could have gotten me up.”

“I could have what,” Pamela yelled. “You weren’t even supposed to drink last night. But somehow you ended up here drunker than a fool.”


Malcolm didn’t respond. He was too busy rubbing his face in disgust.

“I have to go wash this off,” he said.


Pamela rolled her eyes. They were supposed to have sex last night, but Malcolm went out his friends.  He told her he wouldn’t be gone long, but of course he ended up being out all night. Like always.



Malcolm wasn’t in the shower long before he heard Pooh crying.  He quickly dried off and went to her room before she jumped out her crib.  He discovered that she was able to jump out last week.  He didn’t tell Pamela because he knew she would freak out.

“There’s Daddy’s baby,” Malcolm said lifting Pooh in the air.

She smiled and slobbered.  Some of it hit Malcolm in the eye. He didn’t care though.

“How’s my angel.”

Pooh continued to smile and slobber.

“Say daddy. da-daddy,” Malcolm says.

Pooh makes a noise as if she’s trying to say it, but doesn’t quite know how.

“I love you baby,” Malcolm says kissing Pooh. “Sit right here while I put some clothes on Malcolm says, putting her on the floor.


Pooh instantly starts crying.  She hates when he puts her down. Malcolm rushes off to get dressed as quickly as he can. She continues to cry.

“Ok Ok Ok,” Malcolm says walking back in her room. “I had to get dressed munchkin.”

She frowns at him and raises her arms in the air. Demanding to be picked up. He obliges.

“You’re mama said you were spoiled.”


Malcolm showers her with kisses.  She laughs.

“Ok Sugar Face it’s time to eat.”


He makes them some grits and eggs.  He’s still hungover, but he knows he needs to eat something.  Malcolm enjoys these moments with Pooh.  The only thing he enjoys more is drinking with his bros.

“Let me tell you about last night,” he says. “We got together and kicked it real hard.  Carlo brought a big bottle of Remy and we couldn’t leave until it was finished.  I was supposed to make you a brother, but we ended up going out once the bottle was empty.”


Pooh appeared to be listening. Like she always does.  Malcolm tells her everything. What’s going on at work, the partying, the cheating, the problems he’s having with Pamela. It’s how he keeps his conscious clean.  Pooh likes look Pamela so it’s kinda like he’s telling her. That’s how he justifies it.

They finish eating. Malcolm leaves the dishes for Pamela to wash. Partially because he wants her to see that he did cook for Pooh, but mainly because he doesn’t like washing dishes.  Pooh grunts. Malcolm sees that she is pushing. Eggs run right through her. In no time her pamper is full.

“Oh wee somebody made a stinker,” Malcolm says.

Pooh smiles.

“Do I get paid for this,” Malcolm asks as he lays her on the changing pad.


Of course Pooh doesn’t say anything. She just stares off in space. It’s almost like something has her attention. The old people say babies see angels. And sometimes the angels play with the child.

“I guess that’s a no,” he says.


After she’s clean and smelling good, Malcolm lays her on the bed and lies down next to her.  He’s still feeling woozy.

“Remind me not to drink that much again,” he says to pooh.


She crawls on his face. It’s like she’s marking her territory. ‘My daddy.’ Malcolm laughs, but he doesn’t move her.  He doesn’t have the heart to.

It’s not long before they are both asleep.  Pooh is lying on Malcolm’s chest.  Both of their mouths are wide open.  It’s a Xavier trait.  He inherited it from his father. He’s not sleep long before he feels his phone vibrates.

“Hello,” he says sleepily.

“Hey,” the woman on the phone says nervously. Malcolm recognizes the voice. It’s Kori

“What’s up?” Malcolm asks. His eyes still closed.

“We need to talk,” She says.  Nervousness in her voice.

“You pregnant,”

“No,” she laughs awkwardly.

“You have something?”


“What is it?”


“Where’d you get it from?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know how long I’ve had it. You may or may not have it, but you need to get tested. They are waiting on you at the Clinic.”


“You haven’t slept with Pamela have you?”

“Since the last time you and I had sex? Of course I have.”

“Oh lord. What have I done?”

“Sounds like you’ve possibly ended my marriage. That’s what you wanted though so don’t worry about it,” Malcolm said before hanging up the phone.


She called him back several times, but he didn’t answer.  He didn’t do anything. He just continued to lay there. Holding Pooh.

Chapter 2

“I’m not getting tested,” Malcolm says aloud to himself. “I have to find a way to feed Pamela the pill without her knowing what’s going on.  Put it in her drink. Or maybe in her food. I wonder if Carlo still talks to that pharmacist. She’ll give them to him.”


Malcolm was sitting on the porch listening to music.  Ironically Tidal randomly played Usher’s Let It Burn.

“Bruh, Malcolm said.


He hadn’t thought much about potentially having Gonorrhea until that song came on.  He was trying to ignore the problem away.  It was working, but then the same came on.  He hated Tidal for that.

Pamela was in the house preparing dinner.  He had been asking her to make turkey necks all week.  She had finally obliged.

“I really I don’t have anything.  That’ll end my lucky streak. I have been out here wilding though. I slick deserve to have something, but still though.”

“Baby,” Pamela yelled from the kitchen.  Malcolm knew she was in a good mood. He could hear it in her voice.

“She must be cheating,” he thought to himself.

Malcolm walked to the kitchen to see what Pamela wanted.
“Yes mam,” he says.

“I need you to go to the store to get some bell pepper and onions,” Pamela said smiling at Malcolm.

“For what,” Malcolm said.

“For seasoning. They go in the pot with the turkey necks.”

“Can’t you just use Onion powder,” Malcolm said.

Pamela laughed.

“No silly willy,” she said kissing Malcolm on the jaw. “It doesn’t taste the same.”

“Ah man,” Malcolm said. He was pouting.

Pamela laughed again.

“My big baby,” she said. She was clearly amused.  “Go to the liquor store and get that wine I like.”

“Oh Shit,” Malcolm said jumping to his feet. “We’re having nasty time tonight.”

“Maybe if you play your cards right,” Pamela said with a smirk.

“You don’t have to tell me twice,” he said running out the door.

He loved when Pamela was in these types of moods. The sex is phenomenal.  He enjoys it when she isn’t in this type of mood, but she goes so much harder when she is.

He decided to go to the liquor store first.  That way he can start drinking.  When the cashier saw him; he immediately pulled a fifth of Remy Martin off the counter behind the cash register.  That was Malcolm’s drink. He loved it. Let him tell it Remy shot through birth control.  That’s how Pooh got here.

“Malcolm,” the cashier said excitedly.

He should be excited to see Malcolm.  Malcolm practically keeps this place in business.

“What’s up Ted,” Malcolm says.

“Will this be all for you,” Ted asked referring to the Remy he put on the counter.

“No. I also need a bottle of that Moscato in the blue bottle.”

“The cold ones are in the cooler in the back. Do I need to grab it for you?”

“No I can get it.”

“Ok my friend.”


As Malcolm is walking to the cooler his phone vibrates.  It’s Carlo.

“What’s up Round,” Malcolm says.

“Bruh,” Carlo says with panic in his voice. “Niecy told me she saw Kori at the pharmacist filling a prescription for the Gonorrhea pills.”

“Bruhhhhh,” Malcolm said dramatically. “How bout she called me earlier today and told me she had it and that I may have it.
“You bullshitting.”

“I wish I was. And what’s crazier is that she doesn’t know how long she’s had or where she got it from. So Pam could have it too.”


“My sentiments exactly. I have a plan though. Do you think Niecy would get some pills for me and Pam?”

“Way ahead of you bruh. I got the pills.”

“My dude,” Malcolm exclaimed.

“The thing is. How are you going to get her to take them?”

“So I’m going to put them in her drinks. I’m going to come to her with a deal.  If she’ll drink with me every night for the next two weeks I won’t go out without her.”

Carlo exploded in laughter.

“Bruh. I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this, but you ain’t shit. But that’s genius. But do you think she’ll go for it.  She doesn’t really drink like that.”

“Hell yeah she will. Anything to keep me at home at night and out these streets.  She’s desperate at this point.”

“You’re right.”

“Where are you? I need to pick up those pills.”

“Shidd on my way to Kiames.”

Malcolm laughed.

“I’m here now. Picking up a fifth and bottle of wine for Pamela.”

“Bet I’m about to pull up.”


Malcolm paid for his bottles and left the store. Not before getting a cup so he could pour up immediately.  Carlo was parking as Malcolm was walking out.”

“My boy,” Malcolm said.

Malcolm and Carlo did their handshake.  Something they created back when they were in high school.

“Here go the pills,” Carlo said handing Malcolm the pill bottle. “One a day for 10 days.”

“Bruh when I pull this off I’m going down in the player’s hall of fame.”

“Facts. What did you get? Remy and what else?”

“Just some wine and a bottle of tequila.  I figured that doing some shots would ensure she takes the whole pill.”

Carlo shook his head.

“Damn evil genius.”

“I get it from you. I was a good man, before I started hanging with you.”

“When you were 7?”

“I wasn’t a whore back then.”

Both men laugh.

“What are you getting,” Malcolm asked.

“Some Crown. Remember Shorty I told you about last week. The one with the tattoo on her thumb?”

“Yes I remember.”

“I’m going to kick it with her.”

“Again? You must like this one?”

“I do bruh.  She has a really good heart.”

“That’s what’s up bruh. I’ll holla at you later.”


The two men part ways. Malcolm goes to the grocery store and then home. By that time he’s on his second drink.

“It’s Nasty time,” he says to himself.

Chapter 3

“Baby, I got the wine you asked for,” Malcolm says as he walks toward the kitchen. “Baby.”

“Hold on,” Pamela says from the back.


Malcolm gets four glasses from the cabinet, two shot glasses, a wine glass, and one for his cognac.

“What do you think,” Pamela asks Malcolm.

“About what, Malcolm says before turning around to see Pamela dressed in red lingerie.  “Oh lordy Lord he says.” He nearly drops the glasses.

“That was the reaction I was going for, “she said walking towards him. “I wanted to meet you at the door, but Pooh woke up. I gave her some Nyquil so she’ll be sleep for a while.


Malcolm was unable to say anything.  All he could do was stare at Pamela.  Dressed in lingerie. Red lingerie.  Red was his favorite color.  He had seen her naked thousands of times, but her in this lingerie was something special.

“Dinner is almost ready,” she said smiling walking towards him.

He continued to stare. He was in awe of his wife. He was no longer hungry for food. He wanted her.

“You have that look in your eye,” she said laughing. “You must like what you see?”

Malcolm nodded his eye.

“Good that was the plan.”

Pamela was leaning over the counter at this point.  Malcolm suspected she was doing so because he was looking. He didn’t mind.

“Why’d you get out shot glasses,” she asked.

“Her question brought Malcolm back to reality.  He still had to convince her to drink with him for the week.

“I have a proposition for you,” he said walking towards her.

“I’m listening,” she said with her hand on her hip.

Malcolm wasn’t an extraordinarily tall man, but he was taller than Pamela. She was rather short.  Not too short though. Actually the perfect height for him.

“I know you don’t like when I go out drinking with friends,” Malcolm said.

“Yes that’s true.”

“But I like to drink.”

“You can drink at home.”

“I know, but I don’t like to drink at home. Which brings me to my proposition.  For the next two weeks. If you have a few drinks with me every night, I won’t go out for the next month.”

Pamela didn’t immediately respond. Malcolm could tell she was thinking about his proposition.  She wasn’t a drinker, but Malcolm knew she would go for it. Anything to keep him out the clubs.

“Ok. I’ll do it,” she said. “But how much do I have to drink?”

“A typical round is a shot a drink, and a beer.”

“I can’t drink all that. Especially not every day.”

“How about you do a shot and a glass of wine?”

“Ok I can do that.

“Great. Going to spending more time with my baby,” Malcolm said joyously.

This made Pamela smile.  All she wanted was to spend more family time with Malcolm. She honestly loved him. Malcolm knew that and he wanted to give her the time she deserved, but he was stuck in the clubs. Chasing women.

“Okay let’s start tonight,” Malcolm said grabbing the shot glasses.  “I’ll pour the shots.”

“Ok. I’ll fix the plates. What do you want on yours?”

“You,” Malcolm said smoothly.

Pamela blushed. She knew what that meant.  Malcolm didn’t know how he would get the pills in the liquor.  He didn’t want her to turn around and see him putting them in there.

“Is Pooh crying,” he asked.

“She shouldn’t be. I’ll go check.

When she left the kitchen. Malcolm quickly slipped the pills in the glasses. He swirled the shots around to get them to dissolve quicker. He heard the clicking of Pamela’s hills so he stopped swirling.

“You’re hearing things,” she said. “Pooh is knocked out.”

“Must be. Here you go,” Malcolm said handing her the shot glass.

“What are we toasting to?”

“We are toasting to spending time with the people we love the most.”

Pamela blushed. She loved when Malcolm said he loved her.

“Cheers,” they said simultaneously.

They clicked their glasses together bump them on the table they took the shot. Pamela made an ugly face.  Malcolm smiled.  Happy at the fact that he was drinking, but even happier at the fact that he had successfully gotten Pamela to take the first pill.

They had sex that night.  It was better than it had been in a long time.  Malcolm realized that it had been a while since they had sex.  Pamela was into it more than usual.

“I love you,” Malcolm said when Pamela was on top.

“Not as much as I love you,” she said in between moans.

They orgasm at the same time. She collapsed and Malcolm held her tight.  Kissing her forehead and expressing their love for one another.

“One down. Eleven more to go,” Malcolm said to himself.


Staff Writer; Christian Johnson

One may also connect with this brother over on InstagramCJTheWriter.

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