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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Some Basics that You Need to Know About Vaping.

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( Smoking has caused a lot of adverse effects on various people, families, and countries across the globe. It has robbed children fathers and husbands from wives. It has collapsed the health of many and the economy of families, relatives, and countries. It has robbed many their kidneys, lungs, legs, caused cancer, and finally killed them. That’s why distancing yourself from cigarettes could be the best decision you can ever make.

However, it is not an easy thing to break from a habit that you have been involved in for years. It’s a strong chain that has tired your legs and arms but has not tired your mind and heart; you can still make a decision. To walk you out of your bondage is e-cigs. Welcome to the world of vaping and soon you will say goodbye to smoking. Let’s get deeper.

Basics You Need to Know About Vaping

1. Vaping is very different from smoking

Unlike smoking which will only require you a cigarette and a lighter to get started, in vaping, you use an e-cig which doesn’t require your matchbox or any frame to get started. It will also produce a lot of smoke which you may not like in the public when you start vaping.

Some of the ingredient used in making e-cigs makes your nose and throat dry because they are hydrotropic. That means they take water from you, that’s why you need to take more water than you used to do when smoking.

2. An e-Cig will take longer for it to be lit and form the vapor

It is not about lighting and the next second inhaling some smoke as when you are dealing with a cigarette. An e-cig will take longer to generate any vapor for you to inhale. This impatient makes many beginners go ahead and deeply suck causing them to have constant coughs at the beginning. That’s why you will always be advised not to smoke but to vape your e-cig as a beginner.

3. Vaping is done slowly and steadily

When you start vaping you might be smoking instead of vaping the e-cig hence having those coughs at the beginning. The vapor unlike smoke is a little bit thicker and may also make you cough. Nevertheless, by taking slow, steady, and moderated puffs, you will enjoy it.

4. You need some upkeep

You may have been used to cigarettes which basically don’t need any maintenance or protection. However, in your new world, you will be required to carry out some upkeep to your e-cig kit. You will need to be changing batteries and refilling the e-liquid. Well, when you start vaping, you will sometimes forget but as you remain persistent, you will get used to it.

5. There is no e-cig for all

There is no universal e-cig for everyone. Just as there are different varieties of cigarettes so are e-cigs. The same way you don’t take every brand, the same applies to e-cigs. As you start vaping, you may get confused which flavor or smoke content you want but as you keep trying you land to your taste.


If you really confused on where to start, consult a vaping counselor to advise you on which one to begin with. Consider its flavor and the amount of smoke it is producing and you will be good to start your vaping. Good luck.

Staff Writer; Greg Johnson

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