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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Traveling the American Style.

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( America is a vast country. So, much so that the distance between two states readily crosses the distance between the two countries in Europe. So, it makes sense that a vacation in the Americas would be king-size as well. From the beautiful beaches in Southern California to the hills of Colorado, USA has it all. So, here we’ve compiled a list of the best places to visit in USA where you can see most of the Americas.

Check out the different places you can visit from the list below and check out the different lifestyles that they lead.

  1. Los Angeles

South California holds a unique lifestyle experience for anyone who’s visiting. From the beautiful beaches, there’s a Disneyland trip that has become an annual ritual for many American families. The Los Angeles area also has several houses of celebrities in the Beverly Hills, and a fantastic night. For parents taking the first vacation away from kids, the beaches filled with amenities and the nearby restaurants that hold some of the best cuisines in the world would be a great attraction. The Page Museum and the La Brea Tar Pits are attractions that pull archaeology enthusiasts with animal remains dating back to over forty thousand years ago.

Go to the Bel Air, or try out the food from Gordon’s restaurants, and live up the lifestyle that California is known for. Also, since, it’s almost always sunny here, you can pack your bags and head over here during the winter months, or plan a visit during awards season to see international celebrities.

  1. Miami

South Florida is home to one of the best attractions in all of the US. Check out the beautiful beaches and the vast nightlife that cuts through the whole area. Miami makes the world seem brighter with the local Cuban streets packing a lot of exquisite Cuban cuisine. Along with it, you can check the nearby Everglades National Park. The Everglades National Park holds some of the best wetland fauna from alligators to turtles.

After you’re done, you can check out the historical landmarks of architecture around town, and visit the local museum to see some of the best artworks from around the world. The South Beach is where you’ll want to go for letting your hair down and enjoying the high lifestyle.

  1. Washington

Though it’s one of the most significant places in America; this area gets very little visitors. A favorite for school trips and history lessons, this is one area where you can feel America coming to its own. Enjoy the wide variety of cuisines available in every corner from some of the world’s favorite restaurants, and visit the places that will remind you of your heritage. From the White House to the Smithsonian Museum, there are many places to enjoy as a family. The Washington Monument and other museums are also of great importance.

Check out the history of the revolution that makes America the oldest democracy of the world, and check out the various truths it holds in its boundary.

  1. Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon has been imprinted in each one of our cultural memories. The large canyon stretches over 277 miles and is one of the most significant natural wonders in the world. You can check out the various shapes and rock formations that have been expanded in the recent most years by the Colorado River Basin. Try out a difficult hike and trekking through the Canyon if adventure is your cup of tea, otherwise organized tours to the Canyon are available throughout the year. Try out the whole thing and check out the various unique structures that follow the canyon through the bends and curves.

  1. Yosemite National Park

This is one of the best national parks in the entirety of the US. Filling up an area of over 1200 square miles, you’ll be treated to a lot of natural marvels. You can stay and relax at Yosemite Valley which holds the most famous landmarks of the Park or go on a tour of the Park, where you’ll see waterfalls and the local flora blooming full might.

There’s a special attraction of Firefall, which shines like fire when the time comes to Twilight and a lot of other attractions in the park for you to see.

Though the Park is one of the best places to travel too, it’s also filled with visitors all through the year. So, remember to start early and make your way to the National Park in the morning so that you can avoid the crowds and check out most of the area.

  1. New Orleans

The best gumbo in the world starts its journey right here/ New Orleans seems separate from all of America. The famous Southern hospitality along with the great number of treats that you can express through all seasons. The internationally renowned Mardi Gras attracts thousands of visitors every year,  and the city is filled with the jazz hotspots. Check out the various historical hot spots, and remember to indulge in live jazz performance at a local bar.

  1. Chicago

Chicago is the windy city of America. It’s one of the places where American architectural designs hit higher ceilings. Check out the view from Willis Tower skyscraper, and then remember to check out the Art Center. The city is home to many monuments so check out all the hotspots. When you’re done, check out the local museums to see some of the local art which has made its fame on the international level. The Chicago Zoo is also one of the best in the country for you to enjoy.

Staff Writer; Karl Moore

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