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Sunday, August 18, 2019

About Black Conservatives and So On.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) No, Tavoris Brown, I’m not calling either you, or Gladys Knight, names. I’m simply stating a documented fact. One of the most severe problems we have in the Black community is that far too many of us lack the common sense of most animals. We assume that because we’ve learned to sing and dance, they allow us to sit next to them in the football stadium, and they no longer call us “nigga” – at least, out loud – that we’ve arrived. But we completely ignore the fact that for over 400 years we’ve been taught to hate one another, and many of us with weaker minds just can’t seem to get past that.
We’ve been raised to believe that Black people were born to be abused and at the very bottom of society, and many of us have just accepted that as a way of life. As a result, many Black people like Gladys and yourself look upon bigoted White folks like Trump with the very same level of subservient devotion as a puppy looks upon his master. You’re very life is dedicated to getting the White man’s approval, and you’ll do anything just to be acknowledged by him so you can roll your eyes in the back of your head and lick his hand. That’s what Gladys is going to do at the Super Bowl. And even though the third verse of the song she’s gonna sing speaks of the brutal murder of runaway slaves, that doesn’t mean a thing to her. She’s not gonna let a little thing like that prevent her from giving the White man what he wants.  After all, when the White man deemed her worthy of singing his song, he bestowed an honor upon her, an honor that she has absolutely no intention of turning her back on. And as for angry Black people, they know she don’t mean no harm, so they’ll eventually get over it.

But she’s wrong, we’re not going to get over it, because we’re tired of being slapped in the face by our own people just to make the White man happy. So no, I’m not simply name-calling. I’m stating a fact that far too many brain-dead and subservient Black people are too goddamn brainwashed to recognize is a very ugly part of their nature. But believe me, everyone else can see it clearly – including the White man.
In an attempt to defend Gladys one of your equally mindless brethren suggested that instead of condemning Gladys, we should condemn the other players in the NFL for not backing Colin Kaepernick by walking off the field. But that’s a lame cop-out, because we’re talking survival here, and very few people are willing to casually walk off their job simply based on principle.  If people were willing to do that they’d be quitting their jobs en masse every day. You show me a person who claims they’d be willing to walk away from a $5 million contract on principle, and I’ll show you a person who’s more than likely a liar. It takes a special kind of person to do that. That’s why people like Rosa Parks and Colin Kaepernick are honored.  But Gladys Knight is not trying to save her job or do the right thing, she’s selling out her people to gain the spotlight, and to lick the White man’s hand for “honoring” her with the opportunity to sellout her people. She’s taking this opportunity to demonstrate to the world that she has the “class” to place patriotism and love of her country above the lives of a handful of Black unarmed rug rats. In short, she’s kissing the White man’s ass by clearly demonstrating that in her eyes Black lives don’t matter as much as patriotism and a goddamn song.
If people like you and Gladys were even the least bit thoughtful you would recognize that 33% of the American population are flat-out bigots, and in the most recent poll Trump’s approval rating is now down to 36%.  That means that he’s lost 9% of the people who were initially dumb enough to support him at his highest approval rating of 45% . But now, even those people have come to see the error of their ways. So with the exception of 3% of the most idiotic people in this country, they’ve left you – an ignorant Black man, and your mindless-ass sister, Gladys – standing alone with the Klan waiting on that Midnight Train to Georgia. And that’s exactly where you both belong, on a Georgia cotton plantation, because that’s where you obviously loss your goddamn minds.
So once again, when I call you stupid, I’m not trying to insult you, I’m simply stating an irrefutable fact, the fact that you’re clearly demonstrating that you don’t have the common sense of a goddamn animal. Consider how far behind we would be if Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King,  and the Black people of the 50s would have thought like you and Gladys. There never would have been a civil rights movement, and you would have still been giving up your seats on the back of the bus to privileged White trash. So I suggest you both go have lunch somewhere and think about that – and you don’t worry about being bothered, because lunch counters are integrated now, no thanks to people like you.

Staff Writer; Eric L. Wattree

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One Response to “About Black Conservatives and So On.”
  1. Eddie Huff says:


    You show a lack of awareness of history and even contemporary reality.

    1) The only ones calling us “Nigga” today are black folks. Just listen to nay hip hop or sit on the sidelines of any sports event, go to any black function and tell me I’m wrong.
    2) Are you aware that actual codification of the enslavement of Africans was initiated by a black man? The first black Africans brought here were indentured servants serving 7 years of indenture.One of those first African Indentured servants was Anthony Johnson who later bought an indenture contract on another African. Johnson not only reneged on the initial contract but then again on the second 7 years. After the 14 years a white neighbor hired the African but Johnson went to court and had the court declare the servant John Castor, a slave for life.

    You need to get over your blind bigotry and look in the mirror Bruh. Keep America Great!! Trump 2020!!

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