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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Best Of 2018: Heroic Black Stories.

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( 2018 has had a lot of positive black stories that wasn’t reported by the local and mainstream media outlets. I am a big fan of positive black stories especially the ones where black people risk their lives to save other black people from danger.

This article talks about young and old black people whose lives are in jeopardy and the young and old black heroes who come to their aid. Not all heroes wear costumes, capes, tights, and masks to conceal their identities from the public.

Here are heroic black stories of 2018.

1. Black Father Saves His Wife & 5 Kids From A Burning Home In Georgia – A black father named Brandon Gamble risked his life to save his wife and five kids from a burning home in Georgia. The sad part of this heroic story is that while he was able to save his family, but sadly he wasn’t as lucky as he was unable to escape the raging flames from inside of the home to the point of ignoring his wife’s concerns that the fire was too intense where their kids were located, but despite ignoring his wife’s concerns, he had nothing to lose as he was determined to save the lives of his most precious assets: his children because they meant so much to him that he wasn’t afraid to lose his own life just to save theirs.

Although it made me sad that this loving and doting father of five kids lost his life successfully saving his kids, but his bravery, resiliency, and courage will always be commended. He’s a real black hero. Who needs to call the firefighters to save black lives when you you’re not afraid to take risks to save lives like this brotha did?

2. Bryon Campbell & A Few More Black Men Rescuing 6 Fellow Black People And An Infant Baby From A Burning Apartment In Dallas, Texas – When I first heard about this story two weeks ago, I had a huge smile on my face because I’ve always been a fan of heroic black stories where young and old black people fearlessly risk their lives to save other young and old black people from the brink of danger.

One afternoon in the hood in Dallas, Texas, Byron Campbell and a few other brothas were walking through the neighborhood until they saw a burning apartment and the seven people inside were yelling for help, so Byron and fellow brothas decided to use their critical thinking skills and make a difference by rescuing all 6 fellow black People including and infant baby who dropped from the burning apartment and into the safe arms of Byron and fellow brothas and Byron Campbell and the fellow brothas were praised by not only black people in the neighborhood as heroes, but received a lot of love and praise from fellow black people on social media like myself for their bravery and heroic deeds.

The Conclusion – These heroic black stories shatter this narrative that “we don’t take care of ourselves” because historically and today, although we may have our flaws as a community, but we are more than capable of taking care of ourselves.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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