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How to Take Care of Your Pregnant Wife.

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( Properly taking care of your pregnant wife will be one of the most selfless things that you will do, next to taking care of your child once they arrive. During your wife’s pregnancy is a time where she will require more attention, patience, and cooperation. This is also a time in your marriage that will either allow you both to get closer or will make you grow apart. As a man, you don’t have to understand what your wife is going through because often times the only understanding that she has is that she’s pregnant, which is frustration.

What she needs is your willingness to love her through it and know that all pregnancies are different. Knowing that all pregnancies are different will prevent you from allowing Google to put a false perspective in your head that can sometimes make you feel as if you know what your wife is experiencing. Here are three things that you can do throughout your wife’s pregnancy that will make her feel loved during one of her most vulnerable times.

Get Healthy with Her

One of the most difficult things to do in general is making a lifestyle change as it relates to your health, let alone while you are pregnant. This is a time where the quality of life for your child is dependent on the decisions your wife makes in regards to her health, this is a difficult reality to carry. You can help your wife with this transition by making it a family change. While your wife is trying to make healthier choices you can support her by doing the same.

Prenatal pills and iron are essential in pregnancy and help both mom and baby. Try to start taking multivitamins. Not only will this help increase your quality of health and life, but it will also help you in supporting your wife acting as a reminder to her to take her own. A part of pregnancy is forgetting things. It will help her remember to take her supplements if she sees you taking yours. This may seem like something very small, however, the amount of stress and disappointment that often comes to her when she forgets to take even one prenatal is not healthy.

Workout With Her

Working out while pregnant is known to help expecting mothers prepare for birth and has even been shared to help decrease the amount of time a mother is in labor. Even with this being well known, it is still difficult to do while pregnant, due to all of the side effects of being pregnant, exhaustion being the primary culprit. Try making it a point to have a time, maybe a couple of times per week, where you both can work out together. Not only will this increase the likelihood of her working out but it will also allow time for bonding and appreciation. If you are not a fan of full-blown working out, yoga is also an option, which is often considered better for pregnant women due to the amount of stretching involved.


Being pregnant, for the most part, is not a walk in the park. Her body’s blood supply increases by at least 50% to accommodate the growth of your child. With this growth comes different strains on her body, most of which she has had very little experience with if any at all. Massages help with releasing the tension that builds up in her body because of the stress of having no real control over the changes that come with being pregnant. The release of these built up tensions, if done before sleep, will also help her sleep better.

In addition to a better quality of sleep, it will also help in preparing her body for birth. The more relaxation the body feels during delivery, the better the birthing experience. So if you prepare her body to feel relaxed when massaged, by you, then it will be easier for her to relax when the time comes and you try to give her a massage to help. It works almost like a trigger, her body will know what comes next after it feels your hands and will be relaxed automatically, but that only happens if you are consistent.

The hope is that now you have a few tools in your belt to help get your wife through her pregnancy while bringing the both of you closer. The beauty of having a “blueprint” is that it gives you a place to start. So if you try something and it doesn’t fit for your wife exactly, you now have an opportunity to tweak it to fit the Queen in your life.

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One Response to “How to Take Care of Your Pregnant Wife.”
  1. Trevo Craw says:

    To The Author,
    You left out some.
    Guys compliment your wife on her glow and the miracle she is carrying.
    Guys reassure your wife everything will be fine and you will be right there, that you are mentally and emotionally prepared for the baby to come and your lives to change for the better.
    Guys go to the classes with her.
    Guys let her know it is about her too, not just the baby.
    Guys be ready for her mood swings and don’t take it personal.
    Guys be there as much as possible, even if its just to hold her or to listen.
    Guys get excited. She will draw from that energy.

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