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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Why You Shouldn’t Forget The Past As You Move Into The Future.

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(ThyBlackMan.comThe past is in the past, they say. Forget about it because you can’t change what has already happened. As true as it is, it’s dangerous to consign parts of your life to the trash shoot of history. Sure, some things are too raw and painful to relieve and you want to do nothing more than to erase it from your memory banks. But, the truth is that previous experiences help us to shape our lives as we move into the future. Without a past, we have no history.

Finding the right balance isn’t simple yet it isn’t impossible, either. Here are four ways to walk the tightrope without falling off.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Everyone makes errors in their short time on earth. As Alexander Pope said, to err is human. Eliminating mistakes isn’t the key to moving forward; not making the same error twice should be the goal. Once you learn from a situation, you can avoid going through the emotions twice. Plus, the memory is like a framework which helps you to be successful the second time around. Perhaps you have been fired from a job, but it doesn’t matter as long as you analytically pick apart why it happened so lightning doesn’t strike twice.

Be Inspired

Sometimes, people make errors so grave that they monumentally impact their life. Imagine being an addict. A couple of huffs of one substance can dictate the direction of your entire life for a long time. Former addicts who are clean, however, don’t always look back and think it was a waste. Instead, they see it as inspiration to never get high again. Not only that, but they use the examples of people around them – friends, loved ones etc. – to stick to their new plan. Even the darkest clouds have silver linings.

Help Others

No one has a God-given right to tell others what to do or how to act. All you can do is live your life and use your examples. However, there may come a time when someone asks for advice. In that case, don’t be afraid to offer your opinion and use your experiences as guidance. The act of doing a selfless deed is as intoxicating as any substance on the planet. Also, you may find you love the process and want to enroll in an online master of social work course. Doing good things for the community is an excellent career path and your past makes you as qualified as anyone else.

Think “What If?”

What if this job doesn’t change? What if I continue being bored and stagnating for the rest of my life? There is nothing better than gaining perspective, and you can do that by being nostalgic. Thinking about the job as a whole will give you insight into whether your fortunes will alter. Anyone who hasn’t received a pay rise or secured a promotion in five years may want to consider a new venture.

Why shouldn’t you forget about your past? It’s because it shapes your future. So, how do your prospects look?

Staff Writer; Doug Moore

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