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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Black Love: The Fight Has to End.

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( One of the biggest complaints against the current White House administration is their inability to deal with facts. If the situation being addressed sheds a negative light upon them its “fake news”, and they expect the rest of the country to swallow the lies given. It is impossible to move forward as a nation when there are lies running rampant, and facts are attacked on all fronts. The propaganda game is real, and there are outlets that really want us to believe in what we are seeing on Twitter against our better judgement. Most black people can come together to agree that what we are seeing is foolishness, and it is greatly unwise to disregard the facts of a matter. However, once can wonder how long will we tolerate “fake news” regarding who we are, how we love and why we love?

It is not hard to find sisters writing articles that tear down black men as if every brother is no good. Their personal experience becomes a voice that says all black women feel, and this is not truth. There are sisters that would swear on a stack of bibles that black men don’t love them, don’t find them attractive and most are married to white women. In the same vain there are black men writing as if every black woman is a gold digger. Every single sister must engage in the emasculation of black men, and don’t want to see them successful.  These brothers are taking their personal experiences and writing them as the voice of black men. They are also wrong. This fighting that is happening amongst black men and women must stop. If we take a moment to look at the facts we would find that we can’t condemn each other as a group and expect positive change.

When black men and women are able to work together in unity, and love is born out of this unity, we are a powerful force. We have a better chance of changing the direction of our communities while having a positive impact on our children if we take a look at the facts. It is not in the best interest of those that oppress our people for us to work in unity. The media takes the excepts and portray them as the norm, and we accept it as truth. It has been proven that over 80% of black men that are married are married to black women. Over 90% of black women that are married are married to black men.

Just because you know people that are married and miserable does not mean that applies to the majority of black marriages. Yes, there are black men, not just women, that are present and active in the lives of their children. It is important that sisters and brothers are not the same as their white counterparts. We must take the time to truly get to know who we are outside of the “whiteness” that governs this nation in every aspect.

We cannot save our children without the strength and beauty that is born out of black love. However, its time we leave the “fake news” alone and realize the agenda of said news. Movements will fail if we are cannot come together as realize we, black men and women, are not enemies. No one else will ever understand our plight in this country like our people. Its time we fight the negative connotations associate with black love by engaging with each other with unjaded eyes.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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