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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Remembering The 911 Deception.

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( This week we remember the 911 attack from almost 20 years ago where terrorists stole airplanes and used them as weapons to strike the towers in New York, the Pentagon and a failed attempt to strike in Washington DC. But beyond conspiracy theories, there is alot you do not know. From crisis actors who keep popping up at major crisis situations and bombings to engineers, pilots and demolition specialists, they are tell the truth and exposing the deception.


Here are several factors we need to examine. And those who are quick to dismiss the facts and evidence are those who want to promote a false narrative regardless of what the evidence shows. Or they won’t even look at the evidence that exposes the deception.


  1. 9/11 was allowed to happen.
  2. Crisis actors were likely paid and used.
  3. Yes thousands of people died.
  4. The tower or towers fell due to a controlled demolition implosion set off at the base of the foundations of the building. Ask any honest demolition expert or engineer and they will agree.

  1. Cynthia McKinney exposed part of the truth.

This is conspiracy FACT, not conspiracy theory. And the evidence is out there if you just look. What is strange, for example, is that a passport supposedly belonging to one of the terrorist on the plane was found on the ground in good condition.

Former Governor Jesse Venture interviewed a female military Sgt working at the pentagon who walked out through the hole. She stated that no plan his the pentagon, she saw no bodies, no airplane parts. She was working in the Pentagon on 9/11. Strangely this interview was wiped off the web, but I made a copy of it years ago because I thought that might happen.

There is so much wrong, strange and more than coincidence surrounding 9/11 that can be seen and proven. Why would this be allowed? Simply look at what is gained on a bigger scale. There is always a much bigger picture than what we see and know as citizens.

  • Building 7 fell even though nothing hit it. 
  • And guess what offices were in building 7?
  • The Secret Service
  • American Express Bank International
  • The Dept of Defense
  • NY Office of Emergency Management
  • Smith Barney (floors 28-45)
  • The IRS

And before you try to slam Jesse Ventura who was a navy seal and governor, know that they set him up because he was telling too much of the truth. They did this by shaming him with lies about a law suit he won whereby a sniper lied about hitting him. Ventura proved the lie in court and won the lawsuit of 1.8 million dollars. The money was paid by the insurance company for the sniper’s estate, not by the sniper’s widow when he died.

Believe whatever you want. But you need to know the power that be are those who accept a certain amount of collateral damage as long as it helps them acquire what they want. It is not as simple as being about terrorism, heroes and lives lost. It is unfortunately about agendas, politics, sending messages, budgets and other elements that the average citizen would never think of.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


3 Responses to “Remembering The 911 Deception.”
  1. Vaibhav Gupta says:

    You r an idiot

  2. 9/11Truth says:

    To Rich:

    I advise you to listen to Loose Change brother. This is extremely important

    To Trevo:

    Take HEAVY articles like the one I posted above and summarize.

    No more pocket-sized revolution tid-bits.

  3. RIch says:

    Sad. I have previously gotten good information from this website. Are we going to be hearing from the flat earthers next?

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