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Don’t Go to the Hospital Alone.

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( It is very understandable that you might not want to worry family and friends with illness. There is so much going on in the world, and many people in your life may be experiencing various kinds of hardship. This may lead you to feel it is best to handle what you are dealing with alone. Though that thought could be born out of not wanting to be a burden…it can also come from fear.

Far too often many are dread going to the hospital even when the pain racking the body demands such. Not knowing what you will be told, or if the diagnosis may put you in remembrance of a loved one can keep you out of the emergency room when you need to get there asap. This delay can cause you to encounter more damage to your body because you waited to be seen. However, even when one concedes to get treatment too many of our people make the mistake of going to the hospital alone.

It is very important, if possible, to let someone know you need to go to the hospital so that you are not alone. In an ideal world, hospitals would be completely focused on the wellness and wholeness of the ill that enter the facility, but we all know that is not always a reality. When you are in pain you can’t always think clearly and may not be in the condition to ask all the right questions. You might find yourself discharge to soon, taking unnecessary test, or leaving worse than you were when you entered.

People that come to the hospital alone may be treated with less regard because it seems they belong to no one. When there is no family or friends there sometimes the patient doesn’t receive the best care. There is no one there to defend them so hospital staff can over look their needs. Of course, this is not always the case, but it happens to much not to be addressed.

Hospitals, these days, seem to be more in the business of making money depending on where you end up. It is important that you monitor your health on a regular basis to the point that you understand your body. Let your family know when you are in pain or facing health challenges. You are not a burden…they would rather know what’s going on than lose you. Furthermore, it is very hard to focus on healing when you are having to advocate for yourself and see to every fine detail. Yes, you may be a private person and that is respectable, but there is a time when you must allow others to help you.

No one wants to lose a loved one unexpectedly that they never knew was ill. Your loved ones don’t want to know you were suffering and they couldn’t be there because of your silence.  For your protection, and the sake of your family do not go to the hospital alone. Allow someone to be there for, and with you. Though it shouldn’t happened you might find yourself judged as unimportant because no one is there.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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