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Democrats and Republicans: Two Sides of the Same Trick Coin.

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( So you call yourself a Democrat or Republican? You champion your party’s platform and its candidate. The Democrats believe African Americans are incapable of taking care of ourselves so we need their help. Thus they come up with entitlement programs that help but control what you eat, how much, where you live, your medical care and if a man stays in your house whereby you get less or nothing at all. The Democrats hate to see votes go to waste, even if they have to buy them with food stamps and affirmative action.  And their approach usually works. The Democratic party controls African Americans with dependency.

We ignore that the democratic party did not free the slaves. We ignore that the democratic party was the racist south. We ignore the democratic foundations of the KKK. We ignore that traitors like Mary McCloud Bethune and W.E.B. Dubois helped what would come to be the death of millions of African Americans by pushing the Eugenic, genocidal, master race agenda of Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood. Do your homework and check your history.

We (African Americans) act as if we have “arrived” because we had a part African and part European president in President Obama. These are the hard, cold facts, like them or not. And while a brown face (we are not black in color) in the White House as president possibly opened doors for more of the same, we never paid close attention to what this brown president was doing behind the scenes.

Give them someone who looks like them but who is a political team player and they will be quiet, happy, thrown off their guard and under control. Could that have been the plan in allowing Obama to win? You bet it was and I can prove it. But that is another article for another time. Did Obama accomplish a great many things? Yes, he did. Did he also do some things African Americans as a whole have no idea about? Yes, he did. And the proof is not even well hidden, if you know where to look.

So what about the Republican party? The Republicans say you have to make it on your own as long as you stay in your place “boy“. And they refuse to acknowledge or stop oppression, racism, covert segregation, police brutality, disproportionate incarceration and other factors which hinder African Americans from achieving and succeeding. The Republicans control African Americans with oppression. They have a ceiling they plan to keep in place to prevent African Americans as a whole from going to high and too far.

They say they are not racist, and some of them are not. But most Caucasian people would prefer their daughters not to bring home an African American man or the reverse. Those republicans who are Caucasian or “white” people fear they will become the minority in this country in the next few decades and they are right. They will be, especially when younger people are mixing and reproducing across economic, cultural, geographic, academic and ethnic lines. For the young people the barriers are weak that separate them by ethnicity and the barriers are falling down every day. A sort of proverbial “forbidden fruit” that absolutely intrigues young people today.

They have no problem with disproportionate incarceration, racial profiling or even police brutality because they rationalize that those “black” people must have done something wrong and had it coming. They are content calling “black” people animals and branding our athletes as unpatriotic.

Ironically, if you look closely, you will find they own, control and/or dominate the music industry and the media. They have no problem allowing or helping African Americans sell millions of songs and downloads as long as the performers fit the profile, act ignorant, use the “N” word, act like strippers on stage, put down their own people and reinforce the behavior of thugs, materialism (bling), guns, weed, ignorance and drama. Do you wonder why Jay-Jigga Man-Z is so rich? He bought what they allowed him to buy and promoted what they allowed him to promote because he reinforced the profile. And so it has been with Nikki Minaj, Beyonce, Rihanna, Kanye West and so many others.

They own the networks and movie industry which promote TV shows and movies with adult African American men like Tyler Perry, Martin, Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, Terry Kruse, Jamie Foxx and Eddie Murphy forced to wear dresses to emasculate their manhood. And our people laugh at the comedian while the powers that be laugh at how deceived we are to laugh at such degradation and buffoonery.  Yet all the while African American households exist with less and less men in the household and both balance and stability in our homes are lost. None of this is coincidence, not one bit of it. These results are part of a well thought out plan – a plan they know most “black” people will never believe exists or a plan we are too busy to notice because we are so busy being entertained. How do I know who owns what? The same way you can verify this, by looking up owners and doing the research.

So there you have it, two sides of the same crooked and twisted coin – one side appealing to our people’s ignorance of history and the other side seeking to manipulate and rewrite it. Neither caring about you nor your children. Both playing politics and making promises to get the votes that will put them and keep them in power. Neither of the people, by the people and for the people. Both taking legal bribes from lobbyists. Both bowing to mega-corporations and Wall Street instead of serving their constituents and representing our interests.

Trump filled his inner circle with corporate insiders and Obama filled his inner circle with Wall Street insiders. It’s a “good politician – bad politician” game the democratic and republican parties are playing with us, our lives, our careers, votes, families and communities. Vote for whomever you please but do so with the knowledge of the truth and the games political parties play. Now you know.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


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    I agree.

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