Morality - Absent From The "Black" Community?

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Morality – Absent From The “Black” Community?

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( Today I am sad to say it is clearly evident that morality is largely absent from the “black” community. But before you “go off” on me, let me preface by saying two things. First I am not referring to all African-Americans but if the shoe fits – it just does. Secondly, no “race” or ethnic group is better or worse than the other so I am not a Cointel Pro, Europeanized, brainwashed robot. However each ethnic group does have certain problems unique to that group which seem to be prevalent. Again that does not include all people of any group.

Clearly Donald Trump and his base prove without a doubt that severe ignorance is not limited to the African-American community. However my concern is for and about African-Americans – or at least people of color in my ethnicity that my children and my wife (also African-American) have to contend with. I grew up and went to school around African-Americans and niggers, yes both. When I attended college at the University of Georgia the number of one increased and the number of the other decreased. You can guess which was which. Some African-Americans with identity and morality grew up in the projects and some niggers grew up in nice houses.

Ignorance is neither confined to low income, nor poor areas nor even lack of education. Surprising but true. I know people on all sides of the spectrum. But that being said, the truth is what it is. People like Nikki Mirage, Jay-Jigga-Man-Z, Snoop Dog, Taraji P. Henson, Vivica Fox and Lisa Raye are niggers with money and fame. Many of the “real housewives” of color are niggers too. But people like Chris Brown, Keri Washington and Rihanna have actually been what I call “niggerized”. They are not really niggers but they act as if they are because it is required and expected by those around them. Thus it gets them money and famous.

Then there are people like Forest Whitaker, Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, Keri Washington, Morgan Freeman and Gabrielle Union who are African-Americans in character, actions, attitude and overall morality – though none of us are perfect. I know by now many of you disagree and I could prove all of this to you psychologically, sociologically and statistically – but that is another article for another time. And as a former detective as well as a highly skilled veteran and current marriage, family and relationship counselor, life-coach and mediator, I have decades of facts that are verifiable far beyond my opinions and experiences.

But where is the morality in the “black” community? Where is the honor, decency, punctuality, integrity, respect, self-respect, sense of family, courtesy, etiquette, peace, honesty, benevolence, wisdom and accountability?

Instead morality seems to have been replace with ego, bad attitudes, blaming everybody else, selfishness, excuses, division, immaturity, hustle and the “game” of trying to get over on people before they get over on you. There is little respect for senior citizens and the responsibility to take care of our elderly just as they took care of us as we were growing up. There is a shortage of accountability and the overstanding that we all are connected. Thus what one of us does will impact the lives of our people more than most of us realize.

This time, taking slavery and racism into account, there is still no modern day excuse where our people can totally blame the government, the police or the “white” man for the circumstances. Too many of our people are or act like niggers, pure and simple. We buy and support music and artists who downgrade our women, calling them “bitches” and “hoes“. We glorify bad role models because they are rich and famous, even if they are utterly ignorant. Even if they poison their own communities and their own people. Too many of our people act worse than slaves then get upset when they are stereotyped, profiled and degraded. And while nobody should be degraded for the ignorance of not knowing the right way, the best way, the productive way, the peaceful way – people unwilling to learn should be seen for what they are – willfully ignorant.

Two years ago I was a parade marshal in Atlanta for a march against “black on black” crime. But do you think any county commissioners of color showed up? Not one. Do you think any city council people showed up? Not one of color (including the present Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms nor Michael Bond, son of a civil rights activist). The one city council member who showed up was “white” – Mary Norwood. She did not try to speak or get her picture in photos. She asked how she could help. She walked the entire route and she did what she could to help.

So why does it seem it takes more of them to help our people than our own people are willing to step up and help? The NAACP was started by Caucasian people along with people of color. Morehouse, Spelman and Clark colleges were all started for people of color by Caucasian people. And the only college in the Atlanta University center started by African Americans (Morris Brown) is closed today because of scandals and bankruptcy.

Black Lives Matter pops up to confront police brutality (which is very real) but when it comes to abortion which kills more “black” people than police, modern day war, AIDS and Cancer combined, Black Lives Matter is silent, invisible or both. Why? Where are the SCLC and NAACP? Where are Martin Luther King’s children – other than fighting over his papers and Bible and talking a good game? Where is 100 Black Men other than hosting golf tournaments and football games? I am not denying some of these people and parts of these organizations are doing good, but not as many as should be. I know – I have spoke with their leaders.

Too many African-Americans are either niggers or acting like niggers (and yes I said it again). They ironically plug into a self-fulfilling prophecy of living out the exact definition of “black” in dictionaries used and accepted all over this country, dictionaries like Oxford, Websters and Merriam Websters. The definitions of dismal, gloomy, treacherous, evil, devoid of moral character,

Niggers (yes I said it) then want to get mad when they are profiled, stereotyped, beaten and shot down in the streets like the rabid dogs they chose to emulate. Does that statement make you mad? Oh well that’s just too bad. When I was growing up and somebody said something about me, my mother said “don’t worry about it if it’s not true.” So for those of you who are offended, are you offended because I am speaking about you? You see being a nigger is not a person or even a color. It is a jacked up way of seeing things and a jacked up attitude followed up by ignorant actions. Therefore if you are not a nigger, don’t worry about my statement.

Do our African-American families even sit down together for dinner anymore? Or is everyone “too busy“? Do our parents visit their children’s schools, push education and check homework anymore? Or are many of them “weeded out” and doing their own thing? Do you have any idea of how many young people I have encountered, encouraged and fed who did not know where their dinner was coming from? Even though they lived in a home with their parent(s).

In the African-American community crime rates are high, obesity is rampant, heart disease is thriving. Thugs and chicken heads are reproducing faster than I can keep count. I see “black” people sitting in the labor department on the computer on Face book and dating sites almost as much as they are looking for jobs online. All over this country “weed” is flooding and infecting our communities, taken and defended by “black” people in order to mask depression, temporary escape life and fit in.

This regardless of the fact that any health professional will tell you the dangers of smoking marijuana – especially the “street weed” that most “black” people are buying and using. Do I have proof? Yes, a ton. But again, that is another article for another time. And those of you on a path of denial and self-destruction won’t listen to nor look at the proof anyway. But rest assured and remember that I told you the states are accepting recreational marijuana use because they are allowing and promoting the development of another rehab industry ten years down the road. The THC in marijuana is addictive, hello.

African-Americans have to be de-programmed from self-sabotaging, mentally slave-minded behavior. And it needs to happen fast, without excuse and without denial. Thus I am writing thins hard to hear but that clearly need to be said. The last thing you need is your mind clouded like a zombie. It’s time to wake up before it’s too late. Roles are so confused that our boys don’t know if they are male or female and our females have little or no respect for themselves.

At every age morality needs to return to the African-American community. The morality of your grandparents, your forefathers, your ancestors. Because when you do not know who you are, you act like and become someone you were never meant to be. You have to be better than that or the cycle you contribute to and the legacy you leave will only make it worse for generations to come. Maybe you don’t care about future generations. but if you don’t, know that your children’s children will one day wonder why it is so hard for them. Ikpote!

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


29 Responses to “Morality – Absent From The “Black” Community?”
  1. Morality is a standard that changes.

    1) Take for instance the sexual age of consent…in 1885 one state listed it as 13. That same age is appropriate for Denmark or Iran as well. WE CAN EVEN AGREE ON A STATE-BY STATE BASIS.

    2) We cannot hate the LGBT community forever. We need to encourage marriage, even gays getting married in a monogamous society is amazing for children. You do not strike me as a hotep, they aren’t a “threat” to the family, (Promiscuous Men, then Women are) Even pre-1940’s my elders could tell if someone was “funny” or “different”. LGBT might be a mental illness, but then again the amount of incurable mental illnesses would make your head spin.

    3) Returning to the “morality” of your ancestors is ambiguous. Prince to Richard Pryor proved of this even in the 1980’s and before. That wasn’t a “society”..that was an artificially constructed one. It wasn’t “real” beyond the constraints of that time. Integration and the drug crisis proved that. We will never go to that point again.

  2. Martin says:

    I’m not black, I’ll get that out of the way. You’re right there are wiggers my nephew was one I tried to give him the hand of wisdom after mouthing off to many times. He went to jail that work for him.
    I also worked in a black owned night cub for 4 years, I see both types that you’re talking about. Black leaders need to fix the problems with blacks, the things that work, hard work before success sacrifice the now for a better future understanding choices have consequences, are color blind. There are spiritual law that govern the universe that apply to all people.

  3. Donavan JG says:

    I agree.
    The truth of this article hits hard.
    But yes it is the truth.

  4. Briana Dobbs says:

    This guy has it right.
    Keep speaking the truth baby, no matter what.
    The right people will hear you and the people who want to stay ignorant,
    just like back in the days of slavery, will be left behind.
    You go boy!

  5. Clothed In Light says:

    The truth hurts brothers but it changes us from within – if we embrace it so we can be set free from slavery and deception.
    Good article.

  6. Natalie H says:

    Excellent article. Kudos for telling the hard, bitter truth.
    I am posting it on my social media and sharing it with others.
    Thank you for being willing to speak the truth, regardless of what
    people think.


  7. Trevo Craw says:

    To those of you who can hear, thank you for not being afraid of the mirror and the microscope pointed at the African American community. We all won’t always agree and that is OK because it opens the doors for civilized, productive discussion.

    Sadly those others who choose to lob insults at me miss the entire issue and prove mine points one after another. We are all at different levels of knowledge, experiences and maturity. But our discourse should address the issues instead of personal attacks that really refute nothing and help nothing either.

    Looks like we are about to hit over 100 likes. And 100 people change a community or even a city. Martin Luther King overstood how one vision filled with bitter honesty and passion and focus can change a country and he made a mark on this world forever. But it does not stop with him. King was an example, not a savior. And I appreciate him blazing the trail i follow.

  8. Reggie D says:

    OK I read every comment and the entire article. I have to say I also agree with the Author. It is bitter medicine but accurate. I have traveled in business all over this country and lived in Chicago, New Your, Los Angeles and South Carolina from the military to my most recent job.

    Those few of you who are so mad at Craw with your comments have no solid evidence basis. You are mad because he is talking about you and what needs to change. But you would rather insult him than look at the man in the mirror and change. You think the way you are and the way you think is OK but its not. I guess I could say you don’t know any better.

    So you think you are right but about 100 people are wrong who like the article? You need to wake the F up.

    My job includes stats analysis and I would be happy to supply the stats that show exactly what Craw is saying in his article. But those of you who want to stay ignorant won’t hear those either. You are only hurting yourselves and making it easier for the government, police and powers that be to profile you.

    So let’s not be Donald Trumps here please. Look at the facts, whether you like them or not. You will never get better if you stay deceived, angry and blame somebody else. That is the truth.

  9. Doc Steve says:


    Bro you have tried to intellectualize away the points the writer made instead of addressing the truth that rests within them. That is denial. And you then tried to sprinkle historical facts on the issue for flavoring.. Nice try at balance but it ends up being a distraction from the issues at hand.

    There appears to be many people who see the article as valid and that is a good thing. i noticed those who disagree are those who tend to be offended. And they appear to be the very small minded people Trevo was talking about in the first place. Common now. And I am a psychologist, over 17 years.

    Don’t just jump up and disagree people without ever looking in your heart then your mirror. If you are offended maybe you need to look hard at why instead of blaming the guy for saying what needs to be said. YOU ARE NOT HELPING YOURSELF TO GET MAD AT THE MAILMAN IF YOU DID NOT PAY YOUR LIGHT BILL. Don’t get mad at the repo man if you did not pay your car note. The same is true here people.

    Go Trevo

  10. Trevo Craw says:

    To Jacob E Daniels,

    The truth is often negative but it must be uncovered and then dealt with productively. If not, it is like a wound than people keep covering up and hoping it will go away. But then it gets infected and spreads.

    People don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want to face it. But denial has never been proven to really fix anything either. The deer that ignores the lion is the first to fall.

    As for W.E.B. Dubois, you may want to do some more research. He was one of the primary proponents and patsies used to slip Planned Parenthood into the black community. It was Eugenics and Margaret Sanger’s efforts to reduce the African American population through abortion. Do the research and don’t be fooled by the nice commercials and deceptive propaganda they used.

    I don’t have time to address all of your points but the majority of all populations is NOT rooted in laziness. Not in America anyway. Not the Asians, not the Mexicans, Africans nor people here from India. That is why they all have passed by the “black” community. Where are your stats on your claim?

    How are you a center with such incorrect information? Fortunately look how many people LIKE this article. Those are people who know the truth of what it says. That cannot be discounted, defamed nor refuted by people who simply don’t agree. Disagreement thus does not change the truth, the facts and what we need to correct.

    I suggest you email me at and send your contact number. I would love to address every point you made. I just can’t stay on this site that long.

  11. Jacob E. Daniels II says:

    I was afraid some rebuttal and arguments would ensure. We need a center, let me be that my dear beloved brother.

    I am deeply concerned at the over focusing on the negative aspects. Black male and female college rates have no doubt increased as well as entrepreneurs and 6 Figure salaries. The CDC earlier last few years have issued a report on how much black fathers were into their kids life. Let us breathe in the fresh fruits of optimism for change brother.

    I want to agree with Trevo but is it possible we are focusing on the negative aspects too much?

    I’m far from the boule, but W.E.B Du Bouis has his concept of the Talented Tenth. I agree with him on this (and many other accords).

    The majority part of all populations is rooted in laziness. From the Africans era of Algebra and Geometry/ basic Trigonometry to the European era of Calculus and Advanced Physics. 90% of the population didn’t contribute or were even knowledgeable much. You must understand to see the situation in a better stance.

    We must restrain ourselves on both halves of the dividend against a culture war. We need unity. We cannot erase our hip-hop culture no matter how bad or ugly it occasionally goes. Just except it as fact and move on, do not become too entangled emotionally. Hip-Hop is rough and course, yet so was our culture since 1980 and before that. (Paper Bag test, Red light districts, Hippies, Freaknic(s), N word etc.). One can only be to mad at a constant for so long. Inquiring young lad, you are probably are asking for solutions. There is none. We cannot all be saved. Did Jesus not say most people are going to hell or some language close to that?

    Trevo’s opposition scores some key pointers that I believe are being overlooked. You are blaming Black people from being simply “Americans” in a post-black era. One could blame Africans for selling us at first to the white man. But what culture or people DIDNT do that? You are falling into the argument you used against the Black Panther movie’s promotion on racial separation. Race ITSELF is separation as this article clearly shows. Let us not retrofit “Victim Mentality” into the aggressive vanguard of racial policing and enforcement. If that hasn’t straightened us by now, one might ponder what will?

    Trevo, as a weekly subscriber I am beyond disappointed at your repeated usage of “niggers”, yet you blame the same said usage when applied by your enemies. How on earth could you apply “nigger” to blacks (whether good or “bad” blacks) and be mad when someone calls you a coon? Venture far from being hypocrite brother.

    You have in turn, fallen sway to the “Hoteps” in using such foul language that was often the last thing our ancestors heard before being raped or beaten. I cannot and will not co-sign that. YOU shouldn’t either. WE AREN’T BLACK and most surely aren’t any WORSE words.

    Many of these”Hoteps” that promote that language DO NOT have the Community in their hearts. Not to mention the unspeakable horrors in how they attack Christianity. We are already losing the cultural war to secularism, outright atheism, Islam, and Hotep related Cults. But that is a different issue we will discuss later brother.

    I commend both Trevo Craw and his opposition for presenting an excellent (without the language) debate on the Afro-American Population.

  12. Trevo Craw says:

    Please stop and WATCH THIS VIDEO

  13. Forita Lawson E says:

    Hey Freedom Alive ad Self Hate Destroyer, you are true niggers and you proved it with your responses. Do you think before you talk? Do you even know who your dad’s were? And you are so wrong. Go back in the cave where you find solace.

  14. Freddy J says:

    Positivity you are the absolute opposite. Why is this man stupid? I see almost 100 people like his article and they have the guts to look at what is reality.

    Yet you say a few words to do nothing but insult him. Who the f… are you? Where is the stuff you wrote? You are a sad case.

  15. FoxWork says:

    Thanks for this article.
    Hard words but facts we need to hear.

  16. Sheila T says:

    I work at an HBCU and the truth hurts but its the truth. I shared this article with several honest people I know in the black community and they agreed with the writer. So do I. And ignoring the truth will never change them Positivity. You kid yourself. And Self Hate Destroyer are you really about self hate? Then how can you spew so much of it out of your mouth? You are your brother’s keeper and I suggest you do unto others ……

  17. Jonnah Stevenson says:

    I hear ya Trevo.

    The ignorant cannot hear you because they won’t.
    You are not a coon because you look at the problems honestly then stand up for what is right. For real change.

    But niggers like Self Hate Destroyer and others walking in darkness would rather go after the messenger than examine the message. It has always been like that for the over 60 years I have watched our people.

    I have read your other articles on this site and I see how they have reached people to make a difference. Keep going. Thank you.

  18. Shaw Excellence says:

    Tara I concur. It’s obvious the niggers are those against the truth. I hear the writer and the brainwashed people coming at him have no points, only negativity. They are not facing anything because the safety of their world is about hiding in denial. Yes denial.

    To Trevo, be encouraged because the real coons have no idea what they are. They come at you instead of hearing the truth. It scares them and they hate those parts of themselves.

    I have been involved in civil rights causes for over 30 years and I have learned that people like Trevo can get alot done. Others just criticize, run from the truth and make a lot of noise.

    Trevo keep doing what you are doing. The right people are hearing you.

  19. Tara Holmes says:

    The author of this piece is on point. It is clear that those he spoke of as detrimental to our people are those attacking him because they are offended. If you are offended then change or be honest and admit it. Don’t hide behind immaturity and throw pebbles. You are not changing anything and you are really just looking bad Positivity, Freedom Alive and Self Hate Destroyer. Do you guys even know what those words mean?

  20. Trevo Craw says:

    To Positivity,
    How is it positivity for you to start off with insults and immature name-calling? You are defeating your position and proving my point at the same time. Why does a man who speaks the truth and faces the mirror of our community have to be a coon? You could not be more wrong. So while I am leading marches, feeding people, writing, conducting seminars and lecturers and entrepreneur programs for the AA community, what are you doing?

    You took all that time to read this article just to say a few words of small minded insults that neither refuted nor disproved anything I said? Really? That is a shame on your part. Maybe I hit the nigger nail on the head and rang your bell. Nice try but try offering an honest look at the problems our communities face then adding solutions instead of insults that contradict your screen name.

  21. Trevo Craw says:

    To Freedom Alive,

    First by your screen name you should know its my right to freely say what I know. Secondly, I am glad over 90 people who like this article do not think like you. The fact is that white people had to create the HBCUs I specified. If you don’t like that, take it up with them. And better yet, are you building one? I thought not. Thus my point is well taken.

    Secondly while you say “its the breed like me” you also need to know the “breed” like me is changing communities, police departments and academic institutions for the better. What are you doing other than talking? Actually making noise.

    You spent so much time unsuccessfully trying to refute what I was saying that you could not hear what I was saying. You are one who yet again proves my point. And you get offended because I just described you unfavorably. Your analysis is weak and you have yet to refute anything.

    Meanwhile there are almost 100 people who are awake, listening and honest about the problems i the AA community and what needs to change. I don’t here any solutions from you. I am curious what you are doing for the community, against police brutality and how many people you fed out of your own pocket last week. If you want to compare numbers just let me know. Otherwise you are simply a noise maker and thus a part of the problem who simply brings insults to cover your denial of the truth.

    I am not your son and its not about ego. Its about uplifting but first facing the truth and having the AA community take a long look in the mirror. As we remember Trayvon Martin, I was involved in rallies and productive means to address the issue for months. What were you doing other than hearing yourself talk?

    Because it is not about me I am not going to run down a resume. But know that people like me and those who apparently like this article are many more than you. And that is how we change the world.

  22. Positivity says:

    Sigh…Another stupid Conservative Self Hating Negro Coon. Always trying to over-harass his race.

    I actually knew a Black Republican who attacked black people, through blanket slurs and condemnation to all. Attacked hip-hop! etc. Snuggled up to white boi cop murderers killing our ppl left and right.

    His career ended when my wife caught him slurping that white cock, literally…. in a gay establishment.

    There is a 67% Trevo Craw is slurping white cock as we speak.

    Look at his name “Trevo” and “Craw” he can’t help it, his Southern Coonified Absentee Daddy probably did the same thing.

    Suck hard Fuck Nigga! Suck Hard

  23. FreedomAlive says:

    Trevo Craw, sir you come off as thou-who-protests too much.
    Lets take the “did I say tear down colleges” you are in reality not giving them credit by saying “white people built them”. As if maintaining as the black brother above says means nothing.

    Dozens of people like the article. All 3 of them? I know 60 people who would disagree from your content. What have YOU done? Please list your accomplishments. I’m not being sarcastic I mean it. You(and people like yourself) have probably done very little in comparison with 100 Black Men of Atlanta that you sighted nor the NAACP. Scholarships for black lgbt/black youth from the Democratic party.

    Its the breed like you that are similar to the Joker of the Hotep community Umar Johnson. “I’m the Greatest!!!” “The Most Requested!!!” Do not fall victim to your own ego son. Maybe you teach brothers a small synopsis on Entrepreneurship a couple days of week and are a counselor. We need more ardent followers and strong individuals. Counselors are cheap and you can go on youtube for entrepreneurship if you really crave it (or technical school which has seen a dramatic uptake in African Americans, particularly male.)

    To Recap what he said.

    Your stance on police brutality is sadly mistaken and many conservatives are counting on that to keep murdering us. My tax dollars go to police officers not some thug on the street. That wherein lies the priority. I am not responsible for every other person in my race…the crack epidemic proved that. So did integration/selling off to many white people. My dear beloved brother you cannot seem to understand, EVERY RACE has its low-lives and garbage. Your logic is similar to ObamaCare in which we punish the middle class over the poor. Stop grouping us together son. Just stop it.

    Successful brothers (entrepreneurs) listen to hip-hop (even the shady parts to). Hmm.. Well get into that later. What about Rock and Metal? Lots of sex, destruction, killing etc. Yet thats never highlighted nor established. YOU (in general and personally) are trained by the establishment to always over critic anything produced by blacks and African Americans and is of our culture. What about the T.I’s, JayZ’s, Ice Cubes etc. Hip Hop has led to countless Entrepreneurs where they LIKELY wouldn’t be any.

    Its also true, Hip-Hop has progressively been getting better according to several source counters. Less drug phrases, less murder phrases per popularity of an artist. I have been a streaming aggregator(i.e soundclouds) and can confirm this.

    Where is absolute personal responsibility? Whatever you listen to doesn’t REALLY matter. Its an excuse, that does laying underneath. I know many blacks that listen to raw unfiltered hip-hop and are successful right this very day. They simply overcame. You can’t brainwash me to “rape” a woman or commit “crime”. Personal Responsibility is again…ABSOLUTE. You can’t brainwash me to be a failure.

    To not get off on a tangent. Where in the hell is your solution to stop the music industry? Why does it take another person to even list positive rap models? Where are your protests against it? Why don’t you highlight the alternative/opposition? We’ve had millions of articles criticizing hip hop. This merely serves as the milliionth and one. Simply “don’t listen to rap”, won’t suffice anymore then reagens “just say no” to drugs. Its too overly simplistic

    You really need to list what you have done and my listeners who tune in can respond and evaluate your credentials based on that. Otherwise you come of as some typical loud mouth critic like Bill Cosby. (A man admitting to drugging women and has a shady source of funding and a shady educational record at best). Of course he can shuck and jive and sell you a dream as a doctor and you can criticize.

    I am asking for receipts. Prove me wrong, but I think you’re of “those” Negroes. If you aren’t I offer my sincerest condolences.


  24. Trevo Craw says:

    To The Readers,
    Self Hate Destroyer does not understand the value of our ancestors and that we carry both their genetics and their legacy if we will only step up. What I call a call to greatness is seen by people like him who walk in darkness as an insult. He can offer nothing but anger, insults and noise. Read his comments and see for yourself. Where is the substance? Where are his solutions? How can he set anybody including himself free from self hate when he bashes a brother who brings the strong medicine of the truth?

    This guy fears the truth because it hurts. It exposes what he is hiding in the darkness and taps him on the shoulder. It confronts him with the misery of who he is. And when it calls upon him to be honest, he chooses insults and denial. So for those of you who can hear, you know what is happening and thank you.

  25. Trevo Craw says:

    And Self Hate Destroyer
    You have no idea how much I have done against police brutality. You really should be quiet and read my other articles. I am impressed that you can read but I am unimpressed because you lack understanding. Right now you are not only proving my point (Nigger), but you are also playing right into the hands of those you wish to battle because your funky attitude will guide your approach. You likely lack accountability and want to blame others. Try the mirror.

  26. Trevo Craw says:

    To SelfHate Destroyer,

    First of all you don’t know what you are talking about. But your small minded insults prove you are one of the niggers I am talking about. That is why you are offended – ignorance and lack of identity. Thanks for proving my point over and over with your comments.

    I could answer and shut down everything you just said but why waste time when you cannot hear me anyway. The reason you are offended to the point of insults is because i hit the Nigger nail on the head in your case and it bothers you. Obviously you think you are black because you cannot tell the difference between black and brown. Try placing your hand next to your car tires and then attempt to understand.

    You make what are called straw man arguments like tearing down colleges. Did I say that? No. Then you talk about white on white crime but that is just denial of the point – yet you want to destroy self hate? You cannot do that with denial and a lack of understanding in the first place.

    KillMonger in Black Panther was African American, primarily of direct African descent. So your point is based on inaccuracy. I don’t bash “black” people, I tell the truth that sets people free. It cannot set you free because you simply hide your ignorance and inability to hear with anger and insults. Or did all that just go over your head?

    I have a long resume of helping African Americans. I wonder what you have done and for whom? Or do you just want to hear yourself talk and write and pretend to be somebody when you are not? Fortunately DOZENS of people who outnumber you actually like this article – and the others I have written with HUNDREDS OF LIKES. But it’s not about me nor you hearing yourself talk.

    I consider it an honor to speak to those who listen and can hear. You are not one of them so just have the decency to move on. Your arguments are angry rantings that do not refute anything I have said in the article with any sort of evidence. You did not analyze the problem and you did not offer solutions. So what good did you do? Exactly, NONE.

  27. SelfHateDestroyer says:

    As if a Schizophrenic Instagram-whore you change up, actually using the word “black” from which several articles back you expose hatred for only putting in in “quotes” instead. Then you actually say the word that dehumanized our ancestors to point out the “bad people”. I apologize to them but you really are a bed-buck. You low down self-hating, over-critiquing, Bill-Cosby, Sheriff Clarke Sambo Negro Hyper-Coon.

    Trevo Craw, pro-police violence jigaboo. Now we are dividing celebrities into “good and bad”. What the hell? They are all ACTORS. Are you confused? Just completely ignore the white community. Ignore their hidden statistics in poor areas and red states. Its all on us eh? You love, flourish in viciously attacking us. The spotlight and magnifying class is always pointed toward the negro. Always focusing on the Bad. You are using the same logic/reason why black women are stereotyped as ghetto. You are using the logic/reason why Hoteps drop Desert Storm type verbal bombs on Christianity.

    Wow this coon loves to talk. Jive-Turkey and a Porch monkey for the white man eh? Of course we listen to this music. Its our culture its the mid 1980’s, 1990’s. You can’t just blanket-drop blame an entire race for something that has happened for ages. Your short attention span type autistic ass can’t realize there is a process. Your same logic is the reason why negroes are complaining Obama is a part of the system. DID YOU EXPECT KILLMONGER TO GIVE YOU REPARATIONS?! I introduce and see many young brothers jamming to Dee 1, Immortal Techinique, Christian Rap, Lupe Fiasco, Positive Rappers, Rock, Metal, Dubstep etc. Yet like the Uncle Tom coon swindler Bill Cosby you want to blame and spit on us and not the process itself. Its 2018, Black People are extremely diverse get your head out of the 1994 sand. Come up with something positive and new. What happened to personal responsibility. If Jamal wants to listen to Young Jeezy then actually act that out (unlike many successful black men listening to trap music). THATS NOT MY FAULT. Stop grouping me in. Stop this “hive” mentality. We are INDIVIDUALS.

    What do you expect us to do on the college-factor “brother”? Burn them down and make new ones? Create a college market that doesn’t even exist in the real world? Be mad at the NAACP despite funding the teachers, scholarships, education, science, events, and charity. YOU are the one with the liberal hand me down mindset. You just mad at black people just to be mad you coon nigga. Real Grass roots work, not some corporate board member you are reverse-subtly longing for. You hypocritical coon.

    What about White on White Crime? Dick Gregory said it best, you KILL WHERE YOU LIVE FOOL. 89% of Whites are killed…..wait for it…by other WHITES. The number is 94% for blacks but whats the difference?! All you are doing is reciting white supremacist talking points in dismissing or lessening the fact we are paying TAXPAYER MONEY on police that kill us. You are blaming the entire African American Community on a few pesky criminals?!? Again you good-for-nothing Coon.

    Abortion? Were are the morals god-given with Christianity, within our society? Obviously that shit stopped working since the 1980’s, even before that on the low. All you seek is mindless authority. PEOPLE DON’T NEED TO BE TOLD WHAT TO DO. Stop putting all of us in a box. This is atheistic logic. If you need to be told to be a good person THEN YOU ARENT A GOOD PERSON. So according to you we need to be like Red-State-Trump-Vermin and form committees and anti-abortion gatherings on why black women shouldn’t murder their fetus children. HOW ARE YOU GOING TO CONVINCE A MOTHER WHO WANTS TO MURDER HER CHILD?! Its very black and white. Yes double logic here, EVERY race does abortion. Yet you lambust the entire African American community for an American trait?!?! What happened to individual responsibility? Fuck you oreo black basher negro.

    Weed is not even the primary drug destroying African Americans. If used responsibly its does no harm to you. You might as well go after Alcohol in its entirety. Are you questionable of “causal” drinkers as well from a middle class family? WHAT HAPPENED TO PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY? Should we ban Sugar as well? You sound like liberals protesting against guns. Yep, you sound just as dumb as that (if not more).

    We are not our ancestors in america. The LGBT, Poly-Relationships, Islam and Atheism is a proof of that. Wait, you’ll probably bash those too.

    Our long-ago Ancestors weren’t Christian (or Abrahamic) and had multiple wives and had sex at ages younger then 14. Should we be like them too? Beat and Burn womens breasts and clits in the Cameroon countryside even today? Enough of this ancestor straw man argument. I love my ancestors but I’m not them. Just like my parents I will not live in their shadows. I am different. Yes, I shed my black culture and morals the same way “ancestor worship” was sacrificed for Jesus Christ.

    Get over it. One day 10,000 years from now human culture and even biology will be unrecognizable from what you see now.

    You just love and exist to bash black people. As we change to 2020, Black People are no different then White People culturally.

    Stop believing the hype.

  28. Trevo Craw says:

    To Quickshae,

    Because you cannot dispute anything in the article, all you can muster up in your thoughts is to bring forth an insult? Really? Maybe you should try reading the article again and then looking in the mirror.

    There is no “coonery” in the truth. You are just sound asleep and don’t even know it. Or did I speak too fast for you?

  29. Quickshae says:

    I’ve read the article and you sir are a coon.

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