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Has ADHD Become a Crutch.

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( There are children in the black community that seriously do suffer with ADHD. They have trouble in classrooms, and no matter how hard they are working the grades and academic hardship reflects the condition. Some of them have serious social challenges due to the ADHD; it takes patience, routine and in many cases medication to help the child reach their potential. Though ADHD poses challenges to some children of our community, but it does not render them helpless, and in many instances, they are still able to function.

With that being said it is necessary to note there seems to be a push in some schools to steer the parents of black boys down the path of ADHD. Unfortunately, in some cases this has become a crutch whereby typical child behavior is seen as a sign of ADHD.

When parenting black boys, it is very careful to make sure our sons are not being mis-diagnosed as a result of a lack of structure and discipline at home. It is very important to note that discipline doesn’t have to be negative…it is not chastisement. Discipline is what is needed to consistently implement a routine of any sort. Parents must be careful not to let fatigue, and the troubles of life deter their parenting in the area of establishing order in the home.

Children require structure to be successful in their endeavors and it effects how they interact with others. Too often parents allow their children to be labeled as having ADHD because they can’t control their behavior in a home that lacks necessary structure. A 12 year old that hates taking out the trash, that has spats with a younger sibling, or doesn’t want to go do homework as soon as he comes home is behaving like most 12yr old children. We have to be mindful to remember that children don’t come here perfect…they have to be trained.

If we are not careful ADHD will become a crutch in our community specifically amongst our sons; they will grow up believing they are disabled and uncapable of stellar achievements. They don’t deserve to be trained by medication that could have other unpleasant side effects. It is not an easy decision as a parent to medicate ones’ children. With that we must understand there is an agenda in this society that will medicate our children to the point they lose the shine in their eyes. It is our job to protect their minds for as long as we can. ADHD medication is not an answer to getting a child under control if they don’t have the disability.

When our children face challenges to their mind, spirit or body we must seek the help that they need. Helping our children become strong individuals capable of thinking for themselves, with goals and structure is our duty and privilege as parents. Casting that responsibility off on medication, when it is not warranted, is not in the best interest of our children. It also sends them a message that we don’t believe in them and have given up on them. Our children are worth everything we have…without crutches.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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2 Responses to “Has ADHD Become a Crutch.”
  1. Marque Anthony says:

    BE VERY CAREFUL HOW YOU ALLOW YOUR CHILDREN TO BE LABELED. Labels follow them through high school, college and even further mentally. ADD and ADHD are severely over-diagnosed and mis-diagnosed in this country. Further, only a Psychometrist can make such an assessment through a battery of tests – not a doctor and not a school teacher.

  2. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    Go back and read all of Frantz Fanon’s books to get a good understanding of western European psychiatry, and as far as it relates to African American mental illnesses. As far as I can tell, Fanon remains the only black psychiatrist globally who had the courage to systematically psychoanalyze those who continue to advance white supremacy on all fronts to include those who would label our children mentally ill in America.I doubt that any of those who marched in the streets for our civil rights with men like M.L. King, Jr ever had ADHD and now it is a mental illness listed in Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-5.Every African American should ask themselves where is the mental illness listing of white American racism, its treatment or cure listed in DSM-5 before they really trust their child’s diagnosis of ADHD, and the prescribing of debilitating psychotropic drugs.

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