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Top 5 Things That The “Uhuru Movement” Often Lies About.

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( When some people actually become members of the “Uhuru Movement”, they quickly start to realize over time that the “Uhuru Movement” isn’t what they always claim to be which has led to former members speaking out and exposing the cronyism, opportunistic greed, and corruption that’s very rampant within the organization.

Here are the top 5 things that the “Uhuru Movement” often lies about.

1. They are “the only revolutionary” party in existence – I noticed in some of the videos that I used to watch of them, one of the most downright and arrogant lies that they like to say is that they are the so-called “advanced detachment” of the revolution. But the reality is that they are are party that actually represents the same class that they claim to despise: the black bourgeoisie. An example of this is when a former member revealed that at The 2017 plenary, The so-called “Chairman” had stumbled and stuttered by admitting that all the party’s properties including the new “Uhuru House” in St. Louis are actually in his name. You would think that the party’s properties would benefit our community, but nope because the money that’s generated from those properties goes mostly to the so-called chairman and his family. There are several real black organizations that I won’t name that don’t rely nor thrive off of white dependency that are 1,000 times better than the “Uhuru Movement”.

2. They are not a political cult – They’ve said in past videos that they’re not a political cult, but this is a lie because a former member actually recorded a current member being instructed by his puppet master to retrieve a laptop until the lie of “three black girls died over a laptop” and then the former member even likened the organization to a political cult when describing in a former post on social media by saying, “I resigned because I started to realize that the longer I was in the movement, the more I was losing myself, my life, and my individuality.” That’s evidence that they are truly a political cult. This corrupt organization is a cult that will not only brainwash particularly young black people into their toxic and destructive way of thinking, but will chew you up when you’re useful to them and will spit you out once you’re no longer useful to them and like a rapper once said back in the day, “They’ll find a new n***a next year”.

3. They claim to be about “caring for one another” – former members have even come out and exposed the rampant corruption, cronyism, and counterinsurgent type slandering tactics that they personally witnessed during their time in the movement by saying, “I can’t speak to that. I do have experience with their authoritarianism that they use to kick out members and to get other members to hate them for whatever reason they made up. In my case, they posted on their website that I was assumed to be “working with the cops” to take down uhuru. Which was a complete lie and fabrication that they ran with to make me look bad. They even posted my one mugshot and used that old dropped charge to humiliate me.” Other former members said, “I resigned because I saw The Uhuru Movement harass, slander, and tear down the character of anyone who tried to leave.

People who they once called their “comrades”, people who they called their “favs” and even best friends turn into enemies for leaving. There’s no loyalty to anything or anyone. Anyone who leaves can explicitly state why they are resigning and The Uhuru Movement will create their own narrative about why they left and even lie to hurt someone’s character.” and even “Their own people inside the party are starving and scraping by just to eat, but are supposed to give up and sacrifice everything for a movement that doesn’t give anything back to our community and then they have their picks and chooses of who they’ll help and when.”

4. The money they raise “goes back into the community” – according to former members, this is a lie because they witnessed the opportunistic greed that’s very rampant within the organization by saying, “Everything we did was always something that made profit for the movement itself. “Things like Africans Charge Genocide, which I worked hard to get as many contacts as I could for were just used to promote events instead of what they were actually originally intended for.” “I have personally seen on many occasions the party raising hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars at singular events, but the members barely had any idea where or how the money was being invested.”

5. The funds for “The 3 Drowned Black Girls” campaign goes towards the “legal fees” – according to a former member that I spoke to a while back, this is also a lie because the former member told me that “most of the money raised doesn’t go where they say it does. We had countless fundraisers (some I personally led) to raise money for the not only the lawsuit but for a mother of one of the girls who was murdered by the police to actually get a vehicle and driving lessons and two years later no real legal action has happened and that mother is still walking home everyday.”

The Conclusion – The Uhuru Movement like BLM, NAACP, Urban League, and CBC are among the most corrupt and exploitative opportunistic organizations out there that are mostly funded by their surrogate white donors and I despise people and organizations in our community that rely and thrive off of white dependency. It disgusts me.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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