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7 Ways to Handle Mood Swings in Almost Any Situation.

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( One of the biggest questions in life is “how to handle my mood swings?” or “what is the therapy for mood swings?” The truth is it’s all inside of you. You don’t need external sources or events to feel happy and peaceful.

Mood swings are common and you can easily control mood swings. If you’re unable to do so, try these 7 ways to handle mood swings and practice only one or all of them for a week.

1. When you’re not in a mood to talk

Don’t pretend that you’re full of energy when you are feeling like screaming or avoiding someone. You don’t need to hide the fact that you’re having a mood swing and need some time to feel better. Don’t worry about disappointing people because you’ll bring them down if you keep talking to them in such mood.

You have all the rights to feel all the emotions regardless of their nature. You have the right to feel better, and you also have all the rights to feel sad. Next time when you’re having a mood swing and if someone asks you why, be honest and tell them that you don’t feel so great but you’ll feel better after a nap, walk, spending some time alone, or after taking a shower. Whatever suits you, but be real.

2. Move On To a Better Story

Stop telling yourself the same story over and over again. “He did this… then I told him what’s right… And that’s why it all happened.” How many times you feel like telling the same story in the head. When you deal with a mood swing, you keep repeating the same story in your head many times to justify your point. Don’t stay with that story for a long time.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re right or wrong because your mood swing is purely negative. Sit down, visualize yourself in a different story where you’re not a victim, not a part of the mess that just happened. Visualize yourself as a part of a beautiful story in which no one is taking your power away.

3. Buy Experiences

When people don’t feel good, they either want to sit peacefully or they just want to buy something. Putting your happiness in things like food, new clothes, accessories or gadgets doesn’t change you. What changes your mood and your life is an experience.

There’s a noticeable reflection of experiences in our lives. If you’re dealing with a bad emotion and want to change your feelings, buy some good experiences. If you want to put money into something then buy an experience because it will help you interact with new people, culture, and a different world.

4. Know that you already have the answer

Sometimes when we think too much, our knowledge and wisdom start disappearing. Deep inside we already have the answer but we can’t just see it clearly. When you feel like your mood swings are taking the control of your mind and heart, just ask yourself what’s the answer. Ask what your inner voice has to tell you about the situation.

It’s all about being self-aware enough to listen to what your inner voice is trying to tell you. Most of the time we know what a wise person would do but a fear stops us from acting in the same way. If you want to get rid of such feelings, find that answer as it resides within you.

5. Write it down to get through it

When you get it outside of yourself, you get to see it from a different viewpoint. You give it a new shape on paper. It’s a process to interrupt the cycle of overthinking. Set a timer and write about your mood and don’t stop until you feel that there’s nothing left to say.

When you offload your thoughts, the mind becomes clearer and it makes you feel peaceful inside. There’s one more reason why it is important to write your thoughts on a paper. When you reread the stuff you’ve written, you get to see some patterns and in this way, you can figure out the root cause of problems.

6. Allowing yourself to grow

Chasing perfection is wise but be honest and see if you’re putting a lot of pressure on yourself to always do everything perfectly or to always feel happy. Sometimes, we just ignore our mood swings and don’t pay attention to them because we don’t want to look silly. We want to look mature and stable even if we are not feeling stability in our thoughts.

Be proud of yourself that you know that it’s just a mood swing and you’re willing to control it with baby steps. Your consistent willingness to come out of such mood swings is strong enough to take you out of the emotions you don’t want to feel again.

7. Let go of what you can’t control

People-pleasing is a trap, but many of us take it as a responsibility and we believe that we can just say all the good things and everyone around us will be happy. Even if you can’t see it, you’re pressurizing yourself. Remember, if your mood swings are a result of someone else’s thoughts and actions, stop thinking now.

You can’t control what others think and do. You’re responsible for your own actions, intentions, and thoughts. You are not responsible for everyone and everything else. And remember, even if you try taking such responsibility, it’s a road to failure and you’ll fail.

Are you ready to practice these ideas? Are you ready to allow yourself to grow and develop good qualities? Share your thoughts in comments.

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