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The Truth of Genesis: The Two Witnesses.

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( On July 16 1994, through July 22 1994, there were 21 impacts upon the planet Jupiter. Comet Shoemaker/Levy 9, which was fragmented into 21 large chunks, traveling in a near straight line, impacted upon Jupiter for seven days. The impacts averaged about 18 hours apiece. It was the first known comet that was seen to orbit a planet.

Assuming that the spectacle was a warning sign from Yehovah, the 21 impacts meant that in 21 years from the date the impacts started, a certain event would begin. That event was defined by the seven days the impacts lasted, meaning the seven year countdown would begin.

The seven days of the impacts began on the Hebrew calendar date of the fifth month (Av) and the ninth day of that month, which was July 16 1994. Twenty-one Hebrew years from that date was Sunday July 26, 2015. The half-way (3 ½ year) mark will be the ninth day of the eleventh month (Shevat), January 16 2019.

That being said, I would guess that the following four things will happen on or before that date. One, the 116th Congress of the United States may act against the best interest of the nation. Two, a man from Turkey will be in control of a three nation Middle East alliance, and seven more nations will willingly hand over control to him. Three, I expect that Enoch and Elijah will reappear in Jerusalem, at the Temple Mount. Four, the third Temple will begin to be built.

Yes, this is all a guess, but I’m convinced that Yehovah gave that sign in the heavens for a reason.Keep in mind that they are called “witnesses” because two witnesses are required to give their report of the renewed Moon to the High Priest, which would be Christ Jesus (Yeshua). If they are killed by the anti-Christ three days before the end of the sixth month (Elul), the following renewed Moon would be the start of the Day of Trumpets.

Staff Writer; Herman Cummings

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