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Our Environment Is Suffering Because Of You!

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(ThyBlackMan.comIt’s no secret the damage that is being done to our world. Whether we can help it or not, we’ve started an irreversible process that is threatening to destroy our world. Granted, it won’t be for millions of years, but to know the damage we’ve done could ruin something so beautiful as what was created is a sad thought to ponder on. So, despite hearing this, there are still things that we’re doing that is ruining our environment. We might not realise it, but some of the things can just be so damaging, even to the wildlife too! So, we’ve got some ways that you can change your ways to make sure you’re doing everything you can to preserve our world.

The Waste We Throw Away

This is one of the biggest problems to our environment. The amount of rubbish that lines so many streets is horrific, yet people will throw their rubbish on the floor when they’re merely 5 meters away from an actual bin. Some of the Key Stats ABC’s War On Waste show that we’re throwing away around 50,000 coffee cups in the normal bins rather than recycling. To put that into scale, the amount of coffee cups we throw away could circumnavigate the world two and a half time.

That is such a scary statistic, and it begs the question of is enough being done to make people aware of what can be recycled, and what is actually meant for the rubbish bin. Well, there have been so many worldwide campaigns for recycling, and the awareness is definitely higher than it was 10 years ago. But, there is more you can be doing to make sure you’re disposing of your waste in the right way. Always make sure you’re checking what can be recycled, and whatever you do, don’t litter!

The Way We Use Our Energy

The way we use our energy is not healthy for the environment at all. So many homes are using power nearly 24/7, and they often don’t even need to. For example, during the night certain people will leave their TV’s on all night, even whilst asleep. Not only does this make your electricity bill go sky high, it’s also damaging the environment due to the increased amount of power that is needed the generate the electricity. If you want to protect the environment at the same time as saving yourself some money, you should really look at solar power. It costs a fair bit to initially install, but it’s so worth it in the long run.

The Cars We Drive

These have long been one of the biggest issues that we suffer with. The levels of C02 that a car emits is still high, despite there being laws and regulations that manufacturers have to follow. This is just burning a hole in our ozone layer, heating the earth up, and ruining our environment. If you would be willing to, we would recommend getting an electric car to save yourself money in the long run, and to save our environment.

Staff Writer; Paul Jones

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