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Fathers are Important.

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( “My dad was never around. My dad’s a deadbeat. My mom says my daddy didn’t want to be involved.” Are just some of the thoughts that come out of the mouth some young ladies when being raised by a single mother. Married, single, or divorced it does not matter, fathers are important.

As the saying goes, “there are somethings only a mother can teach a daughter and there are somethings only a father can teach a son.” The same is also true for fathers and daughters, “there are many things only a father can teach his daughter.” A father may not be able to teach his daughter how to be a young lady, however he can teach his daughter the way a lady is supposed to be treated. A father can teach her how to carry herself when in the presence of a men.

Father’s are one of the first people to help their daughters gain confidence, meaning they put their daughters on higher pedestals, and expect so much more from them than anyone can imagine. They also give their daughters a higher perspective on how she views herself when she looks in the mirror, creating her self- image and increasing her self-esteem.

They give daughters a totally different perspective of men than women. He shows his daughter the type of man, and role model his, future son in law should be. Granted not all ladies will have the same outlook on their future as their fathers do and that is ok, in a long run though it makes fathers feel good when they know they were a part of something so special.

Fathers can also help their daughters to avoid abusive relationship by modeling how a man is supposed to treat his lady. It is often said, “you look at the way a man treats his mother and that is how he will treat his wife.” Daughters are shown how a man is supposed to protect her and stand by her side. To respect every aspect of his lady such as her body, mind, and intelligence. A father shows his daughter the role of a man when living as a family. Take out the trash, keep up with lawn care, and simply be the man of his house.

A father is also a key component of his daughters support system. It is important for a father to be there for his daughter at the brink of puberty. A father is important because he tells his daughter what to expect of young men that are also going through puberty. He gives her warning signs, he tells his daughter exactly how the guy thinks in order for her to give in. A father shall never shy away when his daughter is going through puberty. This is the time when she needs him the most.

Fathers are a very important piece to the puzzle in their daughters’ life. No matter the stories about fathers, they always a special place in their daughter heart. Daughters need their fathers. Given some circumstances when dads are not present for whatever reason, it is still crucial for a young lady to look up to a positive male role model.

As stated before a father can teach a daughter a lot about life from a male perspective that a mother will never be able to teach.

Staff Writer; Sha’Nelle V. Harris

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