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Directions Which Fathers Can Push Their Daughters Toward.

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(ThyBlackMan.comNo matter what life throws at us no job is more difficult and important than being a father. Modern day society has unfortunately meant that more and more fathers and dads are being cast aside. As the welfare state has been introduced and grown into such a colossal size, it’s become financially feasible to be a single parent. It doesn’t matter who is the parent the majority of the time, the policies of governments for decades has been to make sure that a single income household can raise children.

Now, this may have been done due to the need to be responsible when the parents have not been, but it has also meant something else far worse. Fathers have been given the cold shoulder. In family courts, it’s the mother who is deemed to be the better parent naturally, and thus our kids are ripped from us. If we don’t want our daughters to be single mothers, there are directions that we can push them so that they may live a life of achievement and be connected with humanity.

A figure of inspiration

When we’re young, we look up to our parents because, in our eyes, they’re the coolest thing since sliced bread. However, we must be real with ourselves and accept that sometimes children don’t want to be like their parents. For better or for worse, you can encourage this behavior as it’s a sign of independent thought. One of the professions that are respected the world over is nursing. A registered nurse is a basic role that all hospitals need to function.

However, with a qualification that shifts the person from RN to BSN means they can have a hands-on effect wherever they work. With this degree, you can play both a role in the way a hospital is run and the sociopolitical policies that play a huge role in how local communities are given care. If a young girl can see your daughter playing an active role in the community for its betterment, that would be her figure of inspiration when she has no other.

Independent economics

Nations that can stand on their own two feet will give the next generation of their people a better life than they had. The exact same philosophy can and should be adopted in local communities. One way you can push your daughters to become successful is to start a small business. Being an entrepreneur frees you from taking orders from other people and truly putting your heart’s desires first. The perks of starting a small business are almost always designed towards promoting growth in many ways. The socioeconomic status of a location where business is thriving can alter the standard of living for so many people. Small enterprises are also the lowest taxed businesses which means the harder you work, the more money you earn and keep. Additionally, to become an inspiration to others, you can also employ local people to work for you meaning that the money is circulated within the community.

The most important thing in life you can do is to give your children your full support in whatever they do to improve their lives. With boys, we kind of know what directions they may want to go, but as fathers, there is an inherent boundary with our daughters. We need to treat them as we would our sons, in the fact that we give them the drive and inspiration to chase their goals no matter what gets in their way.

Staff Writer; Greg Brown

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