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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Frank Marshall Davis And The Communist Roots Of Barack H. Obama!

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( THE name FRANK MARSHALL DAVIS appeared early in the first presidential campaign of OBAMA but was quickly dismissed and hidden by the media and now after the OBAMA presidency is finally over its a good time to re examine the life of FRANK MARSHALL DAVIS because not only did he lead a interesting life but his legacy and work has a lot to do with black AMERICAN politics today,we black AMERICAN’S didn’t get a good political education and we’ve paid dearly for this because now that the country has been completely politically and racially divided and we find ourselves as foot soldiers in another people’s revolution who’s trying to overthrow the very society that our ancestors died for and help to build and we’re doing all this without any assurances or knowledge of what their future society holds for us.


SOME men are neglected by history and their real impact and contributions to the world go mostly ignored FRANK MARSHALL DAVIS was one of those people, FRANK was a poet , newspaper writer and editor he authored many books, he was a political activist and was the contemporary of black literary giants like MARGARET WALKER, LANGSTON HUGHS and RICHARD WRIGHT, they formed the SOUTHSIDE WRITERS GROUP in 1936 which later became known as the CHICAGO RENAISSANCE, he was a photographer and a JAZZ historian who taught the first JAZZ history class in the country in 1945 at the ABRAHAM LINCOLN school in CHICAGO and was close friends of PAUL ROBESON and VERNON JARRETT the father in law of VALERIE JARRETT, FRANK was no lightweight .

FRANK was also a hardcore communist and at a time when it took great bravery and sacrifice to be a communist , the FBI had FRANK under investigation or surveillance for 19 years compiling a 600 page dossier on him, the FBI even put him under the ‘SECURITY INDEX A’ meaning he would be immediately arrested in event of a national emergency, in 1956 he was subpoenaed by the SENATE SUB COMMITTEE ON UN AMERICAN ACTIVITIES were pleaded the fifth and refuse to answer if he was a communist he was then advised by his friend and fellow communist PAUL ROBESON to move to HAWAII where he was recruited to write for the communist newspaper HONOLULU RECORD IN 1948 he wrote a column titled ‘FRANK-LY SPEAKING, FRANK never hid his political views from anyone because he would tell everyone around him ‘…I worked with all kinds of groups communist ,socialist and liberals ,my sole criteria is this are you with me in my determination to wipe out white supremacy!’…


IN 1946 FRANK married 23 Y/O HELEN CANFIELD a blond model 18 years younger than himself, he met her at his photography studio in CHICAGO that he opened for black’s and white’s they had 5 children all born in HAWAII and I might add they all have a striking resemblance to OBAMA.

ONCE in HAWAII FRANK and HELEN met a white AMERICAN family the DUNHAM’S who also just arrived in HAWAII from KANSAS the home state of FRANK they discovered that they lived within 50 miles of each in other in KANSAS but never met they would often have long conversations about how segregated KANSAS was at the time, the couple had a young daughter with them named ANN.

KEEP in mind that at this time HONOLULU was a leftist paradise and there was a lot of free love and free sex especially interracial and FRANK and HELEN were right in the middle of it because like a lot of black communist, socialist and artist of his day FRANK had a obsession with white women.

IN one of his novels titled ‘SEX REBEL BLACK: MEMOIRS OF A GASH GOURMET’ that he wrote under a pen name but later admitted it was autobiographical FRANK wrote that he and his wife led a swinging lifestyle and had sex with a young girl named ANN multiple times.

FRANK was also a professional photographer he specialized in nude women he called his photo’s ‘horizontal cameos’he sold these photo’s to bondage and fetish magazines like ‘ BIZARRE LIFE’ , BATTLING BABES’ and ‘SECRET PLEASURES’ he also documented each photographed girl with a poem that was published in a book titled ‘BLACK MOODS’ the second poem in the book is dedicated to a girl named ANN.


ANN DUNHAM graduated from MERCER ISLAND HIGH SCHOOL in WASHINGTON ST in 1960 and her family had moved to HAWAII in that same year , one year later in 1961 OBAMA was born, she would’ve just turned 18 and FRANK would have been 56.


AFTER HELEN and FRANK divorced in 1970 neighbors of his said OBAMA was a weekly visitor upon the request of his mother ANN , OBAMA described these visits in his semi autobiographical book ‘DREAMS FROM MY FATHER’ OBAMA wrote ‘ by the time I met FRANK he must have been was pushing 80 he had a dewlapped face and a ill kept gray afro that made him look like an old shaggy maned lion he would read us poetry whenever we stopped by his house, sharing whiskey with gramps out of a old jelly jar, as the night wore on the two would solicit my help in composing dirty limericks eventually the conversation would turn to laments about women’.[pg. 76. 77. ]

FRANK is mentioned frequently by name throughout the book he must of had a profound influence on OBAMA’ S life as you would expect , remember OBAMA was a fatherless young bi racial boy at the time and would’ve needed a black man to talk to FRANK was a very charismatic, talented and intelligent man and had a lot of life experience to share with the young OBAMA whom he knew was his son, OBAMA’S mother understood this and left instructions that he spend time with FRANK when she left OBAMA in her parents care OBAMA would have gotten his racial and political identity from FRANK.

OBAMA said FRANK ‘schooled him on white racism’ and told him ‘ black people have a reason to hate so get used to’ and he stated in his book ‘ they’ll train you so good you’ll start believing what they tell you about equal opportunity and the AMERICAN way and all that sh*t’.

BUT that’s not the worst of it FRANK was a skilled propagandist and a high ranking member of the ‘communist workers party USA as well as a ‘STALINIST’ and his writing reflect this he launches vicious attacks against the U.S . its foreign policy and race relations , he hated AMERICA to its core and like most black communist he bought the lie and believed that the SOVIET UNION was a paradise when he wrote’ the SOVIET UNION had abolished racism and discrimination in one generation’, the people that FRANK represent don’t wish to change AMERICA they want her dead.

THIS article is not written about OBAMA personally because nobody get to choose their parents or about communism and besides all this information is 10 years old, this article is about we black AMERICANS and our careless politics, I been doing this a long time I have never witness in my life black people actually knowing what we were voting for , we have always been someone’s flunky and fool for the last 50 years and now were caught in a giant fight not between two political party’s but two political ideology’s and its a fight to the death , we all must make a choice now and I made mine because if its between the crazy left and white nationalism I’LL choose white nationalism any day.

Staff Writer; Robert Jordan

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4 Responses to “Frank Marshall Davis And The Communist Roots Of Barack H. Obama!”
  1. @MARK DAVIS you and I will just have to disagree on the merits of the researchers and the value of their work because what your telling me to do is not believe my lying eyes and besides I did not write the article to judge your old man in fact the more I read about him the more he reminded me of close relatives of mine because I was raised by political people all of my articles are written to my people in hope that we become more careful with our votes and who they politically support.

    THANKS for the correspondence you seem to be a very good brother I wish you well!

  2. Mark Davis says:

    I am Franks’s son, but NOT Obama’s brother. The so-called “researchers of FRANK’S communist history” produced BOGUS research, also known as disinformation. It was MY research (see COMMENTS after basic WaPo story), conducted AFTER the 2008 “Obama’s Communist Mentor” nonsense, that allowed the Washington Post to dismiss that narrative with THREE Pinocchio’s!

  3. @ MARK DAVIS its obvious that the term ‘ hardcore communist ‘ is subjective because if the FBI has you under surveillance and investigation for 19 years and then compile a 600 page dossier and then place you on a list of immediate arrest in a national emergency , they surely must have taken him seriously.

    IT’S strange that you referenced the WAPO article written by MICHELLE LEE because she wrote her article based upon information about FRANK that was published 7 years prior, she was coming to this story very late , in fact she met with the actual researchers of the information about FRANK that was published in 2007 one year before OBAMA’S first election.

    THE researchers of FRANK’S communist history actually recorded them giving MICHELLE LEE the information that they found and published in the article prior to MICHELLE LEE or WAPO’S interest in the story WAPO is not a fact checker they helped hide the story they’re part of the establishment.

    AND by the way if your the same MARK DAVIS , FRANKS son mentioned in the article you could clear up a lot confusion by telling us if you’re OBAMA’S brother or not.

  4. Mark Davis says:

    “Hardcore communist”? Not even close. He was closet member who never admitted his membership in public, nor did he ever advocate communism.

    Further, “Obama’s Communist Mentor” propaganda has been debunked with THREE “Pinocchio’s” by the WaPo Fact Checker at . This is the same Washington Post that awarded Obama FOUR Pinocchios for another claim, and which hosts conservative columnists George Will, Charles Krauthammer, Michael Gerson, and Jennifer Rubin, which clearly illustrates that they are NOT in Obama’s pocket!

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