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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Ask These 7 Questions To Discover Your Passions.

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( It’s so frustrating when someone says “do what you love” or “follow your passions”, especially when you are clueless about what your true passions are. This is not something we can just learn and implement, passions are what make us different and unique. It’s not always about having a passion for artistic things such as painting, singing, drawing or writing books.

Sometimes a passion can be something plain and simple, and may sound very ordinary to others. So what? It’s your passion, and it will be with you and keep you happy throughout your life. Here are 7 questions that you must ask yourself to discover your passions. And next time when someone tells you to follow your passions, tell them that yes, that’s what you do.

1. What’s your primary consideration?

Ask yourself what is your primary consideration? Is it finance, or your curiosity? When you start something, for example, a business, your primary consideration is what makes you take big decisions throughout your journey. If you are focused on money or keeping your finances in order, or giving yourself all the luxuries from the beginning, you will be limiting your options. You will impose a limit on what you can do out of your comfort zone. To do what you want to do in life, your primary consideration must be something which can put you in power so that you can get whatever you want on your own terms, not on the terms of situations you face.

2. What do you want to follow?

Even though you are not having a clear vision for your future, there are probably many things you are curious about. Ask yourself what you want to follow in your life. Do you want to follow your curiosity or you want to follow a path approved by your friends or parents? There are times when we just look at the different industry trends. We start feeling that if we could just jump into a particular field and master it, it would be amazing. But later we drop the idea because we find no one to help us reach there or we find other easy things which can fulfill our daily needs. Always remember, your interest can take you from zero to the top and doing what you don’t like will keep you where you are.

3. How do you want to be defined?

How do you define yourself and how do you want to be defined after one year or five? Don’t just say that you want financial freedom or you just want to buy everything you have ever dreamt about. Define yourself and know how you want to be defined. Some people define limits to avoid responsibilities and also to limit the number of expectations others can have from them. If the same is done by choice then it’s really good, but if you really want to grow, don’t limit your potential behind a title such as junior, assistant or associate. Your workplace may give you such title but don’t just limit yourself there.

4. Were you celebrated for some of your unique qualities as a child?

What was the thing that made you popular or feel special during your childhood? Your voice, your writing style, your poems, your drawings or your sporty nature? We all have something special. We all have the capability and we are reminded of it throughout our lives. You may have heard people complimenting you for your voice, your way of speaking, persuasiveness, confidence, fitness or ability to learn things quickly. Can you connect those special abilities to something that can not only remain a hobby for a lifetime but also work as a passion?

5. What is your heart telling you?

What your heart tells you is more important than anything. We can lie to anyone, we can lie to ourselves, but it is the most difficult thing. When we speak to ourselves from the heart, we can’t lie to ourselves and even if we do, deep inside we know what the truth is. Relax your senses, sit quietly for some time, achieve the state of unbiased mindfulness and ask yourself what your heart wants and what’s right for you. Look at yourself as a best friend and suggest what’s right for you.

6. How would you construct a career from what you like?

Your passions should be more than just hobbies. You can easily ditch a hobby and adopt a new one, but if your passion is transformed into something rewarding, you won’t feel the urge to ditch it because, in some of the other ways, it is fulfilling your needs and if you can build a career out of it, you will get to explore the true potential of your passions.

7. How would your ideal life look like?

If you want to see your passion designing your life or telling your life story, you need to get realistic about how your life will look like and how this could actually turn into reality. You must know what you would need to do in order to make that happen in reality. We always love new ideas but as soon as we start implementing them and they become a part of our life, we start looking for something new and then we just want to move out of the place we currently are. Life is all about exploring new things, but we can’t experiment the same with everything especially with our relationships and career. Do something that you will love to do even after 10 years. Don’t do things that can turn into something you will have to do.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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