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Hate Mondays? Try These Six Ideas To Have an Amazing Monday.

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( Many of us hate Mondays, but only a very less number of people are trying to change this behavior. It is hard changing your life because if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. The dream you have is possible, but you have to follow a certain path. It is always better to make changes in your life before your life starts forcing you to change. You can easily change how you end this day, this week, this month and the whole year. Here are 6 ideas that will change your Mondays for the good, forever.

1. Identify reasons

What makes you hate Mondays? Are you working on things you don’t like? If this has been the case since long then you must take a moment to think about it. If you are not enjoying a Monday, then it’s not something you can just ignore or just accept. It could be a sign that you are working on things that make you unhappy.

You hate your job and you need to fix it as soon as possible or you should find a new job. There is always a reason and it can be anything. For example a coworker you don’t like to work with, a boss, or the task list that doesn’t challenge you anymore. Having a clear idea of what is bothering you can be really helpful in finding solutions. You have to improve the situation instead of living with it.

2. Prepare ahead

Don’t just wake up and think oh! Is it Monday? You have to keep such thoughts away and give yourself a head start by planning your Monday in advance. Complete your work before Sunday and keep the Sunday night reserved for planning. Before you go to bed on Sunday, set a schedule. Decide at what time you will wake up, what you are going to wear. Prepare a list of tasks you are going to tackle. Remember you cannot achieve everything on Monday, so be very realistic. Instead of creating a mile-long task list, focus on what is achievable so that you won’t run into the stress of not getting everything done.

3. Charge your body

When you forget charging your phone at night, your phone keeps reminding you that it doesn’t have enough charge to last full day. In the same way, your body needs energy to perform well on Monday. To give yourself that dose of energy on Monday, you must complete at least 8 hours of sleep on a Sunday night.

Taking proper rest makes a huge difference. When you wake up on a Monday morning, your mind and body will feel full of energy if you take proper sleep. The preparedness of your mental and physical health will keep you motivated throughout the day. If you don’t follow a right sleep cycle, your mind will simply remind you that there’s a lot of work that needs to be done, but your body will keep asking for rest.

4. Check how far you’ve come

Many of us have no idea what is happening on Monday. In fact, a lot of people simply follow their task list but don’t measure how far they have come. If you measure the productivity on Monday, you will be able to figure out what takes more time and what can be done easily. Completing your task list during your nine-to-five work is great but can you achieve more?

Ask yourself if this Monday is better than the previous Mondays and if you are doing what you wanted to do. Whenever you feel like quitting, remind yourself why did you start. It is frustrating when you don’t feel satisfied with what you have done. This is why a lot of us feel too tired to work on a Monday.

5. Reward yourself

Beating the afternoon slump is one of the hardest tasks but it is natural and can be easily avoided by rewarding yourself. One of the reasons why people crash in the evening because they don’t recover from the stressful workday. Switching off from work for some time can help you feel more motivated.

Instead of sitting and reading emails, utilize your break time in something you like. Make a habit that you will reward yourself with your favorite sweet dish on Monday. You can also finish off the works you couldn’t do in the morning or evening. These small achievements will keep you happy.

6. Set yourself up for the next day

Writing down what you must do tomorrow is a great way to ensure a strong start of your day. It sounds very easy but most of us have forgotten how to do it in a right way. Planning out your next day before leaving the workplace will not only become a habit, it will push you to finish off your work on time so that you can get those 15-20 peaceful minutes of planning.

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