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How to Care for a Shaved Head: 6 Tips from the Pros.

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( Whether it’s for aesthetic reasons, to avoid the appearance of a receding a hair line, or just to make a statement, shaved heads have always been and continue to be a trend that both males and females follow. And while it may seem like a shaved head is a great alternative to actually doing your hair or making a fuss with it, properly maintaining a shaved head is not as easy as you might think it would be. Here are six tips to help you preserve that beautiful bald head of yours:

1. Keep it Moisturized

You’ve probably heard how important it is to moisturize your skin regularly to prevent cracking and peeling caused by the elements, showering, etc. Not surprisingly this will apply to your head as well. Actually, probably most especially to your head. Not everyone is going to be able to see wrinkles or dry spots on your elbows, but probably everyone will be able to see them on your head.

In addition to just lotioning your head, you may also benefit from exfoliation. It will give your head a real shine and prevents the accumulation of oils and dead skin cells. Plus, it will also aid your razor for subsequent shavings.

For more in-depth information, read this article about moisturizers for bald head.

2. Keep it Maintained

Just like any other hair on your body, the hair on top of your head will inevitably start to grow back at one point or another. This even goes for those whose hair has been thinning; it’ll start to come back wherever it can. And just like any other hair on your body, it’s going to come back in a bit thicker and darker than it had been before you first shaved it.

If you want to keep your slick look going, you will have to continue to shave your head in a consistent and routine manner. And because this is your head and not something that can be hidden at times like other parts of your body, you want it to be perfect; i.e., no cuts, no razor burn, no stray hairs hanging around.

So, you are going to want to splurge on the best shaving creams and always, always use a new blade. Repeat: Do not skimp on this, you’ll deeply regret it and/or may not want to leave the house until your scalp is healed up. The best time to shave is right after you shower; shaving soft skin is much easier.

3. Keep It Dry

You might think that without any hair on your head, the likelihood of it getting sweaty is much less. But you’d be wrong. You will definitely still sweat, and now you don’t have any hair to absorb or cover it up.

Don’t laugh but using your anti-perspirant on your head can actually work wonders. Just remember to use it at night time, which is actually how you are supposed to use it for your underarms as well.

And if you are ever in a pinch, any wipe that is made to be used on your face is also good for your scalp.

4. Keep It Protected

Just like you were warned that first time you were heading to a tropical island with abundant sunshine, your scalp’s first exposure to direct sunlight could very well be a doozy.

You will need to slather your head in sunscreen in the same way you would the rest of your body if you were out in the sun, except you are going to need to do this every day that there is any sun out; no matter if you are sunbathing or just taking a walk. If you want to keep your head sheltered from the sun’s rays, sunscreen is a must. Alternately, if it’s cold enough out that you would wear a heavy jacket and put gloves on, also put a hat on.

5. Keep It Washed

This might sound just as silly as applying anti-perspirant to your head, but just because your head is bald, doesn’t mean that you can skip the shampoo and conditioner part of your shower. Unless you are using a Bic on your head every day, though perhaps microscopic, there is some hair there. And you’ll need to keep it clean if you want to avoid breakouts and dandruff. Of course, you won’t need nearly as much to clean your head as you would for your hair, though. Make sure you are using both shampoo and conditioner as both are important.

6. Keep It Safe

While this should be a given in life in general, it becomes even more important to keep your head out of harm’s way when it’s shaved. Not only will those bumps, bruises, and cuts be painful to you as they usually are, they will also be very noticeable to the public. So try to always be mindful of objects and situations where you can knock your head. Wear a helmet when doing any extreme sports and follow safety regulations whenever you can, especially in cars or at places like amusement parks. You don’t want to put a mark on that beautiful bald heads of yours. Or make it difficult to keep shaving it.

Deciding to go bald is very fashionable and brave choice to make. So take care of it and wear it proudly!

Staff Writer; Peter Brown


One Response to “How to Care for a Shaved Head: 6 Tips from the Pros.”
  1. Antonymous says:

    Hi, cool article, thought I might object slightly on the effects of shaving as unfortunately it has no effect in making thinning or thin hair thicker.
    It’s not like when we shave a new zone of our body for the first time, as we are cutting our hair since when we’ve born :).
    The effect is also very limited on body hair, Robin Williams was not that hairy because he used to shave, that’s predisposition, which is also why many women shave their whole body but, usually they are not that hairy.

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