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4 Horrible Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him.

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( Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a celebration of love. If that is the case the gift given to men should be just as thought provoking as that which is given to women. When choosing a gift for a woman it is very important to take who she is as a person into account when looking. It could end in an epic fail if you assume she wants the same thing as the next woman. Women must take this very point into account when choosing a gift for their beau.

It’s important to put thought into the gift, and choose something based on his likes, and usage. Every guy isn’t going to like the same thing, but there are some gifts that many guys would deem horrible. Granted, it’s the thought that counts but the important part it that real thought, verses last minute shopping, is actually put to work. Below are four gifts that are pretty horrible for him, ladies we can definitely do better than these options.

1. Corny underwear can be rather awkward. What may be seen as a joke can be taken as an insult depending on the personality of the man. Furthermore, we see them in certain stores, and they don’t represent thought, but more so a quick cheap (in some cases) option. If you know your man isn’t big on theme, decorative, or unusual under ware this is not a good choice. Remember, the gift is for him.

2. Razors, socks and ties are not romantic gifts at all. Let’s not use Valentine’s Day to send the man a message that says shave, you need socks, or I don’t like your tie. This may not seem like a big deal, but if he gets you the equivalent of these gifts you will be highly upset. This isn’t Father’s Day, where we see the ties a lot, this is a holiday about love. We can do better than razors, socks, or ties.

3. Teddy bears are sweet, and cuddly but most guys have no use for them. If we pay attention its something they guys get their lady, mom, and daughters. He himself won’t want a bear, and he will be forced to keep it to spare your feelings. The mini bears that come in coffee mugs could be seen as annoying. What exactly are they to do with that tiny bear…its can’t even go on the bed for decoration. Keep you mind on him when shopping.

4. Flowers are beautiful, and many of the arrangements are simply amazing. However, like the bears this is not a gift most men want. Granted, they may appreciate the thought, but it is another case of buying something that better suites you than him. Furthermore, sending flowers to his job may be risky…find out if he likes that sort of gesture before going forward.

There are so many gifts that a man can appreciate on Valentine’s Day that say “you thought of me”. just as we hate getting gifts that are actually for him or about him it is important not to commit the same act. Take some time to pay attention to what he looks at in the store, and what items would go with his personality. Show him he’s special on a day whereby love is celebrated by choosing a gift he can cherish. It’s not so much about the cost as it is about the genuine thought put into the gift.

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