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Urban Students In Cold Classrooms – Part Of Colonial State Terrorism Against Young Urban Kids.

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( Recently, urban parents in Baltimore, Maryland expressed their utter disgust and outrage when their children were forced to endure very harsh conditions inside The Baltimore Public School System when they entered classrooms that had absolutely NO heating inside of them at all.

This deliberate action by the colonial education system shows us that the education of our students are clearly not their top priority, it’s to maintain the systemic oppression of our kids which includes locking them up for minor things that suburban kids almost never even go to jail for. This deliberate act by the colonial education system is very reflective of the systemic underfunding of public schools in urban areas.

The Baltimore Public School System is one of the most notorious school systems in the entire country that’s known for its vicious and brutal assaults against urban students on a daily basis not only in the form of nasty and hostile white nationalist teachers and administrators, but also from the armed thugs called the police that only exists on those campuses to protect white teachers and in particular white students.

An example of the colonial state-sanctioned terrorism against young urban children in these schools actually happened a few years ago when three young urban girls at a Baltimore middle school were pepper sprayed, hit with a baton, and had their heads busted open by a Baltimore Police Officer, who of course got administrative leave and was never indicted for his role in assaulting the three young urban girls.

According to The Baltimore Sun, The Baltimore Public School System suspended about 8,500 students a little over a year ago for mostly minor things. It’s no secret that that most of the 8,500 students that were suspended for minor things were students from urban areas and this is directly tied to the school -to-prison pipeline in which urban students are forced out of the schools and then shuffled into the prison system. Criminalization + Suspension = Incarceration

I made a post on my social media recently page expressing my utter disgust at this colonial state sanctioned attack against urban children:

“I remember when I used to go to school in cold temperatures, the classrooms were always warm, but for urban students to be deliberately put into classrooms with no heating is down right criminal and this is reflective of the terrorism our kids face on a daily basis in these schools. I am absolutely disgusted and angered by these deplorably subpar conditions that our children are forced to endure in the colonial education system on a daily basis”

It’s no secret that schools in the urban communities and the ones in the suburban areas are reflective of The Two Americas because suburban schools have advanced equipment, better supplies, better education, better bathrooms, better heating and air conditioning systems, and absolutely NO military police occupation on those campuses including the fact that suburban kids aren’t put under the same oppressive dress code policies nor are forced to endure subpar classrooms conditions like their urban student counterparts.

But schools in the urban communities are also beacons of gentrification in a way because they have outdated equipment, outdated supplies, work that’s not very rigorous, nasty bathrooms, nasty jail/prison like food, deliberately underfunded and understaffed, subpar education, lack of adequate heating and air conditioning in many of the schools in urban areas, and not to mention the heavy militarization and police containment that’s very prevalent in the urban schools which includes also deliberately being criminalized for minor things that suburban kids are allowed to get away with all the time.

The school system is a very vicious and destructive arm of a much bigger force of coercion called The State that only serves to uphold the colonial status quo/social system by  maintaining the oppression of our children in the colonial education system.

Also, the school system is what I like to call “Camp Genocide” because they are mentally indoctrinated into a white nationalist way of thinking as well as adopting falsified views that are in alignment with colonial imperialism like “Make America Great Again” which is really a colonial codeword for “Make America White Again”

The other form of genocide deliberately carried out against our kids by the school system is that all the schools in the urban communities are deeply in bed with the prison system because the schools in urban communities nowadays are designed to actually prepare our kids basically for the genocidal colonial prisons where the colonial state-sanctioned violence against our children is rampant and to also make money off of the criminalization and incarceration of our children.

The Conclusion – Even thought I do advocate for community control over our children’s education where we create a curriculum that’s specifically designed to boost the morale and self-esteem of our kids, but I also advocate taking them out of these horrendous conditions of the colonial education system and homeschooling them.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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