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5 Ways to Avoid Anxiety Attacks.

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( Anxiety attacks can be physically frightening regardless of the catalyst. You can feel the stress coming as a trigger has been hit. Many people have to take medication and see a therapist to help cope with the monster that is anxiety. However, you don’t have to have the diagnosis to experience the horror of an attack. One of the biggest problems someone dealing with anxiety issues will face is how to stop, or slow down, the attack once you realize it’s coming. There is no set time nor place to have an anxiety attack as they can occur anywhere, and sometimes it can happen away from our home or safe space. Having a few go to ways to approach an anxiety attack can be the difference between maintaining control of your body and having a full blown attack.

Below are five ways to avoid an anxiety attack.

Avoid as many stress triggers as possible. This may sound like a given, but you would be surprised how many people deal with anxiety while dealing in the areas that trigger them. You won’t be able to pinpoint every trigger, but you must do your best to remove the ones you know. Somethings that means having to cut an individual out of your life. Negativity and drama is indeed a trigger for some because it pulls on the energy in a greedy fashion. You can’t have situations whereby you have to deal with someone’s problems as you deal with your anxiety.

Practice controlling your breathing. Have you ever noticed that when you hit a trigger one of the few things that happens is you begin to breath quickly? It is very important to focus on the sound of your breathing. If necessary, talk to yourself as you are willing your mind to calm down. In this space it is very important to slowing take deep breaths so that you don’t hyperventilate. Counting you breaths can also help as it if forcing you to be in the moment.

Call someone you can openly talk with. As the feeling of anxiety attacks begin to rise, pickup the phone. It’s important to have the person that you can openly confide in. Let said person know you need to talk to work out the anxiety issues. In that same light once you have explained your situation take the time to listen to what’s going on in the life of your confidant. This will allow you to take your mind off your cares as you allow yourself to be in the present moment verses the past or future.

Talk to yourself. Allow your mind to work in your favor. Encourage yourself that you will get through this moment. You are not having an anxiety attack. Instruct yourself to calm down. You are going to be okay. If you find yourself triggered in public I may help to remain aware of your surroundings, you are not doing this where you are. You refuse to be vulnerable in a dangerous place. Granted this won’t always work, but it just might help when you are caught off guard.

Listen to music that causes a positive reaction in you. There is power in music to sooth you when you are in your most vulnerable space. If you are able to, turn on your favorite music, and actively focus on the music. If the music has lyrics sing alone. Let the music wash over you and engage the sound. This can help you get to calm as the proper music flows around you.

There is not a one-way quick fix for those that deal with anxiety disorder. There are cases whereby the severity requires medication in addition to some of the methods mentioned above. Anxiety attacks is nothing to be ashamed of…one must simply work hard on a regular basis to put anxiety attacks as far behind you as possible. The key is to try to get ahead of it as you feel your stress levels rising before a full-blown anxiety attack can set in. Take the time to better know self, and what triggers can provoke the attacks so you can have a chance at maintaining control over self.

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