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One Of The African Male’s Greatest Curses – The Sport Of Football.

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( As white people around the country are gearing up to watch and cheer and boo for the football teams in this weekend’s “Plantation Bowl”, there’s a much bigger issue that’s been obscured from all the pregame festivities leading up to “The Plantation Bowl” and that’s the issue of the sport of football’s toxic curse on young African men in this country.

As much as I like football in the form of flag football and football video games, but the cold hard reality is that football is one of if not the most destructive sport in America and it’s definitely a tremendous curse to young African men in this country in the sense of our superior athleticism and talent is constantly exploited by parasitic white capitalist sports leagues each year like The NBA, NFL, and especially The NCAA which make billions each year off of the exploited labor of young African men entertaining white people on the football field and basketball court. 

I remember when I was in elementary school, the type of football I played was a much safer version of it called flag football where I was running as fast as a jaguar and blazing my way through opponents on the field.

When I got to middle school however, I started to noticed that a lot of young brothers from my community were signing up to play football in droves and this because very problematic for me personally because we’re meant to be more than what the colonial media wants us to be via athletes, entertainers, and rappers because for me personally, I actually wanted to be a Power Ranger far more than wanting to be a football player growing up during my childhood because I was a huge fan of The Original Power Rangers from back in the day.

It was also during my middle school days that I made one of the best decisions of my life by deciding not to play football because I didn’t want to take all those blows to the brain because I want to maintain having a healthy brain because there’s absolutely nothing good about taking all those hits to the head and getting your “bell rung” aka concussion on the football field.

Football is a modern day breeding ground for brain damage and last year, it was revealed in a study that the brains of 110 out of 111 former NFL players as well as the brains of 48 out of 52 former college football players had significant amounts of brain damage from all the hits they took to the head throughout their football careers.

One of the main reasons why so many young brothers are forced to play a sport that has proven historically and today to not only be a curse to them, but also because this current social system forces them to engage in and endure grueling rigorous amounts of training just to achieve an illusionary “hood dream” that’s far more likely to have them end up in prison than being on a pro football roster. About 98% of these brothers that invest everything into the illusionary “hood dream” of being a pro football player actually never even make it to the pros and most NFL careers only last 2-3 years after these parasitic white male capitalist team owners chew these young brothers up and spit them out right back in the hood and like a rapper once said back in the day, “They’ll find a new n***a next year”

Also, if you watch at least one particular college or pro football game, you’ll see that about 85-90 percent of the starters that are putting in the work and generating revenue on the football field while their labor is exploited at the same time are African men who come from colonial conditions imposed on their communities from gentrification, police violence, poisoned water, poverty, homelessness, economic deprivation, etc.

The relationship between African men and parasitic white male coaches and parasitic white male team owners is very similar to a white male boss and an African worker: an exploitative and parasitic relationship in which the parasitic white male capitalist coaches and parasitic white male capitalist team owners, coaches, and commentators make millions and billions each year off of the exploited labor of young African men who run up and down the football field not only for their entertainment, but also for parasitic white capitalist gain.

One of the other reasons why football nowadays is a curse for African men in this country is because too many of them fall prey to the excesses of the sport from the women, financial ignorance, alcohol and drug abuse which leads to some of these brothers committing suicide because of the toll the excesses of the sport had affected them.

Another reason why football is a curse to African men because a lot of them feel that they were “born to play football” for the entertainment of white people. And one notorious example of this is a brother who is former quarterback who won a national championship at the colonial university known as The University Of Texas in Vince Young, whom I remember seeing on the cover of ESPN The Magazine which came out coincidentally on my youngest brother’s birthday in December 2005 and on that cover he said, “I was born to play football at The University Of Texas” and when I saw that cover, it absolutely sickened me to see a brother who was brainwashed by this social system to only entertain white people on the football field because that’s like a brainwashed negro saying that he was born to serve white power.

And speaking of colonial universities, like all colonial institutions, ALL colonial universities like The University Of Texas as well as the two here in Alabama like Auburn University and The University Of Alabama in Tuscaloosa were built on the backs on the stolen and exploited labor of African men historically and today and also owe reparations to our community for the stolen and exploited labor that was used to build those colonial universities.

One glaring example of that is the colonial university here known as The University Of Alabama In Tuscaloosa (which has a massive multimillion dollar college football program) where it was recently revealed in an article that the football program which is their #1 parasitic capitalist cash cow made a record $108 million last year while parasitic capitalist white coach Nick Saban made $11 million and this comes at the expense of the unpaid and exploited labor of young African males between the ages of 18-21.

Also, some of the $108 million that the football program at The University Of Alabama in Tuscaloosa made last year came from parasitic corporate sponsors as well as ticket and merchandise sales, but most of that money came directly from the unpaid and exploited labor of young African men that run up and down the football field for Massa while risking paralysis and brain damage at the same time. This is also reflective of the parasitic and exploitative relationship that Africans have with white people historically and today.

These colonial universities like The University Of Alabama in Tuscaloosa use the money made off of the backs of the unpaid and exploited labor of young African males to not only build new buildings, dorms, as well as stadium expansions, but they also use that money to fund predominantly white sports that generally make far less revenue than college football and college basketball like tennis, golf, softball, and baseball.

About a few years ago, I began doing research online about the dangers of the sport of football and what I found totally shocked me as I found out that when a football player takes numerous blows to their brain, it causes them all sorts of mental health problems like anger irritability, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders, and even prone to violence.

One such story is that of former football player in Larry Johnson who said in a recent interview with The Washington Post in which he said that he can’t remember certain things from some of the seasons that he played in The NFL to some of the most memorable highlights of his football career. He also said in the interview that he has trouble sleeping at night and frequently suffers from having seizures and blackouts. When you hear about things like this, it’s scary.

The Conclusion – There are some young brothers nowadays who have started to smarten up to the cold hard truth about football by retiring an an early age because of their increasing awareness of the brain damage that’s now public knowledge. To African parents, the football field is NOT a place to endanger your son’s brain, so keep him away from the football field. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “If I ever have a son, he would not play football”.

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