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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Top 4 Reasons Your Employees Need Fire Safety Training.

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( It’s great that you have invested in the latest fire protection equipment. The next step is to make sure your employees are properly trained in how to make the most of that equipment. Choosing to create a comprehensive fire and safety plan will serve you well in several ways. Here are some examples of why this is part of the planning that should not be postponed to a later date.

Knowing What to Do In An Emergency

Establishing escape routes that allow people to exit the building in an orderly fashion is great. Take things one step further and make sure there are individuals in each department that know how to activate or utilize fire protection equipment if a fire is partially blocking one of those routes. For example, you should have several people in each department undergo fire extinguisher training and refresher training. Doing so will mean if a fire is blocking access to one exit, those individuals will know how to use the extinguishers to buy enough time for everyone to get out before the blaze gets worse.

Safety First

A lot of elements go into fire safety, including planned exit routes in the case of a fire. Someone needs to lead the way, while others should be charged with making sure no one is left behind. If you have some special needs employees, pairing them with someone who can make sure they also get to the nearest exit without delay is important. That includes having employees designated to help disabled workers down flights of stairs by using special chairs designed for this type of emergency.

A comprehensive plan that takes into consideration every eventuality increases safety for your employees. While you do want to prevent as much fire damage as possible, the well being of each person in your employ is the priority.

Testing the Equipment

Professionals with local Herbertwilliams fire protection services will come around to test your fire safety systems and equipment. It also helps if you have people trained to regularly check extinguishers for missing pins and possibly run some interim tests on other equipment. Doing so decreases the odds of anything malfunctioning in between professional inspections. The team from the service will help you set up a training program for selected employees.

Possible Discounts From the Insurance Company

You already know that your insurance provider offers discounts for installing and maintaining fire safety equipment. Did you know that completing a comprehensive fire safety program could also qualify your company for more discounts? While this is not true with every provider, find out if yours does provide incentives related to employee fire safety training. If so, enroll them in a qualified training seminar and enjoy that discount.

Remember that fire safety training is something that is important on more than one level. While you hope a fire never breaks out, proper preparation will minimize damage to the facility, any raw or finished goods on the premises, and most importantly reduce the chances for employee injuries.

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