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7 Milestones of Positive Parenting.

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( The moment you become a parent, you speak about positive parenting and its milestones. You wait for your child’s first words, first steps, and first laughter. You even imagine yourself with the baby in different places. But what about the milestones that reflect positive parenting? It is like measuring your success as a parent. Here are 7 milestones in positive parenting, if achieved, would be perfect reasons to celebrate.

1. When your kids start finding solutions without your help

The moment you stop jumping into everything to fix problems, you give your baby a chance to come out of challenging situations himself. By acknowledging your child’s minor frustrations without rushing to save him, you’re teaching him a big lesson – self-reliance. The truth is, when you wish to raise an independent kid, you need to make them understand that without using you as their manager, they can fix problems. It’s a great achievement.

2. When your kids do chores

Many parents consider it bad. They believe that instead of doing chores, kids should spend their time on piano lessons, team games or other extra-curricular activities otherwise they will be less successful than other kids. Unfortunately, kids also hate housework as much as their parents do. But if your child stands with you and offers a helping hand, you must think of it as an achievement. According to several studies, kids who do chores at home are better adjusted, and they achieve more in their career. Such kids also tend to have better social relationships. So, congratulations on raising such an amazing kid.

3. When your kids can find you in crowded places

It is one of the least celebrated milestones because people tend to pay more attention to their kid’s first words, first steps, and first taste experiences. When children are alone in a crowded place like a shopping mall, amusement park or a parking lot, it’s pretty hard to predict which direction the kids will end up going in. They can either get afraid and start crying or they will try to find you by using their skills. You have to be ever-vigilant, of course. But if your kid can follow you or find you in such a crowded place, it’s a moment worth celebrating. Those who haven’t experienced this or not sure about their child’s behavior in such circumstances should not experiment this knowingly because the incident may leave a bad impact on your child’s mind. What you can do is teach your kid first about what to do if they are unable to find you.

4. When your kids learn ‘real’ life-lessons

Many parents argue about stupid things like selection of fashion, but they don’t focus on what matters the most. If you are the one who focuses more on important stuff like no rude talks, no lying, no cheating, it makes all the difference. When your kids learn and choose family values and morals over temporary joy, it’s the time to feel proud because your parenting milestone of teaching your kid the importance of values has been reached.

5. When they can get their own snacks or a glass of water and bring one for you

You’re scrambling to get your kid finish eating, but your little kid is still putting snacks on his plate. That temptation of gaining the control is overwhelming. While letting your kid do it himself is definitely going to take more time and patience, it is one of the most important lessons he is learning. When kids learn to do things and give back, they develop a positive self-identity. The moment they offer you a share in what they are eating and get a sweet “thank you” in response, your kids learn how to win hearts and make people happy by giving something they need. You should reward yourself for helping your baby blossom into a self-reliant kid.

6. When kids learn to stay home by themselves

When your kids can stay home by themselves while you are out to buy some vegetables or grocery or visit a sick neighbor. You will no longer need a babysitter and most importantly, your kid is now capable of taking care of himself and the house when you’re not around. Your kid can stay home by himself is a milestone that deserves to be on your scrapbook or in your diary. And when it happens, don’t forget telling your kid how brave he is and how perfectly he took care of the house in your absence.

7. The day your kids get on a school bus

It is one of the most important days for parents and kids. It’s the beginning of a new journey for your family. Of course, you can’t keep your kids at home all the time, but seeing your kid getting on his school bus for the first time is a difficult moment. You leave him to face the world on his own. You find yourself answering questions like What if the teacher is not friendly in the classroom. What if the kid feels lonely?

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    You missed this big one
    Lead with respect and by example instead of ruling by fear and domination

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