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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Brother’s Don’t Fall for the Pressure of Valentine’s Day.

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( We have just finished the Christmas holiday, and Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Many of us will feel the pressure to spend a serious amount of love to show our lady we love and adore them. The problem is not the gesture, but often the motivation behind it. Though there are exceptions, we must be real…love is not the chief motivation behind Valentine’s Day. Many gifted are purchased under pressure, and even some proposals will take place due to expectation. Some brother wake-up in February 15th in distress emotional, and financially because the actions the day before were disingenuous.

First and foremost, we should be able to pour love and adoration on our queen all year long in many different ways. Sometimes it can be a just because gift, and other times a gesture that lets her know you are thinking of her. The actions to display love ought not be a spectacle born out her need to show off for her friends. Of course, we want out lady to have the best flowers, and displays but it should happen because we love her…not because she is applying an intense amount of pressure. It’s important that the things you do come from your heart, and that they are a true reflection of your feelings. What is necessary to understand is it doesn’t have to break the bank.

If your queen is focused on the love you two share she will not demand that you are unable to pay your bills so that she can have an unreasonable Valentine’s Day gift display. If there is more emphasis put on name brands, and price tags maybe you should give some thought to the direction the relationship is headed. Your love is something to celebrate…but you aren’t in this for Facebook, and Instagram likes. That sounds crazy, but let’s be real too many of us are more interested in the way we look on social media, and not as focused on the truth in our relationships.

This leads to the next issue…propose because you are in love, and ready for marriage. You know without a doubt that this is the woman that nurtures the peace in your soul. Too many times brothers we find ourselves in situations whereby our queen has a timeline. She wants an engagement by a certain time, and anything less means we aren’t serious. Granted I am not speaking for stringing a woman along for years with no commitment. I’m speaking of situations whereby your lady is more concerned with getting married.

You know this is the case because she gets salty every time someone she knows gets engaged. Some of you have been in a relationship for a year, and she was looking for the ring for Christmas…she didn’t get it now she is gunning for Valentine’s Day. If you fail to propose she is threatening to leave. For those of you that are into Valentine’s Day this is definitely not the purpose. Marriage is a serious step that no one should be pressured into, nor should it be taken lightly.

If you partake in Valentine’s Day don’t allow pressure to determine how you show display your love. The truth is this holiday should not be the benchmark of how much you love your lady. Remaining genuine in all you do has remain a priority. What you do is for her…not for show. Furthermore, don’t forget the day is not just about her so there should be some mutual display of love. Granted, many brothers don’t care about flowers, but you deserve love also if the two of you have agreed to celebrate. Have a beautiful time, but don’t kill the bank account as you must continue to tend to your responsibilities.

Don’t allow her friends to apply pressure as to insinuate that you aren’t dedicated to her if you don’t purchase gifts with giant price tags. If you feel the need to answer to her friends, you are already in trouble. You can have a wonderful day, or evening, making the moment about you and your Queen. The pressure is something you simply don’t have to accept.

Staff Writer; Larry Jackson

LJ is an old school poet, new school writer… Also the “Web Admin” for the following blogs; ThyBlackMan, ThySistas, and BlackFitness101

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