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Know more about the best therapy to relive your stress.

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( The term stress is becoming very popular amongst people these days especially for those who are into service and target oriented jobs. But when there is a problem there has to be a solution for it as well. That is why another term called stress relief is also becoming equally popular amongst the same people. Psychologically stress is known to cause depression in a person which leads to further problems. That is why the doctors have come up with so many different stress therapies for the patients. Clinical depression is something which is becoming rather common and it is happening mainly due to the stress. This thing is known to last for no longer than two weeks and if you go through some therapies then it would go away for a while.

The most popular stress therapy

But according to the psychologists and doctors the best and most effective treatment so far for stress has been CBT which is popularly known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This is nothing but a face to face talking session by the psychologist and knowing what the problems are and what the patients think is going wrong. This normally takes several sessions and has to be done by a qualified counselor but the results are really positive.

The main objective or aim of these sessions is to make the patient change his though process (Cognitive) and also his behavior (Behavioral). The problems which are discussed by the counselor are imminent or current so that the patient can express his feelings properly. For the best stress therapy details, you can look into Open Forest for more details.

Details of the therapy

The secret that lies behind this therapy are the fact that the emotional states of a person is not created by the external events that are happening in his life. The thoughts which the person has towards those incidents shape the emotional life of that person. The Cognitive Behavioral therapy looks into the person’s feelings as to why he is reacting the way to a certain event and what his reactions might be if the same event reoccurs.

The therapy would also include the ways and means of changing the thoughts of the patient towards that event or some similar event and make him feel positive. This would be done by highlighting the irrationality in his behavior to that event in comparison to some other event where he has reacted absolutely normally.

Suppose a person is asked to paint a wall in one day. To this he has lots of complains as to why he is the only one doing the job and why aren’t there any other people helping. On the other hand if he is asked to paint tables and chairs he is not complaining although the work may seem to be more. This change in thought is something which has to be channeled properly through several sessions and it is through CBT that this can be achieved. It has successfully been proved and also stated in Open Forest that CBT is the best in combating stress. But the patient has to help the counselor in order to help himself.

Staff Writer; Reginald Ross

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