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Christmas Shaming: Don’t Go Broke Trying to Buy Favor.

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( Christmas is about the birth of Christ and a time for friends and family to come together. Well, that’s what Christmas is about when you have money in your pockets or swipeable credit cards in your purse. For those who do not have an excess of money to spend for Christmas, this time of year can be very daunting and depressing.

For the last five years at minimum, I’ve logged into my Facebook page on Christmas only to see an overflow of pictures showing children and family members opening their lavish gifts. Along with the pictures are comments about why the parents work so much or grind so hard. Many will go as far as letting anyone who did not purchase some material things for their children know just how unfit they are.

Imagine that! Christmas shaming parents for not having extra money to spend on their children on Jesus birthday. Parents work hard, Santa brings the gifts, and I’m still wondering where Jesus is in all of this. Christmas shaming is the reason many parents max out their credit cards to buy an excess of Christmas gifts for their children. Because the children get so many items at one time, they usually only truly take and attach to one or two of the gifts while their parents attach to the whole bill.

Most children receive more on Christmas Day, the birth of Christ, than they do on their own birthdays. In my opinion, Christmas is the most capitalist holidays that exist. It is promoted by consumerism and most will not feel they had a good Christmas unless they receive the gifts they requested. Most children greet each other with, “what did you get for Christmas?” or telling everyone else what they received.

For those who are not financially in a position to run out and indulge in the material consumption, breathe! Do not go broke or enter into debt attempting to look fit in the eyes of those who would rather “figure it out” next month and put a smile on their babies faces for Christmas.

If you are going to celebrate Christmas, enjoy it for what it is truly for. Recenter your focus back on the birth of Christ. It’s time we release our addiction to consumerism. Too many of us spend more than our monthly life expenses in gifts for Christmas with no conscious reasoning. Too many of us go into debt with the mindset that our tax refund check is going to save us. We just have to “make it through” January.

Is it truly worth it? Is the momentary smile on your child’s face seriously worth the anxiety and pressures in the heart center when you’re trying to figure your bills, food, and other living expenses out the next month.

Let’s do something different to cause a mental financial breakthrough. Pay your January rent in advance, put aside half of your usual monthly bills, fill up the refrigerator, and fulfill your transportation needs, then buy a few gifts. Take care of your business first! Put your heart at ease! We often create the source of our stress and heartache through our financial careless. Let’s get ahead of this thing going into 2018. Don’t do it when you get there, bet there when it arrives.

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