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Will Flynn Testimony Sink the White House.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Some have been disillusioned to believe all Retired Lt. Gen Michael Flynn did was tell a simple lie to the FBI. There are Trump supporter that have managed to believe that Flynn’s cooperation with Special Counsel regarding the Russia Investigation will implicate him and no one else. What planet do they live on? It is true lying to the FBI is the charge, but the question is what did he lie about. If he is indeed ready to testify that he contacted Russians as instructed by Trump…this could be the real beginning of the end for the current administration. Before anyone gets overly excited, it is important to know we are in bad shape no matter who takes the helm of this administration. It never ceases to amaze many Americans how far this administration will go to make citizens believe Trump is not at fault regardless of what happens.

In the minds of many there is no question that Trump had improper involvement with Russians. There is no doubt he should be impeached for obstruction of justice at the very least. He has blatantly broken laws, and can not forget about the fact that a man that committed sexual assault with no consequence is not a sitting President. Whereas others in this country face embarrassment, loss of employment, and jail time Trump does as he please regardless of the rule of law and sleeps easy at night that he will be left alone. With that being acknowledges one can only wonder what effect Flynn’s testimony will have in the area of brining Trump to justice.

Furthermore, it is important to realize the White House is more than just Trump. If he were to be impeached, and removed from office we would still be in an unstable situation with Mike Pence. Granted Pence is a lot more reserved than Trump, and many wouldn’t feel as embarrassed his position on many policies would still continue the down spiral of this nation. If Pence falls with Trump, you are now in the hands of Paul Ryan. If you have followed his positions, you will find he doesn’t care about the people of this country if their tax bracket doesn’t match his own.

Yes, he would also have a more traditional presentation in comparison to Trump, but it will not fair you nor I any better. With Pence, or Paul, this country would be dealing with a President smarter than Trump, and they would better know how to go about getting what they want at the harm of the American people.

The bottom line is while many are shouting, and dancing, about the breaking news regarding Flynn it may not be enough. The very existence of Trump as president has already defied what we ever believed would happen in this country. We must remember, as a people, people like Trump often go unpunished. Our people have experiences some of worst atrocities in this country, and no consequence was paid from slavery to being shot in the street. Flynn’s testimony, no matter how revealing, won’t sink this administration unless it proves, without a doubt, Trump acted in a manner that offends those that have more money than him.

Furthermore, Flynn will probably enter a plea deal for his testimony that will allow him to walk away with a slap on the wrist. Meanwhile, those in leadership will continue to make decisions that work against the interest of you and me. As many celebrate what seems to be some progress in the investigation against this administration remember we know better. This administration, though tattered, may very well stay afloat.

Staff Writer; Larry Jackson

LJ is an old school poet, new school writer… Also the “Web Admin” for the following blogs; ThyBlackMan, ThySistas, and BlackFitness101

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