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Don’t Ignore Diabetes.

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(ThyBlackMan.comNo matter how you look at it, diabetes plays a huge role in everyday life. It’s one of those health conditions which we’ve adjusted to living around. Like asthma, it’s an invisible issue which few of us see as a massive health risk. It’s no surprise, given that a whopping 100 million people in the U.S. alone have the condition. And, there’s no denying that, with proper treatment, it’s possible to live a long and healthy life with diabetes.

But, it would be naive to assume that this is the reality for everyone with the condition. In truth, diabetes can cause life-threatening issues if left untreated or undetected. Yet, out of the 100 million U.S. sufferers, a shocking 8.1 million don’t even know they have diabetes. And, many of those who are aware of the issue struggle to get their diet under control. Some even think that they’ll be fine to let their blood sugars spike every now and again. In reality, though, doing so could lead to serious complications down the line. For proof, we’re going to look at a few of them here.


It’s not uncommon for diabetes sufferers to experience symptoms similar to depression if they don’t control their blood sugars. This is because high and low blood sugar levels can lead to anxiety and disturbed sleep. In extreme cases, there even seems to be a link between full-blown depression and diabetes. While it still isn’t known what that connection is, depression is thought to be twice as common in those with type 2 diabetes. In part, this could be due to blood sugar issues. Failure to manage the condition can also cause some feelings of helplessness, leading the way to depressive states. Hence, it’s essential to gain the support necessary the moment symptoms start.

Sight loss

Diabetes also has a direct link to sight loss. Diabetic eye conditions, like glaucoma, can impact eyesight, and even lead to blindness. While reasons for this vary, it’s often due to blood sugar levels affecting circulation to blood vessels in the eye. Sometimes, damage like this can be irreversible. But, if caught early enough, you can reduce your risk of blindness by up to 95%. All it takes is proper control of your condition, and regular eye checks to track deterioration. By letting their optician know about their condition, diabetics can make sure they get the recommended checks.

Foot infections

Another common issue many people with diabetes face is that of a foot infection. Feet and diabetes are closely linked, as the condition impacts circulation. It isn’t unusual for those with diabetes to lose sensation in their feet. This means that foot injuries can become life-threatening. A seemingly innocuous cut on the bottom of the foot could cause infection, and even lead to amputation. If this happens due to a lack of medical care, you can always find out if you have an amputation compensation claim. But, if it happens because you didn’t tackle a treatment plan, you’ll have to adjust to your new life with no monetary help. To make sure this doesn’t happen, diabetics should talk to their healthcare providers about proper foot care. They should know warning signs to look out for, and also what podiatry services they should use.

Kidney failure

And, of course; this list wouldn’t be complete without mention of kidney failure. Diabetes damages blood vessels throughout the body, including those in your kidneys. And, when damaged, kidneys aren’t able to clear toxins as well as they should. As such, as many as 30% of people living with diabetes stand at risk of kidney disease if they don’t take control of the condition. In all honesty, there’s no easy way around this problem. In many ways, it’s part and parcel of this horrible illness. But, regular tests with a doctor ensure that sufferers can catch issues in the early stages. It’s also worth reducing salt as much as possible within the diet, and opting for healthy choices.


So, you see; far from a harmless issue, diabetes can change the life of a sufferer. Always know the symptoms and, if diagnosed, make sure to keep on top of the problem. No amount of sugar is worth health risks like these. It may be worth returning to this list each time you doubt your resolve. It would certainly be challenging to continue bad habits with this in mind. You owe it to your happiness, and your health, to tackle the issue once and for all.

Staff Writer; Larry James

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