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How to De-Stress at Work.

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( The ups and downs of life are no respecters of persons. They happen to the good and the bad. The rich and the poor. The suspecting and the unsuspecting. There are a lot of stresses that we all go through, but sometimes, the pressure that men feel can weigh especially heavy because societal expectations place a lot of responsibility on you. You are the breadwinner (traditionally), the provider, the protector and so on. You have a lot on your plates and sometimes, the stress of it all can just be too much.

In those instances when it seems like everything is closing in on you, it can be easy to find destructive or negative ways to “deal” with things. Most of the time, however, the consequences of whatever was soothing for a moment last a lot longer than the few seconds of relief you found in… whatever. No one is denying the fact that stresses exist but your best bet in dealing with them is to find constructive and effective outlets. And with work being one of the main sources of stress, it’s a good idea to have some techniques in your pocket so that in the heat of the moment, you don’t do or say something damaging.

Here are some tips on how to deal with stress at work.

Eat Something Good

By good, here I mean foods that are known to help with de-stressing. Believe it or not, there are some that are better at helping you find your calm place or just relaxing you altogether. Tea is good to help you distress because of the various benefits it offers. Avocados and bananas are both excellent foods, too, because they are loaded with potassium, which helps keeps your blood pressure stable. These are all called mood-boosting foods and work pretty well.

Purposeful Breaks

Sure, you take breaks, but taking them with the intent to focus your mind is something that can aid you in de-stressing. In other words, don’t think of your breaks as moments for you to step away from your work and complain or be angry. Instead, use them as a short relaxation time to regroup and focus on positive things. A break is also a good time to find a quiet space to meditate.

Listen to Music

When I’m stressed, sometimes I listen to my favorite song by a favorite artist to take my mind off things. What a lot of people like to do, too, is listen to soothing sounds like that of the ocean, or nature, which can GREATLY enhance and relax your mood. Also, you can never really go wrong with some classical music.


Sometimes, stress is pinned up in your muscles. In those moments, it’s very helpful to stretch. This can release tension and just make you feel better. You can do some at your desk or in your office. You can also find an empty room too really get into some deep bending and pulling.

As much as we all try to find ways to stay level-headed, sometimes it just doesn’t work out like that. When you are stressed at work (or anytime) these are just a few ways to find your center and keep it moving in a positive direction.

Staff Writer; Rasheda Abdullah

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