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Monday, December 17, 2018

Several Reasons Why The Electoral System Is Corrupt And Rigged Against The Urban Community In America.

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( Over the past few years, with the rising consciousness level in our community, I have personally seen posts on social media and some YouTube videos post on how the entire electoral system in this country is corrupt and rigged not only against the people, but especially our community.

The electoral system is this country is a nonviolent contest between certain sectors of the colonial imperialistic ruling class for absolute power and total control over the colonial state that was never meant to benefit us in any way which is why it’s a sham and a facade.

The white ruling class, especially in this country created the electoral system to maintain this parasitic capitalist system that’s been killing, exploiting, and oppressing colonized people for over 600 years.

Here are several reasons why the electoral system is corrupt and rigged against the urban community in this country.

  1. Corrupt Big Money White Nationalist Candidates Mostly Are Our “Only Options” – For more than several decades, the paternalistically white nationalist liberal establishment through their house negro puppets has continuously bamboozled our community into believing that if we continue to vote for these corrupt white nationalist liberals in particular, then we’ll “benefit” from it when in truth, these white nationalist liberals have made oppressive and vicious laws that have been very detrimental to our community like The 1994 Violent Crime Bill which put more than 100,000 pigs in our communities and funded $10 billion in building more private prisons to lock up urban kids they called “superpredators” back in the mid-1990s.

2. Voter Suppression – Last year here in Alabama, white nationalist conservative ex-governor Robert Bentley tried to deliberately close down DMV offices in predominantly urban counties in the state and this later led to huge backlash from civil rights groups saying that it was a way to suppress urban voters from voting in the state of Alabama and I agreed with their assessment of that because under this oppressive and vicious colonial social system, our political power is very limited because our voting rights were stripped away from us and we are continuously being punished by the colonial social system to this day for things that we did in the past.

Another voter suppression tactic the system uses is when they gerrymander a certain district, particularly an predominantly urban district where the non-gentrified parts of that particular district are taken out and the gentrified parts of the district are put into the district that greatly limits the representation of urban leaders that urban people can vote for.

  1. Same Status Quo Candidates, Same Status Quo Agenda – One of the biggest reasons why the electoral system is rigged against our community is because the system continuously throws us bad options in the form of status quo candidates to vote for in the primary and in the general election. It also repeats the cycle from one status quo politician being elected and carrying out status quo agenda to the next status quo candidate doing the same thing that the previous one did before him.

Not to mention when the system incarcerated and killed our political leaders in the 1960s and when we did get the right to vote through struggles led by poor, working class urban communities across the country, there was absolutely nothing to vote for, but instead choosing bad options to vote for in the form of status quo candidates which is why I’ve NEVER voted in a citywide election.

4. Certain Candidates That Don’t Represent The Interests Of The Status Quo Are Deliberately Excluded From Debates – One of the things that I noticed this year about the election for the District 6 City Council seat in St. Petersburg, Florida is that a 20 year old poor, working class urban woman named Eritha “Akile” Cainion was deliberately excluded from this year’s debates for City Council District 6 because she made powerful dynamic speeches about genuine economic development for her community, Black Community Control Of Schools, Black Community Control Of The Police, as well as also ending gerrymandering, gentrification, and poverty. And the system couldn’t stand that, so they deliberately excluded her because she’s an example of someone who doesn’t represent the interests of the same status quo agenda that the system constantly forces down our throats.

  1. Big Money Corruption Destroys Urban Communities And Lives – One of the most notorious examples of the destructive influence that big money has on our community in when in urban areas across the country, certain urban areas are being viciously gentrified by big money parasitic gentrifying schemers who only see dollar signs when they constantly price us out of our own homes and also forcing us out of our own community through not only tactics like foreclosure and so-called code enforcement violations, but especially police containment because gentrification and police containment do go hand-to-hand.
  1. The Electoral College Gets To Choose Who’s The Next U.S. President, Not The People – Another reason why the entire electoral system in this country is corrupt and rigged against the people because we don’t get to elect the president. It’s decided by The Electoral College that’s controlled by the white ruling class.

7. It Breeds Sellout House Negro Politicians – Over the past decade now, I have seen my fare share of sellout house negro politicians who have done absolutely nothing for our community, but not only work in the interest of the status quo like former house negro mayor of Philadelphia in Michael Nutter, but to also enrich themselves at the expense of our community like Kwame Kilpatrick, Ray Nagin, and Oliver Robinson.

Another reason why the electoral system breeds these sellout house negro politicians is because they are afraid to talk about not only issues affecting our community, but they know to be accepted by the status quo, they can’t support the idea of reparations being rightfully owed to our community because our exploited and stolen labor was used to build this entire country. I remember back when notorious sellout house negro Barack Obama first ran for president back in 2008, he was asked if he supported the idea of reparations to African people and he absolutely said “No” to the idea.

The Conclusion – These house negroes that are around here saying “I’m a Democrat” “I’m a Republican” fails to realize that they’re not invited to either imperialistic white nationalist party because they only use us as pawns to further their own imperialist agenda which is one of the reasons why the entire electoral system in this country is a SHAM!!!

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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