White Leftists - Dangerously Paternalistic Enemies Of The African Community In America.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

White Leftists – Dangerously Paternalistic Enemies Of The African Community In America.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) It’s no secret that that I have a very personal deep disdain for white leftists in general particularly because of their dangerously paternalistic attitude towards our community.

Paternalism – When a certain sector of the ruling class (white left) gives a certain sector of people in our community (house negroes) some money and power to only carry out the white leftist agenda at the expense of the masses of our people.

These white leftists often pretend to be “friends” of the African community until you realize that both them and white conservatives are both one and the same which is the colonial status quo.

During the 1960s, more than several “organizations” in our community like the Student Nonviolence Coordinating Committee were funded by parasitic white liberal organizations like The Ford Foundation (which today also funds BLM) and in 1966, African people were not only rebelling against the preachers and other pro-assimilationists in our community, but also against the paternalistic control that white leftists had over The Civil Rights Movement from 1960-1965 as well as stopped singing “Koombya” and were now chanting “Black Power” rebellion against the parasitic social system that has historically and today been exploiting, oppressing, and killing Africans and other groups of colonized people for over 600 years and of course, the black revolution was crushed by the vicious and destructive U.S. counterinsurgency with the complicity of the white leftists that assassinated our political leaders like Malcolm X and MLK as well as incarcerating many others during that time.

These white leftists are among the most dangerously paternalistic enemies of the African community and one of the most notorious examples of that is when an ATL rapper named Killer Mike, who was a puppet of notorious parasitic paternalistic white leftist and pseudo-socialist, anti-reparations candidate Bernie Sanders did an interview at another radio station where he revealed late last year that he was told by a radio station producer (who was actually paid off by The Hillary Clinton campaign last year) to not even mention his massa Bernie Sanders on the air or they won’t air his interview on that particular radio station.

Another example of the white leftists paternalistic attitude towards our community is when a very notorious enemy of the African community in Hillary “The Real Superpredator” Clinton was doing what any other corrupt big money politician does which is to pander to our community by doing either the electric slide or going to an African church and sing “Koombya” and even having the audacity to use some sisters from our community (who have lost their sons at the hands of the colonial state in the form of the police) for her own personal gain.

Then, there’s notoriously corrupt paternalistic white leftist mayor Rahm Emmanuel who is also a notorious enemy of the African community in Chicago for several reasons 1) He shut down more than 50 schools in predominant African communities that further facilitates the gentrification of African communities there in Chicago. 2) He, along with corrupt city officials covered up the murder of African teenager Laquan MacDonald for a year to manipulate African people there to get him re-elected. 3) He also works in the back pockets of big corporations, big developers, banks, and parasitic gentrifying schemers and this clearly evidenced by deliberately putting a Whole Foods store on Chicago’s predominant African south side which has only brought more police containment and violence against The African community and that’s why gentrification and police containment go hand-to-hand because with the rise of gentrification brings heavy police containment of The African communities across this country.

And now, this corrupt bastard wants to further gentrify the African community in Chicago by putting a $95 million dollar training academy on the west side of the city for the notoriously corrupt and vicious Chicago Police Department and Africans there are resisting and saying “Hell No” to the idea of even putting a $95 million dollar police training academy in their community because of the long standing contempt that the African community has always had towards the Chicago Police Department because they are an arm of the colonial state that’s notorious for terrorizing and killing African people with impunity like Rekia Boyd in 2012 and Laquan MacDonald in 2014.

One of the other reasons why these white leftists are among the most dangerously paternalistic enemies of the African community is that they are extremely complicit with the ongoing systemic genocide against African people by locking us up in droves, dumping 1 billion gallons of raw untreated sewage first into the African community in St. Petersburg, Florida and then into The Tampa Bay at large, Illegally chasing and drowning 3 teenage African girls in the heat of the night, and being gunned down in the streets by the police.

A lot of these “organizations” in our community that claim to speak to the issues of our community like the BLMs, NAACPs, SPLCs, Urban Leagues, Rainbow Coalitions, and even The CBCs are not only funded by paternalistic white leftists because they’ll take money from anyone who hands it to them, but they are also the ass-kissing yes-men for these paternalistic white leftists because they do exactly what these paternalistic white leftists want them to do which is to not only promote the white leftist agenda, but they also push for very counterproductive, reformist demands like more police training or more body cameras.

I made a post on my social media page a few months ago that said, “A person or group’s agenda is determined by who’s funding them the money” and many people who follow me on social media actually agreed and liked the post because they’ve personally seen this for themselves.

The Conclusion – The point I wanted to make in this article is that these white leftists that claim to be “our friends”, but historically and today are really among the most dangerously paternalistic enemies of the African community in this country so Fuck White Leftists!!!

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

FB Page; http://www.facebook.com/joe.davis.165470


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