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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Talk to Your Children About Their Body.

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( Children do not live in a safe world. We love our kids, but they are prey in a society where kids are targeted for sex trafficking, or they are sexually abused for the sake of another’s sick needs. It is important that parents protect their children as early as possible. Parents must understand all of our children are at risk, as the assailant can be a man or a woman. No parent wants to sit down with their baby and explain to them that there are people in the world that are bad.

However, it is best to have an open discussion with your child about their bodies from the moment you recognize they can understand. Though some of us want to do for our children for an extended period of time, as they are our babies. We must play an active role in training them to care for their body at a very young age.

Of course, if your 3 or 4 year old is sick, injured, you will give them a bath. However, around that age they should begin to learn to bathe themselves with supervision. Parents must begin to enable their independence while explaining their body parts to them. We tend to have cute names for everything, however they need to know the technical words for their private areas. It should be instilled in the child as they are bathing themselves that no one is to mess with their private parts.

Even if they don’t understand what you mean at first, repetition will help it sink in. Instruct your child to come to you if anyone messes with their private parts, and that will teach the child that their parent is their advocate. Your little one will love the independence, but it will also drive home the point that not even mom and dad are handling their private areas so no one should.

While positively teaching kids about their body parents should monitor what they are watching, and the music they hear. Granted, a parent can’t be in every place but what they allow, or don’t, carries weight. Some parents know when their child has been abused not only from body language, but because the child is able to explain actions they have not been exposed to. Furthermore, when children are very young they try to imitate what they see, and hear.

Monitoring their content is another way to keep them from developing habits that are inappropriate. You don’t want someone touching your child inappropriately, and you don’t want your child to do such to another child because that’s what they see. It is very important to keep your children away from adult content, and have them around adults of the same mind. Creating a strong parenting community of likeminded adults offers another blanket of protection for children. This is all a part of protecting your child from sexual predators, and giving them the tools necessary to communicate with you should something happen.

Talking to your children about their body parts at a young age is vital. When informing them no one should touch their private parts it is just as important to drive home they should not touch another person’s private parts. This is not something we should just teach little boys…little girls must also understand. Girls and boys have been victims of sexual abuse, and if not taught properly both can inflict the same kind of abuse. This is not an area for double standards. We must teach all of our children properly so that we better equip, and protect them.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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