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NOPD Officer Marcus McNeil Killed: The City Grieves.

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( October 13, 2017 Officer Marcus McNeil was shot and killed while on patrol. The incident took place in New Orleans East. Apparently when the accused began shooting he was also shot when the officers began firing. He was treated for his wounds and is being detained. This situation is heartbreaking as Officer McNeil was also a beloved husband and father; he had been on the force since 2014.

Those that knew him made it known he became a police officer because he wanted to make a difference in his city. New Orleans East has become a hot bed for crime with several murders taking place. It hurts that this brother was killed doing his job, and the hard part was knowing he wanted to make a difference.

We see so much on the news about police brutality, and the ill treatment of citizens at the hands of law enforcement. It is heartbreaking when criminals kill the officers that believe in the ideal of protecting and serving a community. It is never okay when life is lost, especially the life of one whose aim was to serve others. New Orleans, and other cities like it, must come to terms with the crime issues and fight back as a city. For this to happen all must feel included, and welcomed in the place they call home.

Granted this killing was that of a criminal that needs to be taken off the street. However, there have been so many other murders in the city that NOPD is still trying to solve. Many families will never receive absolution for those they have lost to bloodshed in the streets of our city. It’s not enough for just NOPD to protect our streets; we must take an active stance in the community against violence.

It’s not enough to wait for the City Council or the mayor to take an interest in the safety of our streets. NOPD didn’t just loose an officer. A family lost a husband, father, son, and friend. The city lost a son, and that is worth a fight. As the city grieves, as NOPD grieves, they must understand so many families are grieving with them for the same reason. Their lost must mean just as much as the loss of this Officer. Our city must come together not only when Officers die, but when anyone is slaughtered on our streets. No one should feel, in New Orleans and across the nation, their life is expendable.

We must get involved in community based programs that are trying to reach the youth, and we must assist law enforcement in locking up those that would take our life for no reason at all. I grew up in New Orleans East (and other areas of the city) and remember a time when it wasn’t the war zone it is now. I remember neighborhoods with families where children did play outside.

I remember an element of community that was a part of the flavor of New Orleans. At this rate, our children will know nothing of that existence. Keep the family of Marcus McNeil in your prayers, and every family that is going through the loss his family is experiencing right now. He is one of us, as is everyone we have lost to violence. It’s time to take our city back.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

May also connect with this sister via Twitter; ChelleStJames.

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