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Never Blindly Trust the Doctor.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) There are some doctors out there that truly care about every patient they see. Medicine in their eyes is a high calling, and they serve the ill with dignity. I wish I could say they are all that way, but that’s just not the truth. Sickness is a multi-billion dollar industry, and when you don’t have the right kind of insurance that reflects a certain status of patient you could find yourself at risk of receiving subpar care. It’s important to understand your health, and that of your loved ones so that you can insure your own well-being. Too many times patients fall prey to malpractice, and families simply don’t have the money nor the emotional stamina to fight the hospitals nor doctors. It’s also unfortunate that if you were to consider pursing legal action you will find that many lawyers have some kind of obligation to the hospitals.

We must do a better job of caring for our elders; we cannot blindly trust doctors. No one is perfect, and of course medicine is a practice. However, because it’s a business too many doctors fail their patients. There are families that have been utterly destroyed by the negligence of nurses and doctors. Of course, the best plan is to eat right, exercise and guard your stress levels. The longer you can avoid the medical system the better your quality of living will be. However, if you find that you are now facing an illness below are some things to consider as you begin the road to treatment, and recovery.

1. Remember the doctors work for you. Yes, be respectful because cruel patients can make it difficult to offer quality care. However, you want a physician that will listen to your concerns. There is nothing worse than seeing the doctor for the first time, and they begin to diagnose you before ever talking to you. You pay the insurance, and the co-pays, you must be able to communicate with the doctor.

2. Be honest about what is ailing you. You don’t want to put yourself in a situation whereby you are being treated for one thing, but the doctor would have prescribed different treatment had he known about the additional issues you were silent about. Furthermore, be clear with your doctor about how you prefer to receive information. If you are a patient that want to know everything, and can handle it, make this known.

3. If possible take a trusted family member with you to appointments. It’s understood that plenty of people don’t want to burden their family, but your doctors need to understand you belong to a family. They need to know there are people that care for you. This could have an effect on how you are treated…it shouldn’t but then again plenty of factors shouldn’t have to exist.

4. Document everything! Make sure you keep up with paperwork regarding visits, diagnosis, and medicines you are taking. When you must have surgical procedure keep up with the paperwork. At some point, it is wise to request your chart when you have undergone many procedures, or you have very serious conditions.

5. Never be afraid to get a second opinion. If what a doctor is telling you doesn’t sit well with you never feel so loyal to a doctor that you aren’t willing to get that second opinion. After all you are dealing with your health…the doctor doesn’t have to deal with your pain you do.

Unfortunately, I have known many people to suffer because the doctors they were dealing with were more invested in money than making sure they had proper treatment. People have had cardiologist they have seen for years, and have spent tons of money in test, tell them their heart is working well only to find out that was a lie. It was so heartbreaking when they discover the lie due to a massive heart attack that could have been avoided had the cardiologists cared to do their jobs properly. However, the family simply didn’t have the money to fight it. Again, there are some amazing doctors out there that are a credit to their profession. Just be sure that you stay on top of your health, because blindly trusting doctors could have lasting side effects…one of which could be death.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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