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Which Race Attends Traffic School the Most?

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Ever wondered which racial or ethnic demographic attends American traffic schools the most? This question is especially relevant in California, New York, Florida and other places with extremely diverse populations. People hailing from cultures across the world live together in these areas, sharing the roads on daily bases.

Busy roads mean lots of violations and those served with citations might want to take a CA traffic school course to have the ticket dismissed. In other instances, newly licensed motorists sign up for these classes to better learn the rules of the road and earn “good driver” status.

No matter what their reasons for attendance, every racial demographic is present in traffic school. Actual statistics on which race is found most in driving classes is hard to come by or unavailable. Nevertheless, following are some key facts you might want to know about racial and ethnic backgrounds and driver education.

More Traffic Citations Handed Out to Minorities

Research has shown that, in general, racial minorities tend to receive more traffic citations.

Many possibilities help explain this phenomenon. For example, hardworking minorities and recent immigrants often live in high-traffic urban neighborhoods. Historically, municipal planning committees have been known to build highways that run directly through the very urban communities predominated by racial minority and immigrant populations, as seen by the worst states to get caught speeding.

One known reason for this discrepancy is many of the residents are on the job when administrators meet and thus cannot readily contest highway decisions. Busy roadways in these areas can cut through urban residential districts, creating a larger than normal amount of traffic congestion.

Motorists in dense urban neighborhoods drive on roads full of vehicles more often than their rural counterparts. As you might expect, police officers patrol these high-volume roads more so than those in less congested rural and suburban spaces. Minorities can thus, by default, wind up getting ticketed at a higher rate and decide to attend an in-person or online traffic school.

Completing Driving School Classes

All racial and ethnic groups face the frequent problem of figuring out how to complete traffic school and fulfill busy work, school and family schedules? Fortunately, students can now take classes from almost anywhere. There is no longer a need to be physically present in the classroom.

You can access a course at home or work via computer, laptop or mobile device. Just be sure to find out whether the school material is compatible with all your devices before signing up.

Traffic School Benefits

Graduates receive license point reductions. They can then avoid possible suspensions and other penalties.

Another popular benefit is the “good driver” auto insurance discount. In California, you become eligible, depending on your insurance company and driving record, for a 20 percent discount. Seniors over the age 55 can also take a mature driver course and receive an insurance discount as well.

Last, but certainly not least, anyone ordered by a court to take a defensive driving course should do so immediately. Never wait until it is too late. Showing up before the judge without having completed this requirement can lead to serious punishment. Given all the available options for attending classes these days, whether online or in person, judges tend to be less than sympathetic toward delinquent students.

A Way Toward Driving Justice

So, in the end, CA traffic school can help make the legal system fairer for racial and ethnic minorities.

Given that urban areas in which these groups often predominate have higher than average traffic citation rates and road congestion, residents can reduce the penalties or have tickets dismissed altogether by completing a licensed course.

Staff Writer; Charlie Gold

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