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George Maxey of New Town Success Zone Participates in TEDxFSCJ.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) George Maxey, Executive Director of New Town Success Zone, Lashontah Holiday, Project Coordinator/Data Analysis Manager and William Jackson, Educator, Community Activist, Social Media Visionary attended TEDxFSCJ with a discussion focusing on the effects of violence and incarceration on youth, teens and young adults in the Jacksonville, Florida community.

The life realities of racism and gender-based trauma, the economic roots of crime, and slow policy innovations within the criminal justice system create frustrations and divide communities by racial, educational and social classes. Lacking is the opinions of youth, teens and young adults that are directly affected by policies, opinions and misconceptions across gender, color and culture.

The seriousness of the growth of youth crime and violence was the central focus of this panel discussion centered on the causes of youth, teens and young adults that enter into the justice system because of criminal involvement. Additional focus is on prevention and understanding why this is happening and the value of improving
the educational system to help youth and teens that have been in the justice system. Instead of rapid incarceration more emphasis on
“pro-action and pro-active measures” as George Maxey has stated several time in past discussion.

The importance of having youth, teens and young adults part of the discussion with the State Attorney’s Office , law enforcement and even collaboration with state, local and national governmental agencies to prevent crime by youth, teens and young adults and understand why youth turn to crime. Melissa W. Nelson, State Attorney for Florida’s Fourth Judicial Circuit has stated during the discussion that she welcomes the input of Jacksonville youth, teens and young adults in the process of evaluating how to best service the community. Titled “Common Stories, Uncommon Futures:”

George E. Maxey, the Executive director of the New Town Success Zone participated in the TEDxFSCJ panel discussion, also present  and participating were:

Melissa W. Nelson, the State Attorney for Florida’s Fourth Judicial Circuit. Kimberly Hall, professor of criminal justice at Florida State College at Jacksonville, Christina Parrish Stone, Executive Director of the Springfield Preservation and Revitalization Council, Inc. Davin Brown, 17-year-old senior at Robert E. Lee High School and a founding member of the EVAC Movement and Alyssa Beck, advocacy specialist for the Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center, with a passion for improving the lives of young women.

New Town Success Zone, Vision Keepers and community volunteers are working to bring about change in communities by providing relevant resources and experts in diverse fields that are teaching in fields such as medical information, business ownership, entrepreneurial growth, building self-confidence and community collaborations. Workshops are being offered and monthly trainings to engage community members and build self-esteem, community pride and continued participation by parents in the education system to provide a motivating force for children.

Communication is very important from using Social Media platforms
like Facebook to word of mouth, workshops and even food giveaways to provide tools for change.

Lashontah Holiday, Project Coordinator/Data Analysis Manager will
be providing additional resources that encompass the use of data
to show the impact of programs, collaborative efforts that reach
across gender and cultural lines and opening doors to never before
collaborative opportunities in business and education.

Multiple strategies need to be available to feed the mind and body, help in guiding and mentoring the community towards hope and building dreams of economic, educational, social and business growth and success.

More information can be found at:

Vision Keepers


George Maxey


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Staff Writer; William D. Jackson

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